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Sponsored Post Submission Guidelines

Please take note of the instructions below to ensure that your post is considered for publication.  Only guest posts that meet these criteria will be considered for publishing.

  • The post must be useful to the readers of QueenBeeing.com, who are victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse. Demographically, that includes about 73 percent women, 27 percent men. Most of our readers are between the ages of 25 and 64. Most are native English speakers in the US, UK, Canada, Austrailia and other English-speaking countries. 
  • Refer to our About page and The Art of QueenBeeing for additional information about our mission and tone. Other relevant references for tone and intent include: Queen Bee Symbolism, What is a Queen Bee? and The QueenBeeing Intention.
  • The post must be grammatically correct and well-written.
  • The post must not must not be entirely self-promotional.
  • The post may include links to your website and blog so long as they are relevant to our readers and do not include malware or any other harmful software or content. 
  • Sponsored posts must be original and may not have been published elsewhere online already.  All submissions will be verified for originality using a tool such as Copyscape.com or Plagium.com.

Other Important Points of Note for Guest Bloggers

  • We offer do-follow links and unless you request otherwise, all sponsored posts  will remain on the site indefinitely, as long as the site exists. 
  • Payment is required prior to publishing the sponsored post, and we do not offer refunds on sponsored posts under any circumstances.
  • Sponsored posts that are approved for publishing may be published without notice.  Please check the site periodically to see if your post has been published.
  • When you submit a post to QueenBeeing.com, you agree not to publish it anywhere else, including your own blog or website. You may, however, post a brief “tease” or summary on your site that links to the post. If you want to republish a post or article that is published elsewhere, email angyatkinson@gmail.com to discuss the possibility of syndicating it.
  • Sponsored post submission is not a guarantee of publication.
    • All links will be checked to ensure that they are valid, secure, and are not spam.


  • We will not make any edits to your post with the possible exception of spelling, grammar and punctuation. The original message of the post will not be changed or refocused without your permission.
  • In some cases, QueenBeeing.com may provide a short introduction or conclusion to your post to provide context or the rationale as to what we think our members can get out of it. We will ensure that our comments are set off from yours stylistically so that our members understand clearly that the notes are ours rather than yours.

To Submit Your Sponsored Post
If your post meets the above guidelines:

QueenBeeing.com accepts sponsored posts under certain circumstances. 

  1. We follow ALL FTC guidelines regarding sponsored posts and videos. PLEASE do not ask us to publish a sponsored post without following all legal guidelines. We ALWAYS mark sponsored posts as “sponsored post” in order to be transparent with our audience as well as to remain within the legal guidelines of the FTC. AGENCIES – PLEASE NOTE:  If you are asking bloggers and creators to post a sponsored post without following these guidelines, you are effectively asking them to risk their entire business (and potentially more than that). Our business is helping survivors of abuse, and we wil not risk our ability to do that for a sponsored post. Download the full FTC guidelines here. 
  2. All posts must be relevant to our audience, which includes survivors of abuse. Because of this, we are very selective on which sponsored posts we will work with and we must pre-approve sponsored content.

Pricing on Sponsored Posts

Pricing is somewhat negotiable. Please refer to the image below, taken from SocialBlueBook.com for approximate pricing based on Sept. 2019 pricing. (Is this out of date? Contact our business manager Melina at melina.a.moutria@gmail.com to let us know so we can update it for you.)


Angie Atkinson on YouTube

Sponsored Videos

Sponsored videos for QueenBeeing.TV aka Angie Atkinson on YouTube will follow all sponsored post guidelines above.

To Submit Your Sponsored Video Idea
If your post meets the above guidelines:

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