Get Healthy: Why Shaun T and Beachbody?

Get Healthy: Why Shaun T and Beachbody?

Get Healthy: Why Shaun T and Beachbody?

shaun-t-with-beachbody-logo-300-webThere are people all over that are searching for the perfect exercise program to help them lose weight and be healthier. What makes us choose a specific program or attend that exercise class? Why do we like specific trainers or coaches? Because finding an exercise you enjoy or a trainer that you connect with isn’t always easy, and when we do find what we seek we stick with it and tend to gravitate back towards what works.

Personally I love Beachbody. Shaun T if you want me to be more specific. I am not a Beachbody coach, however, I should become one because I promote their products so often. Beachbody and I have a history that dates back years.

431997_10150580277416022_2019305863_nI had both of my feet operated on at the same time and could not walk for 4 months. You should have seen me hobbling around with a stool to support me like a walker, and that was only after I spent the first 3 months crawling on my hands and knees every time I had to get out of bed. Needless to say I sat in bed for 4 months straight eating whatever I wanted. When I went back to the doctor and weighed myself I was astonished to see that I was 205 lbs. That was over a 35lb weight gain. I knew I had gained some weight but 35lbs? Sheesh!


My friend at the time was a Beachbody coach and had recently lost weight doing a program called Insanity. I signed up and ordered that program THE DAY the doctor said I could start walking again. Within that week I was opening my first Beachbody box and pressing play on my DVD player. I stood looking at the TV for the entire routine in awe. I watched that first workout like it was a movie I couldn’t get enough of. I knew deep down that I was never ever going to be able to complete that workout like those people but I was going to give it my best shot!

After the DVD was over I went to change my clothes. And pee… I’ve had 4 kids I need to pee before and during (sometimes twice) and after every workout. I went back into my living room and pressed play on what was the first of many Beachbody and Shaun T workouts. I had just started a journey in my life that was going to take me exactly where I wanted to be… fit and healthy.

I made it 6 minutes and had to stop and puke. Pausing the workout of course. I sat down and rested for about 20 minutes and got back up and pressed play to resume where I had left off. I was not stopping. I was determined to do this! I made it until the 20 minute mark and then decided that every day I would make it a little further. Push myself a little more. I’m only in a race with myself, no one else.

I got my family involved. My husband was doing every workout with me. My kids were happily trying new things with exercise and eating healthy. I had a great support system that I built myself. I knew I needed to stay on track and this was the way to do it! I had a workout partner, my husband, to motivate me and kids who were interested in participating and learning about how to be healthy. I surrounded myself with being healthy.

I got better and stronger. My push-ups went from falling on the ground to DSC06554actual push-ups (I was so proud of myself). But I didn’t stop and that is the key. I was able to finally complete the first 10 minutes of Insanity without stopping, which is only the workout. I not only could complete them by the end of my first session but I could “keep up” with Shaun T. I loved the jumping jacks. I loved going faster and faster and faster. I would move so fast I outpaced my 14 year old daughter. I still could not complete the entire workout all the way though at the end of my first session though. So I started it again. I made myself complete the workout and the cool down every time on that second session of Insanity. It killed me and made me stronger all at once.

Insanity Round One Results

Shaun T was the magic man with the right words to help push me further and further each day. He is a great guy and I soon purchased Hip Hop Abs and combined that Shaun T Beachbody workout with my Insanity every day. I couldn’t get enough of Shaun T!!! He was inspiring me to be better and it was working! I ordered Shakeology and added that to my meal schedule even. YUM!


My body got stronger and more tone. I lost a lot of my baby belly and the weight came off. I went from 205 lbs to 153 lbs. I was happy and proud and I went shopping and bought tons of clothes. I started my third session of Insanity. Ready to take on the world.


Then my husband died.

I fell off course. I fell hard. I didn’t eat for about 2 months and then ate whatever I wanted for the next year and a half. I stopped exercising the day he died. I tried starting my Insanity again and again. I tried running. I tried working out with other people. I couldn’t get back in my groove and I was gaining weight. I hurt on the inside so bad and no one could see it. Not only had I lost someone who was my best friend but I had also started gaining back weight and I had worked so hard to keep it off.

So I kept eating. I kept not exercising. I simply stopped caring.

Then I met someone else. Well, I knew him previously and he helped me through my husband’s death. He helped my daughter through her father’s death. When we started a relationship I became ashamed of my body. I no longer liked what I saw in the mirror. I had gained 25 lbs. That was a LOT to me! I was scared to step on the scale and when it told me my new number I felt my stomach drop.

Okay. Alright! It’s time to deal, time to cope, time to be happy again. So here I am. Before you today.


