Affirmations and Reflection: Blessings Follow Me Wherever I Go

Affirmations and Reflection: Blessings Follow Me Wherever I Go

Daily Affirmations

Blessings follow me wherever I go.

In all things, I am blessed and I make it a point to take notice of all the good in my life. Even if I experience challenging events, I always remember how blessed I am.

I always have plenty of whatever I need. And often, I have more than enough. I am loved abundantly and I have plentiful love to give in return.

Infinite resources are at my fingertips. In the realm of money, I always have enough to cover my basic needs and to meet many of my desires, too.

If I experience times when I feel a lack of abundance, I remind myself that, in truth, I have all that I require. Whether I am employed or unemployed, partnered or single, with lots of kids or no kids at all, I feel blessed in a multitude of ways.

Nothing I can do can destroy or wash away the many blessings that come my way. And to be fully satisfied with life, all I have to do is remember the abundance that is available to me.

My universe is plentiful and my heart is abundant. Blessings come to me freely, and I cultivate gratitude for it.

Today, I make time to contemplate the ways in which I am a blessed. I regularly experience gratitude for all of the wonderful things in my life. And I seek out opportunities to demonstrate this gratitude by living with a sense of abundance.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How have blessings manifested in my life in the past few weeks?
2. What are three things I can be thankful for today?
3. What are some positive surprises that have arisen from events I initially perceived as negative?

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