Amazing Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Man

Amazing Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Man

It’s already that time of year again when you want to find the perfect men’s costume. You can bet that plenty of people are already shopping for the most popular ones. There will be plenty of options to choose from if you’re looking for something on the list of the top Halloween costumes.

You’re going to want to grab yours before they’re all sold out. 

Minecraft Enderman Costume

A Halloween Costume Idea for Every GuyWhen an adult man is thinking about what kind of costume he wants to buy for Halloween, the first thing that comes to mind is making sure that it looks cool. Men want a costume that’s unique as well as being the hit of any of the parties.

Some of the most popular choices for men’s costumes this Halloween are based on video game characters. You’ll find a ton of choices among costumes such as the ones based on the Mario Brothers or the Halo Master Chief.

But when it comes to popularity of costumes based on games, the number one hit is the Minecraft Enderman Costume. This costume comes as two pieces. The first piece is the head of the character.

This piece is a large square that’s made of top quality cardboard. This cardboard does not bend easily and is durable. Despite how tough the box is, it’s made of lightweight material so you can wear if all night long and still be comfortable.

The graphics on the box are identical to the featured on Enderman. Just be careful that you don’t accidentally teleport! The color on the head of this costume is dark black but does have some shades of lighter black.

There is a signature white rectangle under both of the eye openings. Each of these eye openings are square making it easier to see where you’re walking when you have the head on at night.

When you put the costume head on, you don’t have to worry about trying to balance it on the top of your head. There’s a piece inside the head that you can adjust so that you get the perfect fit and prevent slippage.

You’ll be sure to get plenty of rave compliments when you wear this one! Besides the head portion for Enderman, you can also get a body piece for the costume. You’ll have to buy that separately, but when you put them together, you end up with the perfect costume that looks just like the one in the game.

For the body piece, you’ll want to get the JustinCostume Spandex Open Face Full Bodysuit Zentai Suit. The suit is made of high quality lycra spandex which means that it has a lot of stretching power.

This allows it to fit people of various weight sizes as well as height sizes. Although you can get the suits in a variety of color, you’ll want to pick the black one since that’s the color of Enderman’s design in the game.

The suit will cover you from your head all the way to your feet. When you’re trying to determine which size will fit you the best since the suit is extremely form fitting, order the suit that will fit how tall you are. The back of the suit zips up so you can get in and out of it easily.

He-Man Muscle Men’s Costume

You’ll find that the Pirates of the Caribbean costumes are popular. So are the Captain America and other superhero ones. But standing in the most popular slot this year is the He-Man Muscle Men’s Costume.

This costume is popular as well as being one that will win the party prize because it won’t blend in with a sea of men wearing similar looking costumes.


This costume is patterned after the superhero defender of Castle Grayskull as depicted in the DC Comics series. Though he’s a superhero, this costume doesn’t come with a cape, but relies on the same nod to a barbaric appearance as the original character.

Any man wearing this costume will look like a warrior and it’s a big hit. The costume is jumpsuit is made in a flesh color. It’s designed to turn heads and make it appear as if the wearer only has on the loin cloth covering.

The costume is bulked up to make it appear as if you have the same ripped and muscled build as He-Man. The padding that the outfit contains is found not only in the six pack abs but across the broad width of the chest as well.

The arm portions of the jumpsuit contain padding, too. Across the center of the chest is the armor plate that He-Man wears. This armor has a gray background color. Centered in the middle of this is the red mark that stands out as part of this hero.

The loin cloth that comes with the costume is made of fake fur and is dark brown in color. This cloth is wider than most loin cloths and because it has the fake fur, it offers more coverage than most.

There are boot tops included as part of this costume. These boot tops are also made of fake fur in the same brown color as the loin cloth. The design of them add to the barbaric style of the costume.

Included with the costume is a blond wig. The wig is cut in the same style that He-man wears with the shorter bangs and the bobbed sides and back. The costume is easy to get on and off thanks to the velcro pieces that fasten together the costume.

