And the Winners Are…

And the Winners Are…

Yesterday, I featured an incredible guest post by Dr. Anthony Raimondo, author of Return to Eden, a book about creating the life you want through writing your own autobiography.

 Dr. Raimondo was kind enough to offer copies of his book to three lucky In Pursuit of Fulfillment readers.

A little more about Dr. Raimondo:

A true renaissance man, Raimondo’s passion for personal enlightenment led him to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. He has owned a jazz club, a hairstyling salon and a school for music, dance and drama called Rhythm World. To motivate others to live their potential, Dr. Raimondo co-founded Accelerating Evolution, LLC, a consulting firm committed to helping clients’ perform better in academics, sports, business and in their personal lives. He is also the founder of Community Fusion, Inc., a non-profit that encourages exposure of student art and involvement between schools and their communities. Part of the proceeds from the sale of his book will go to Community Fusion, Inc. Dr. Raimondo currently lives in Newark, N.J., where he is involved in Tres Dias of Northern New Jersey, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people achieve a personal relationship with Christ.

Raimondo hopes that for his students, the lessons don’t end when they leave his classroom. Just as the question he wrote on his own chalkboard challenged him to find a higher purpose, he hopes that his students and readers carry with them the greater pursuit of knowledge, long after they finish the final page.

And the winners, in no particular order, are:

Nancy Boyd
Stacey Celaya
Rose Ippolito 

The winners will be notified by email. Thanks to everyone who participated! Watch for future giveaways, coming soon! 

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