Candida and You: Signs, Symptoms and Home Remedies

Candida and You: Signs, Symptoms and Home Remedies

Let’s talk about yeast infections, shall we? I know, not what you want to hear. But go with me on this. Have you heard about candida?

According to the National Candida Foundation, candida yeast is a strong, invasive parasite that attaches itself to the intestinal wall and becomes a permanent resident of your internal organs.

Besides the ick factor, why is candida a problem? The organization says that a yeast cell produces more than 75 known toxins.

These toxins will essentially poison your body so long as they’re residing there. They are also known to contaminate tissue.

Additionally, candida yeast will weaken your immune system, glands, kidneys, bladder, lungs, liver and especially the brain and nervous system. None of this bodes well for your health, obviously.

But there’s good news. It won’t take a whole bunch of drugs to clear up candida.

Signs and Symptoms of Candida, According to a Doctor

I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on T.V. But I am, by trade, a journalist, and I know how to do my research. So please allow me to virtually introduce you to Dr. Amy Myers, who has put together a very succinct and to the point resource on candida over at MindBodyGreen.

In her report, she offers a really clear overview of not only the causes of candida but also the signs and symptoms, along with a breakdown of the standard treatment routes.

Check it out right here.

Oh! One More Thing…

For those of you who prefer a holistic approach to life and health, I found this handy-dandy video shared by Melissa H. on YouTube and had to share.

Melissa Says:

Candida Cleansing in 4 Steps, cleanse, food, probiotics, beverages, and a quick bonus tip

There is definitely a right and wrong way of going through this process, ask me or anyone else who has experienced it;

1) Starting with the cleanse phase is vitally important;
Flushing the system, re-alkalizing the system, if you have surface candida overgrowth, then you definitely have internal candida overgrowth

2) Research the Right foods, this will help immensely to maintain a strong healthy body and a good balance of candida – Go for garlic, greens like hemp, lettuce, spinach and avocado, and plenty of seafoods – Anything processed may be too acid based

3) Probiotics like Yoghurt are hugely important, but not only for candida overgrowth but also energy and general healthy living

4) Beverages; Cinnamon Tea and other great products are around, try heaps, see what you like!

Please share comments about what has worked/ is working for you or friends!


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