The beautifully designed sword unfortunately does not come with the costume, but you can purchase it separately. You can find that sword listed as the Disguise Men’s 4′ Long Sword.

Men’s Blood Line Adult Dark Prince Costume

What’s really popular this year, probably in part thanks to television shows like Game of Thrones are the period costumes.

These popular costumes are ones that feature men dressed like kings or princes or other noblemen. Hitting the number one slot in popularity is the Men’s Blood Line Adult Dark Prince Costume.

This costume is made of 100% synthetic and it does have to be hand washed when you need to clean it. This costume is a tunic that’s mid thigh in length. It’s a silver-gray color that has a row stitched design throughout the material.

This design gives the tunic the look of armor plating. The tunic does have long sleeves and is warm so it’s a great choice to get if you live in an area where the weather is cooler during Halloween.

The neck of the tunic is a raised V collar tucked into a double stitched seam. On top of the gray tunic is a black piece that looks like it’s quilted but it’s just the way the design is made. This piece covers the center portion of the tunic so that the gray sides do still show around it.

At the top of this black piece is a jeweled design. This design has a row of silver squares with intricate frames around each of the single blue designed jewels. This piece is made to simulate a cloak chain that was worn by the nobles during the medieval period.

The belt on the tunic is made of fabric that’s stitched on both the top and bottom seams. It has a buckle and the center of the buckle contains the same intricate silver design and blue jewel in the center as the cloak chain.

There is a sheer black cape that comes along with this costume. This cape is long enough so that it hangs to the middle of the back of the lower legs. The top of the cape is trimmed in dark brown fake fur that goes across both shoulders.

A pair of boot tops is included with the purchase of the costume. These boot tops are the same silver-gray color as the tunic and also have the same armor design. There are black straps that cross the front of the boot covers. The same brown fur that’s at the top of the cloak is trimmed at the top and the bottom of the boot tops.

The sword does not come as part of this costume so you’ll have to purchase that as a separate piece. You can find one that fits the medieval time period with the Disguise Men’s Lion’s Sword.

Plus Size Men’s Halloween Costume Ideas

Clothes are made to fit people of all height and size in order to give customers the best look and most comfort. Halloween costumes are the same way. When you need to find a plus size men’s costume, there are many that you can choose from.

Men’s Plus Size Hercules Costume

There are costumes that feature serious characters such as pirates or ones that are funny like costumes based on cartoon characters such as Fred Flintstone. But this year, the costume that landed in the top spot for the most popular is the Men’s Plus Size Hercules Costume.

The costume is made of 100% polyester and has to be hand washed or spot washed. The main portion of the costume consists of the body armor piece. This part is made of brown vinyl.

The bottom of the costume has the individual strips of material that end in an arrow shaped point. This style for the armor was common during the time of the Roman Empire.

Each of the individual strips on the bottom of the tunic attach at the waist piece. This piece is a band of gold edging. The middle of the costume is a narrow piece of vinyl that’s edged in another strip of gold.

This middle piece prevents the individual armor strips from ripping all the way up. The top of the tunic has gold edging at the breast line as well as at the rounded neckline. The torso is divided by impressions to give the appearance that it’s a muscled piece.

A red cape comes with this costume. The length of the cape drapes just below the back of the knees. The front of the cape fits over the neck in a wide loop. Arm bands that fit right at the biceps area are included with the costume.

These bands are dark brown and have stud designs on them. Besides the upper arm bands, there are also wrist cuffs. These short cuffs are the same vinyl material as the tunic and are trimmed in gold edging on both the bottom and top.

The leg guards come with the costume. These pieces stretch from the front of the foot almost to the knee. The sides of the leg guards are made of individual straps that go on either side of the center piece.

The center piece is wide and decorated with the same stud design as the one found on the arm bands. A headband is included. This piece is made of the brown vinyl and trimmed in gold on the top and bottom.

The stud design is also included in this piece. There are no shoes included so you’ll want to invest in a pair of sandals. The costume can also be accessorized with a sword you can buy online.


