Try Visualization Meditation for Clear, Focused Intention Throughout Your Day

Try Visualization Meditation for Clear, Focused Intention Throughout Your Day

“The only way to really utilize your human experience is to practice some kind of meditation or visualization. It does work. People really need it. It’s the only way to get through the difficult times. This kind of practice puts one in the “Kuan Yin spirit”. You’re the “watcher”. Instead of judging, you just see. Whether meditating upon my form or bringing light into the chakras, all these techniques will help in one’s life.” ~Lena Lees

Visualization Meditation to Create the Life You Want

Do you use visualization meditation to help you create the life you really want? I do – and it works, when I work it. 

So what is visualization meditation? 

Visualization meditation is the practice of using meditation to focus on a visual item. By focusing the attention on the visual item, you can keep the mind focused. When you keep the mind focused, you stand to gain a host of benefits.

What are the benefits of visualization meditation? 

You’ll experience benefits physically. If you have blood pressure that tends to run a little higher, visualization meditation can lower your blood pressure. If you experience some emotional struggles like feeling fear or sadness, visualization meditation can help you overcome that.

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By using visualization to increase your intention throughout the day, you’ll discover exactly what your thoughts are doing to you. You’ll see how “where” you focus your thoughts can impact your life.

Why should you try visualization meditation? 

When you don’t focus your thoughts, they can run the gamut from dwelling on the past to jumping ahead to the future that hasn’t happened yet. When your mind doesn’t keep focused on the present, you can limit the productivity and success that you can achieve in your life both in your personal and professional side.

Visualization meditation can increase your intention so that you realize the times when you’re causing internal harm to yourself with your thoughts. You can even be caught up in thought patterns that keep you trapped in a certain mindset.

The problem with staying trapped in a certain mindset is that your emotions are tied to your thoughts. If you think sad or angry thoughts about the past, especially if those are things that hurt you and you can’t change them, then your emotions will quickly follow suit.

What you think about not only can sway your emotions, but these thoughts can produce physical side effects such as higher blood pressure, weight gain, and more. Visualization can help to strengthen your intention which will let you stay focused on the current moment.

It can be especially helpful because the mind can start to wander. When you have visual clues, these can bring you gently back into focus. The visualization process can help you to go through your day aware of the present but not judging it.

This in turn can allow you to be calmer even when there’s a stressful event taking place. Not only that, but when you have a clear intention, it means that you’ll be able to see things as they are which will allow you to make choices that aren’t based on the past or in the future.

When you use visual meditation, it can help you to see where you want to be in life and can help you to focus on present goals. Visualization can help you to have a more specific intention that can lead you to make changes that you want to make.

It can also make you in tune with your emotions, which can then be used to let go of any link with thoughts that might be impacting your health.

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Can you do it? Try visualization meditation today and start creating the life you want!

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