Hot Halloween: 3+ Sexy Plus-Size Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Hot Halloween: 3+ Sexy Plus-Size Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Looking for unique and sexy Halloween costume ideas for plus size women? Here are our picks for 2015. 


Plus Size Darling Robin Hood Costume

When you want to find the perfect plus size costume for Halloween, you want to make sure that you get the one that flatters your figure and is comfortable to wear as long as you need to wear it.

Since Halloween is only one night of the year, you want to go all out to get the fun costume. Some of the popular fun options that you can choose from include storybook characters such as Little Red Riding Hood.

Storybook costumes are always a big hit at parties especially if you have a partner who can dress up like another character in the same story. One fictional character that’s the most popular this year is Robin Hood.

Now, you can dress just like the hero of the forest in the Plus Size Darling Robin Hood Costume. This costume is a three piece set. The first piece is a short thigh high dress in a brilliant green color.

The material is 100% polyester and due to the intricate detail, you’ll have to wash the dress if you need to clean it. The bottom of the dress has a small bit of a flare out to it. Part of the reason that the skirt of this costume flares out is due to the full, black lace petticoat.

But this piece does not come as part of the costume, so if you want the skirt to stand out, you’ll have to get that separately. The torso of the dress is the same green as the skirt. In the middle of the top of the dress are two pieces of brown material made to simulate a vest.

Three leather looking straps with stud designs and buckles connect the sides of the vest. The top of the shirt is a V neck and it has a lace up closure that’s connected with a black string.

One side of the sleeves is designed with a strip of material that looks like black leather and has notched edges. The other side of the sleeve is covered with a shoulder cape. The shoulder cape is a slinky black that’s short and hangs right about the waist area.

Two arm cuffs are included with the dress. These arm cuffs are made of brown to simulate leather. In the middle of each of the cuffs is a black band strip that features a large buckle.

The cuffs fit from the wrist to the mid forearm. At the end of the cuffs closes to the forearm, there are small strips of black lace that match the petticoat that you can buy separately.

Across the costume, running from the shoulder to the waist is a thin black strap. This black strap is part of the money bag decoration. This piece is a brown cloth bag that’s trimmed in black rolled edging.

There is a zipper in the back of the dress and the sizing tends to run a bit smaller, so be sure and choose a size up when you order if that’s a concern. The boots do not come with the costume.

Plus Size Jedi Knight Women’s Costume

It’s that time of year where the chill is almost in the air and that means Halloween is right around the corner. It’s time to find the perfect Halloween costume. If you’re a plus size woman, there are a ton of different options that you can choose from to look great and have a spooky good time.

You can dress in military costumes, ones that feature a retro look, are based on careers or ones that are based on television or movie characters. The costumes that are based on movie characters are some of the most popular.

However, the costume that’s the most popular this year is the Plus Size Jedi Knight Women’s Costume. The costume is made of 100% synthetic and cannot be washed in the washing machine.

This is a mid thigh tunic that’s done in a linen brown color to signify the color worn in the movie franchise. Throughout the tunic are long brown lines that are designed to make it look as if the tunic has several layers to it.

The front two edges of the tunic are slightly longer than the sides. There is a darker brown strip of color at the V of the tunic that adds to the costume’s layered look. There are long, full angel wing sleeves that lead to wide open ends so you’ll have plenty of arm room.

This feature isn’t as restrictive as some costumes because the sleeve width makes it easier to move around. The looser, flowing fabric of the tunic make it easier for larger busted women to be comfortable.

At the waist of the tunic is a belt done on a background of white material. The belt is dark brown with several designs printed on it. One of the items designed on it is a brown snap pocket pouch.

Dark pants are part of this costume along with boot tops. The boot tops are made of cloth and are dark brown, complementing the pants. The pants and the boot tops are made as one piece.

The lightsaber doesn’t come with the costume but can be bought separately. One of the things that people liked about this piece is that it does glow with the steady blue light just like the one in the movie franchise. You can find this piece with the Luke Skywalker Lightsaber by Rubies.

In addition to the Jedi Knight Plus Size costume you can get the Princess Leia Plus Size Costume. This costume features a long white ankle length dress that’s split up one side to the thigh.

The neck of the dress is a bit of a higher collar and the sleeves are full. A belt with silver buckle decorations comes with the costume and so does the Princess Leia wig in the signature side bun style. The shoes are not included.

Plus Size Wonder Woman Costume

Halloween is almost upon us and before the spooky day of parties and trick or treating arrives, you want to be prepared with the right costume. There are great options that you can look at when you’re looking for plus size costumes.

A lot of these are extremely popular. Some of them are the renaissance costumes such as the ladies in waiting, the princess or the queen costumes that feature long, flowing gowns and intricate details.

But the most popular costume this year has to do with the love for superheroes. The Plus Size Wonder Woman Costume is a hit whether you’re hosting a party, attending one, or taking the kids trick or treating.

This costume is made of 100% polyester and has to be hand washed. It can’t be put into the dryer. Though the costume is a dress, the way that it’s designed make it look like it’s a separate skirt and shirt.

The bottom of the dress is a short, thigh high skirt. The material is a shiny blue color with small white star designs sprinkled throughout the blue. Above the skirt at the waist is a strip of gold fabric as a belt that divides the top from the bottom.

The top is a sleeveless piece that fits at the top of the breast line. It’s a good fit for women who are larger at the top. This part of the costume is a brilliant red color that shimmers when you move.

In the middle of the top is the trademark yellow W with wings that stands for the Wonder Woman logo. A red cape is included as part of this costume and hangs to the back of the waist.

The cape closes at the neck with velcro fasteners. There is a headpiece that’s arched in the middle. This is a gold headpiece that has a red star centered in the middle. White gauntlets are included with the dress purchase.

These stretch from the wrists to the halfway up the forearms. Thigh high boot tops are also part of the costume. These boot tops are done in alternating red and white stripes. The accessories that were linked with the character of Wonder Woman don’t come with this costume.

However, you can buy those separately. There are three items that are most often purchased with the dress. The first item is the DC Comics Wonder Woman Cuffs in gold with red stars.

The second item is the wig that copies Wonder Woman’s signature style. You can find that in the Rubie’s Costume Co Wonder Woman Wig. The third item is the golden rope that Woman Wonder used. You can find a replica of that with the Fun Costumes
Golden Rope.

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