Men’s Plus Size Mad Hatter Costume

It won’t be long now before Halloween arrives in all its frighteningly fun spookiness. Before it gets here, you’ll want to be sure that you have all the decorations including the costumes ready for that night.

If you’re a plus size man, there are plenty of choices you can make to have a great costume. Some of the different options you can check out include ones based on movies such as the Darth Vader and Stormtrooper costumes.

But the Robin Hood and Jack Skellington costumes are also some of the most often chosen costumes. However, the top most popular costume this Halloween is the Men’s Plus Size Mad Hatter Costume.

This costume is made of 100% polyester and has to be dry cleaned when you want to clean it. This is a seven piece costume. The first piece are the long, narrow, straight legged pants.

These pants are done in alternating black and white strips. The white strips are pin striped. A two toned vest is part of this costume ensemble. On one side of the vest, there are black and white stripes.

On the other side, there are black and white diamond designs. The buttons on the vest have a swirl design on the top. A jacket also comes with the costume. This jacket falls to waist length and is a straight cut.

The jacket is done in a black color and has wide, large lapels. These lapels are both trimmed in white and black designs. The end of each of the sleeves of the jacket traveling up the forearm are done in a black and white checkered pattern design.

Though it looks similar at first, this design is different from the one that’s on one side of the vest. Each of the sleeves has one of the swirl patterned buttons. There are pocket flaps on either side of the jacket and these are trimmed in a white and black pattern.

A top hat is included in the costume pieces. The hat is black and the ends curve upward on the sides. There is a hatband around the middle and this piece is done in a black and white checkered design.

A neck dickey with a large bow tie is included. This piece is white and has small black top hat designs on it. There are also spats that go over the tops of the shoes. These are done in black and trimmed in white.

A pair of fingerless gloves completes the pieces of the costume. One of the gloves is done in white and the other one is black. You can buy the Mad Hatter wig as a separate accessory and the spectacles can also be purchased.

Men’s Robin Hood Costume

The days are counting down until the arrival of Halloween. With how fast it’s approaching, you’ll want to find the perfect men’s costume before all the good ones are gone.

Some of the most popular men’s costumes this year are designed with history in mind. There are pirate costumes, knights in shining armor, and prince or king costumes for men.

All of these are very popular this year. However, the one that stands out as the top most popular pick is the Men’s Robin Hood Costume. This costume is based on the legend that everyone loved.

The costume is made of polyester as well as vinyl in portions. It’s thin, but comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. The shirt of the costume is long sleeved and has a wide open neck so it’s easy to slip on and off.

The neck also has a brown shoelace tie that can be used to draw the neck part into a smaller opening. The shirt also has a loose fitting hood just like the Robin Hood character was known for.

The hood completely covers the hair as well as the sides of the face. The design of this shirt gives it that old time in history look. The color of the shirt is forest green.

There is a vest that fits over the shirt. This vest is brown and is made to look like it’s leather. The bottom of the vest ends in notched tabs. The sleeves also end in the same notched design but these have a more jagged look.

Plus, they’re also covered in a strip of black material. The front of the vest has three strips of black vinyl. These strips are what keep the vest closed and they have buckles on one end.

A pair of gauntlet gloves that look like brown leather are included with this costume. These gloves leave the fingers free. The cuffs end in a wide, funnel width halfway up the forearm.

A wide, black belt comes as part of this costume. A medium sized pouch is included with the belt. There is a strip of black simulating leather that runs above the waist to the shoulder on the vest.

This piece has a silver buckle on it. Both the belt and the strap adhere to the costume with the use of velcro fastenings. A pair of black boot covers are included.

These covers are designed to look big and slouchy just like the character’s were. The covers have a wide cuff that turns down at the top of them. There are no pants included with the costume items.

Shoes or boots are also not included. To get a complete authentic Robin Hood look, you’ll want to buy the bow and arrows that are available separately.

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