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abetterlogo1I am so grateful for all of the support I’ve received as I’ve been building Project Blissful. The process is truly one that started years ago and one that continues every day I’m alive.

As I’ve grown and developed my own personal “Project Blissful,” also known as getting my life on the right track, I’ve chronicled the journey here and on other sites and venues in various niches, depending on the specific growth I was working on at the time. This has brought me here–it led me to create Project Blissful.

What’s Project Blissful about anyway?

Project Blissful is a movement toward whole-life healing, growth and improvement. It’s more than a movement–it’s a real whole-life project that anyone can join and participate in at anytime.

In addition to sharing the lessons I’m learning on my own journey to personal bliss, I’m sharing tips, information and ideas that can just help you make your life generally better.

What do you offer for current users?

In addition to occasional fitness challenges and regular bliss missions, I offer support for readers who reach out to me–often “off the record,” and I offer freebies such as ebooks, videos, tip sheets and more–all of which are designed to help users move toward creating the lives they desire.

To be fair, I focus on the areas that are important in my own life–whether they’re personally relevant to me or they are relevant to my friends and loved ones, they are life lessons that have increased my personal satisfaction with life.

And, according to the feedback I’m hearing from my readers, they’re lessons that have helped them too. Not only have I helped improve their perceptions, but I’ve helped some people lose weight, deal with family issues, grow their self-esteem and more.

Why do you want to grow the Project?

I am so very grateful to have the opportunity to help people while also doing what I love–I can’t ask for a better deal! It makes my whole soul smile every time someone tells me that I have helped or inspired them in some way, or even just that I made them think.

It feels like I’m putting a little light into the world, and I love it. I want to take it to a higher level. I need more time to work on this project so that I can help more people.

How would you grow the Project?

I’d like to offer more consistent content and a gather larger pool of talented experts and life coaches, as well as a membership program that would have two to three levels, always to include a free level and a scholarship program for those who want to participate but can’t afford to pay. I’d also like to offer webinars, more ebooks and freebies and much more, including a life-coaching program that would include one-on-one support with certified life coaches, among other possibilities.

I would like to offer these services only virtually at first, but eventually also in person, as the Project grows in strength and size. I need passionate people to join me and to help spread this light and love into the world.

So, what’s your mission?

I believe that change starts with one person, and Project Blissful aims to change the world that way–one person at a time. It starts with me. It starts with you. And it starts with our perception and our choices.

My mission is to help individual people create positive changes in their own lives, and to help each person find his/her own personal path to bliss–whatever it looks like for him/her.

How can I help support this mission?

So here’s what I’m thinking.

While I’d never ask you to pay to be a part of Project Blissful, I do have bills to pay, just like everyone else. But part of my mission here is to make this stuff accessible to anyone who wants or needs to access it–and that means offering a lot of free stuff.

I’m not pretending to be some kind of messiah or guru. I’m just someone who is in the process of an overall, so-far successful life change (including a seriously dramatic physical transformation), and I’ve got some insight to share on the subject. Sometimes it feels as though I’m divinely inspired and driven to continue the work, which makes me think I’m on the right track here.

In the days that follow, I’ll be adding some options for supporting me in the development of this project, including the expansion of services available to users.

In addition to standard support options, I’ll be announcing a sort of rewards program as well as non-monetary support options. I won’t remove the focus from the mission of this site–but I will make the options available to those who might be interested in supporting my mission.

Stay tuned, and if you’re interested in getting updates in your email inbox, you can sign up right here (free, of course)!


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