Moving Across the World for Love and Finding Myself

Moving Across the World for Love and Finding Myself


“It is generally agreed that “Hello” is an appropriate greeting because if you entered a room and said “Goodbye,” it could confuse a lot of people.” ~ Dolph Sharp

I’m not quite walking into a room but being a new columnist for Project Blissful does require an introduction so let me start with saying “Hello!”.

I’m Sarah Aarssen, a 36 year old woman originally from central Illinois whose life, almost nine years ago, was unexpectedly redirected to Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I’m the wife of Marco, mother of Sadie, assistant to Bert, daughter of Jim and Karen, friend to many, foe to a few, a smidgeon bilingual, a smattering of a baker, a slinger of sarcasm, a lover of laughter and have a passion for writing (with a tendency to over-share).

I’m not one of those people who always wanted to be a writer. It wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy writing, because I did. I just didn’t realize it was a talent.

That discovery didn’t come about until my college years.

In high school, I remember my English teacher, Mrs. Nelson, asking me if she could submit one of my writings to a fair and I thought “well sure, but why?”.

I didn’t know that not everybody could do what, apparently, I was doing well. I had no idea that people couldn’t just get out their pen and paper, now laptop, and pound away at the keyboard to express themselves. I didn’t have a clue that sucking people into a story I had written was a gift that others sometimes struggled with.

It was just something that I did, when the assignment was called for, that is. I didn’t start writing for pure enjoyment until 2006 when I started my mission to lose weight. I started a blog and man, did I love the freedom of writing down my thoughts and sharing my experiences… the good, the bad, the ugly (that’s where the over-sharing comes in).

When I found out Angie was starting Project Blissful I immediately signed up to get the notifications on Facebook.

What a brilliant idea and, really, who couldn’t use a bit more positivity in their life?

After reading about Angie’s awesome weight loss success, I was moved to tears and of course it sparked the little writer bug in me to share my experiences and stories.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my ups and downs as much as I enjoy writing them. Don’t fret though, I won’t limit my writing to just the battle of the bulge. I’m open to sharing just about anything (remember that over-sharing we discussed?) so feel free to leave comments and ask questions.

And with that, I wish you a blissful day!


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