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What are the signs of gaslighting in a toxic relationship? Today on the all-new episode of Narcs of Our Lives, we’re discussing the subtle signs of ambient abuse – that’s also known as gaslighting in a toxic relationship with a narcissist.

In today’s episode, we’re meeting Eric the Empath, who seems to be dealing with gaslighting from a toxic mother.


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One Response to What are the signs of gaslighting in a toxic relationship?

  1. I was always apologizing to my arrogant mom. But now, since I have awakened, it is like she never existed. You know I used to feel like I was the invisible one, (and still have that syndrome sometimes, but it is getting better) but now I just feel like the emotional torture with my mom is a forgotten story in the past. I blew a bubble around all the pain, watched it float up in the sky and float away until it got smaller and smaller. Now I live my life free of the drama, free of the control, and free of the self doubt, although I have my moments when I walk into the mall and have no idea what I really want to buy. Yes, my mother ruled my decisions for so long, I have to learn how is it that I really want to look? My identity is my own and I should own it. I just come at a loss sometimes. I am getting better though, and the fact that I rarely talk to my mom helps. Not to mention my angels help me continually as well. I know they are around me.

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