I am tired of life getting in the way of what I want to do. I don’t have a lot of time in my schedule anymore to workout 3 hours. I can make the time but I have other things more pressing that I need to attend to. I followed my instincts back to Beachbody to search for a program that would fit in my schedule and was by my favorite coach Shaun T. I quickly came across T25 and ordered it a few weeks back. I have done a couple exercise IMG_4115routines and I like them. I like seeing Shaun T every day again. I like how my body hurts when I walk up the stairs. I am falling down on my push-ups, that is almost more painful to me than the weight gain. I will do a proper push-up again soon!!

I am going to get better. I will not stop. I will push myself. I will succeed. I will not give up hope that I can be healthy and happy all at the same time.

Weigh In Wednesday – Week 1 – Day 6

Weigh In Wednesday – Week 1 – Day 6

Weigh In Wednesday – Week 1 – Day 6

Will it really happen? Will I weigh in today? Watch and find out!


Prepare to ‘Bare’: Getting Ready to Work Out

Prepare to ‘Bare’: Getting Ready to Work Out


Yoga-ss_shot_6-009Dear DTB Challengers,

It’s Wednesday, and we’ve got six days until the Project Blissful & MTM Body ‘Dare to Bare’ 8-Week Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge gets underway. Yesterday, we discussed planning what we’ll be eating for the duration of the challenge. Today, we’re  focusing on preparing mentally and physically for the exercise we’ll be doing during the eight weeks.

Ask Yourself a Few Questions

  •  What kind of exercise will you do, and how often?
  • What will you wear?
  • Do you have everything you need to do it?

Decide in advance how you’ll workout, where you’ll do it, how often and even what you’ll be wearing. If you need equipment, get it now. Special shoes, workout clothes, sports bra? Make sure you’ve got everything you need in time to get started on Tuesday.

Learn more about the Dare to Bare Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge.

You could simply walk or jog in your neighborhood, or you could consider picking up a workout DVD (I love the Insanity series), or check out a bunch of free workout videos I’ve collected here on the site from YouTube. If you’ve got a gym membership, use it now! Whatever you do, just plan to get at least 60 minutes of exercise, five days a week. You can do this in increments of 10 to 30 minutes—or you can do one long workout. It doesn’t matter how you move, just that you do it and do it safely. (And, in my opinion, you should try to enjoy it! This is not punishment—this is you celebrating the awesomeness that is your own body!)

Sign up for the Dare to Bare Challenge for free!

As for me, I’ll be working out in addition to trying to meet my step goal each day during our challenge, and Jamie, our challenge partner and MTM Body founder, tells me she’ll be doing the same. That’s right, Jamie and I are doing this challenge with you! And we won’t ask you to do anything we wouldn’t do!

Are you preparing for the challenge? What kind of workouts do you plan to do? Share your thoughts in the comments section, below.

Next up: How will you keep track of your food intake and exercise progress?


Love Yourself Fitness Challenge: What is your favorite workout routine?

Love Yourself Fitness Challenge: What is your favorite workout routine?

Click photo to see how I lost 100 pounds. Not a sales tactic or pitch--just my story. I'm telling it to try to help people who are where I was 100 pounds ago!

This is me–in both pics. Click photo to see how I lost 100+ pounds (and counting!). Not a sales tactic or pitch–just my story. I’m telling it because I want to help others who are dealing with what I dealt with as the “before” version. <3

If you’re already involved in the Love Yourself Fitness Challenge, then you’re already doing

some kind of exercise, right? If not, consider this your friendly nudge to get moving!

All we ask is that you do 15 minutes of intentional exercise each day.

If you’ve already been doing your 15 minutes, consider adding a second session to your day–whether consecutive or not.

What’s intentional exercise?

For our purposes, intentional exercise is defined as workout time that is done for the sake of just moving your body.

It doesn’t count if you would have had to do it anyway. (For example, the 15-minute walk from your train to your office doesn’t count unless you used to just drive to the office.)

Ask yourself: What is your favorite workout routine?

It can be something informal, such as dancing or walking. It could be something fun, like playing Just Dance or Wii Tennis with your kids.

Or maybe, it’ll be something a little saucier–say, a spirited romp with your life partner or spouse?

Nearly any physical activity will do, but today, let’s talk about more formal or organized workout programs. Check out some of my favorite free workout videos right here.

Need some help? Here are a few of my favorite workout routines and programs.

While I love me some Leslie Sansone and just about anything that teaches me how to dance, I have recently developed some new favorites–mostly due to the fact that they are giving me extremely noticeable results in a shorter period of time.

Here’s my list, which, to be honest, also includes just about anything from!

Some of my personal favorites include:

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite workout routines? Share them with the Project Blissful community in the comments section, below!


Still looking for the best workout routine for you? Check out my favorites as well as those from the community!

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