Want to be healthier? Be more grateful, research says

Want to be healthier? Be more grateful, research says

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” ~Eckhart Tolle

Going through narcissistic abuse leaves you feeling mentally, physically, and otherwise unwell. If you’re going through it now, you might notice that you’ve been feeling a little off lately. Maybe you’re getting all sorts of colds or you can’t seem to stop getting those chin pimples. Or maybe it’s something in your head making you feel bad – like going through narcissistic abuse – and even narcissistic abuse recovery.

See. the side-effects of the C-PTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder) suffered by many survivors of narcissistic abuse are difficult and often painful. I’ve got great news for you – the answer to your health problems could be as simple as feeling thankful more often. No seriously!

Feeling grateful can actually improve your health.

Did you know that gratitude can have a tremendous impact on your health? A recent study entitled The Role of Gratitude in Spiritual Well-Being in Asymptomatic Heart Failure Patients found that it plays an important part in overall well-being. Do you understand what that means?

The study found that being thankful helped improve the health of heart disease patients. Even better, according to researchers, this discovery has much wider implications, and they say it can help anyone. So, you don’t have to be a heart disease patient to benefit from showing gratitude to others.

How to Use Gratitude Practices to Get Healthy Faster in Narcissistic Abuse Recvoery

Anyone, including narcissistic abuse survivors, can be thankful and see improvements in their health.

Try these strategies to use gratitude to benefit your health:

Understand what it feels like to be grateful and do it often.

Being thankful is an important part of staying healthy.

  • Do you show your gratitude when it matters?
  • Do the people in your life feel you appreciate them? Have you told them how much you enjoy the things they do?
  • Being grateful may require a conscious effort. It’s important to start noticing your thought processes and how you react to various situations.

How can you show gratitude to your loved ones?

The people who are closest to you need to know you appreciate them.

  • You can begin to show gratitude by thanking them for a specific action.
  • You can also show your thoughtfulness by doing small things for them and making their lives easier.
  • Sharing your time is important. Offer to do something your loved ones may enjoy. This will show you care and pay attention to their lives. It also shows you want to help.
  • Everyone loves compliments, so give them out frequently with love.

How can you show gratitude to your coworkers?

They spend hours with you and need to know you appreciate them.

  • Send thank-you notes to your coworkers to show them you care.
  • Show your gratitude by bringing them lunch or offering to buy it for them.
  • Sometimes just listening to your coworkers can be a good way to show your gratitude.
  • Bring flowers to work to brighten your coworkers’ day.

How can you show gratitude to strangers?

You may not know their name or life story, but the strangers you meet throughout the day can also benefit from gratitude.

  •  Does the person who makes your coffee stand next to a tip jar? You can make a generous tip and help brighten their day. You can also point out something they have done well.
  •  You don’t have to know your servers’ names to be grateful. You can thank them, compliment them, and share something positive.

How can you show gratitude for yourself?

Last but certainly not least, you’ve got to think about yourself too! Take a minute and notice the wonderful things that are happening in your life and be thankful for them each day.

  • Sometimes making a simple list of all the positive and good things in your life can start you on the path to gratitude.
  • Remember to give yourself compliments, too, ya hottie. 😉
  • Thinking about the positive things you have done for others can help you see how you impact the world.

Gratitude is an important part of life, and showing it to others can help strengthen your health. It’s crucial to note the positive things occurring every day. There are many ways to be thankful, so you can share the joy (and health benefits) with the people you care about.

Get help with narcissistic abuse recovery right now.

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