Narcissistic Abuse Recovery: The Ultimate Toxic Relationship Survival Guide for Victims and Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse

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About the Book

Do you feel like you’re not good enough? Always feel like someone else’s needs are more important than your own? Like you’re not a “REAL” person? Does someone in your life make you feel crazy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be in a relationship with a narcissist.

Just like the psychological and emotional injuries resulting from a toxic relationship with a narcissist, you can’t tell that a person is stuck in a narcissistic relationship unless you witness the narcissist’s behavior.

You can’t always see the scars of a victim of narcissism.

Narcissism and narcissistic personality disorder can wreak havoc on the lives of anyone involved with the people affected by these psychological conditions.
Whether you’re a family member, friend, or romantic partner, becoming a “narcissistic extension” leads to your becoming the primary source of narcissistic supply.

Are you in a relationship with someone who makes you feel crazy and “not good enough” all the time?

Do you find yourself constantly shocked at the outrageously disrespectful behavior and excessive bullying of a friend, family member or co-worker?
Narcissists and people with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) make you feel worthless and numb, and they leave you wondering if you’re even a real person sometimes. 

Being involved with a narcissist can be a crazy roller-coaster ride of emotions – from the highest of the highs to the lowest of the lows. That’s because their gaslighting and manipulation tactics are so well-honed and laser-targeted that you often don’t even realize that you’ve become codependent and enmeshed in a toxic relationship until it’s too late.

You’re NOT ALONE. I know because I’ve been there. 

The pain of being in a narcissistic relationship is something that you don’t get unless you’ve been there, and that’s where I’m uniquely qualified to help you.

See, I’m also a survivor of narcissistic relationships – that’s what led me to you today.

That’s what offers me the unique ability to understand, and to offer insight and actionable steps to overcome the horrific emotional abuse and toxic mind games of a narcissist. It’s what helps me relate to to my clients and readers so effectively.

You are more powerful than you think. Let me teach you how to stand up for yourself. 

Knowledge is power. Admitting the issue is the first step. Next, you’ll learn to understand, identify and overcome the behaviors of the narcissist.

That’s when you’ll – and begin to heal – whether that means inside the relationship or by ending it.

So no more putting band-aids on this problem, alright? Stick with me and we will get this figured out together. 

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn about in this incredibly powerful ebook.

  • Self-Discovery: Are You a Narcissistic Supply?
  • Why You Haven’t Already Left Your Narcissist
  • The Complicated, Convoluted Price of Loving a Narcissist
  • Why Friends and Family Cut You Off When You Won’t Leave
  • The Narcissist’s Spider Web of Control
  • The Truth About What’s Normal and Healthy in a Relationship
  • Are you being emotionally abused? 
  • Narcissists Are Never Wrong: Why and How It’s Always Your Fault
  • What You Must Know if You’re in a Toxic Relationship with a Narcissist
  • Secrets Your Narcissist Wishes I Wouldn’t Tell You
  • Know the Signs That You’re Being Gaslighted
  • Strings Attached: Why the Narcissist Always Gives with Ulterior Motives
  • How a Narc Gets a Smart Person Under Their Control
  • The Love Bomb: How a Narcissist Sucks You In
  • Undercover Narcissist: Covert Narcissism in Action
  • How to Control a Narcissist’s Manipulation
  • When No Contact Isn’t Possible
  • Communicating With a Narcissist
  • What Gaslighting Looks Like From the Inside
  • Real-Life Examples of Gaslighting
  • After-Effects: What Happened After the Online Gaslighting Incident
  • How Gaslighting Affects You Post-Attack
  • The Flying Monkey Phenomenon: The Narcissist’s Secret Weapon
  • A Real-Life Example of a Flying Monkey
  • How to Manage Your Anxiety and Emotions in the Aftermath of Narcissistic Abuse
  • How do you know if you are experiencing anxiety?
  • Coaching for People in Relationships with Toxic Narcissists
  • Plus: The Ultimate Resource List for Victims and Survivors of Narcissism

What are you waiting for? Aren’t you tired of being tired? Ready to end the drama, game-playing, and mental torture? Take back your life!

Get this book today, power up, and start living the life you deserve. You won’t regret it.

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