SPANily Home (Off-Facebook Online Support for Narcissistic Abuse Recovery)

The SPANily Home: A Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Community & Resource Center

This is’s OFF-FACBOOK private narcissistic abuse recovery and resource center. We would be honored to have you join us as part of our narcissistic abuse recovery and life makeover community. Welcome to the SPANily.

Join the SPANily Home or learn more right here:

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This off-Facebook support center for narcissistic abuse recovery and beyond was created in response to requests from our community. Many people felt unsafe joining Facebook groups due to circumstances in their own lives. In some cases, their social media accounts are watched by their abusers and in other cases, survivors just don’t want others to know what they’re going through. And of course, there are people who simply prefer not to use Facebook for whatever reason.

In order to provide a completely secure and confidential space that allows narcissistic abuse survivors to actively give and get support, we teamed up with Mighty Networks to create our own private SPANily Home. We chose the name SPANily Home because it is less obvious for anyone who might be tracking your internet activity, and because we wanted to remind you that you’re never alone – you’ve always got your SPANily.

What is a SPANily?

SPANily is a nick-name for the communities around QueenBeeing, including our SPAN support groups and Angie Atkinson’s YouTube community, along with the SPANily Home.

“SPANily” is a community-adopted nick-name for the communities around QueenBeeing, including our SPAN support groups and Angie Atkinson’s YouTube community, along with our off-Facebook support site,, and our newly launched Quora Space Decoding Narcissism.

SPAN is an acronym created by Angie Atkinson that stands for Support for People Affected by Narcissistic abuse in toxic relationships. The word comes from the letters in the acronym, combined with the word “family.”

A survivor herself, Angie originally coined the phrase during a live stream due to the deep sense of group connectedness, genuinely supportive and caring people who had come together with a shared goal of healing, but who would quickly begin to feel like a kind of “family.”

The community loved and quickly adopted the name and the rest is history.

Join the SPANily Home or learn more right here:

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