30-Day Too Blessed to Be Stressed Challenge: Reduce Stress & Find Peace with Me

30-Day Too Blessed to Be Stressed Challenge: Reduce Stress & Find Peace with Me

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In addition to the abuse you’ve suffered, you’re dealing with the hot mess that our society likes to call a “life” – and boy, life is really overwhelming these days, right?

The fact is that we live in such a busy world where we’re always reachable, constantly bombarded with news updates, email alerts, and of course advertisements. Social media puts us under a lot of pressure to document the perfect life, and in between all that we’re juggling family and career, while paying off student debt and a large mortgage.

It’s really no wonder we’re more stressed than ever and stress related illnesses are on the rise.

It’s high time to relax more and take a more active approach to stress reduction – and you MUST do it before it kills you, my friend.
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Amazing Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Man

Amazing Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Man

It’s already that time of year again when you want to find the perfect men’s costume. You can bet that plenty of people are already shopping for the most popular ones. There will be plenty of options to choose from if you’re looking for something on the list of the top Halloween costumes.

You’re going to want to grab yours before they’re all sold out. 

Minecraft Enderman Costume

A Halloween Costume Idea for Every GuyWhen an adult man is thinking about what kind of costume he wants to buy for Halloween, the first thing that comes to mind is making sure that it looks cool. Men want a costume that’s unique as well as being the hit of any of the parties.

Some of the most popular choices for men’s costumes this Halloween are based on video game characters. You’ll find a ton of choices among costumes such as the ones based on the Mario Brothers or the Halo Master Chief.

But when it comes to popularity of costumes based on games, the number one hit is the Minecraft Enderman Costume. This costume comes as two pieces. The first piece is the head of the character.

This piece is a large square that’s made of top quality cardboard. This cardboard does not bend easily and is durable. Despite how tough the box is, it’s made of lightweight material so you can wear if all night long and still be comfortable.

The graphics on the box are identical to the featured on Enderman. Just be careful that you don’t accidentally teleport! The color on the head of this costume is dark black but does have some shades of lighter black.

There is a signature white rectangle under both of the eye openings. Each of these eye openings are square making it easier to see where you’re walking when you have the head on at night.

When you put the costume head on, you don’t have to worry about trying to balance it on the top of your head. There’s a piece inside the head that you can adjust so that you get the perfect fit and prevent slippage.

You’ll be sure to get plenty of rave compliments when you wear this one! Besides the head portion for Enderman, you can also get a body piece for the costume. You’ll have to buy that separately, but when you put them together, you end up with the perfect costume that looks just like the one in the game.

For the body piece, you’ll want to get the JustinCostume Spandex Open Face Full Bodysuit Zentai Suit. The suit is made of high quality lycra spandex which means that it has a lot of stretching power.

This allows it to fit people of various weight sizes as well as height sizes. Although you can get the suits in a variety of color, you’ll want to pick the black one since that’s the color of Enderman’s design in the game.

The suit will cover you from your head all the way to your feet. When you’re trying to determine which size will fit you the best since the suit is extremely form fitting, order the suit that will fit how tall you are. The back of the suit zips up so you can get in and out of it easily.

He-Man Muscle Men’s Costume

You’ll find that the Pirates of the Caribbean costumes are popular. So are the Captain America and other superhero ones. But standing in the most popular slot this year is the He-Man Muscle Men’s Costume.

This costume is popular as well as being one that will win the party prize because it won’t blend in with a sea of men wearing similar looking costumes.


This costume is patterned after the superhero defender of Castle Grayskull as depicted in the DC Comics series. Though he’s a superhero, this costume doesn’t come with a cape, but relies on the same nod to a barbaric appearance as the original character.

Any man wearing this costume will look like a warrior and it’s a big hit. The costume is jumpsuit is made in a flesh color. It’s designed to turn heads and make it appear as if the wearer only has on the loin cloth covering.

The costume is bulked up to make it appear as if you have the same ripped and muscled build as He-Man. The padding that the outfit contains is found not only in the six pack abs but across the broad width of the chest as well.

The arm portions of the jumpsuit contain padding, too. Across the center of the chest is the armor plate that He-Man wears. This armor has a gray background color. Centered in the middle of this is the red mark that stands out as part of this hero.

The loin cloth that comes with the costume is made of fake fur and is dark brown in color. This cloth is wider than most loin cloths and because it has the fake fur, it offers more coverage than most.

There are boot tops included as part of this costume. These boot tops are also made of fake fur in the same brown color as the loin cloth. The design of them add to the barbaric style of the costume.

Included with the costume is a blond wig. The wig is cut in the same style that He-man wears with the shorter bangs and the bobbed sides and back. The costume is easy to get on and off thanks to the velcro pieces that fasten together the costume.

The beautifully designed sword unfortunately does not come with the costume, but you can purchase it separately. You can find that sword listed as the Disguise Men’s 4′ Long Sword.

Men’s Blood Line Adult Dark Prince Costume

What’s really popular this year, probably in part thanks to television shows like Game of Thrones are the period costumes.

These popular costumes are ones that feature men dressed like kings or princes or other noblemen. Hitting the number one slot in popularity is the Men’s Blood Line Adult Dark Prince Costume.

This costume is made of 100% synthetic and it does have to be hand washed when you need to clean it. This costume is a tunic that’s mid thigh in length. It’s a silver-gray color that has a row stitched design throughout the material.

This design gives the tunic the look of armor plating. The tunic does have long sleeves and is warm so it’s a great choice to get if you live in an area where the weather is cooler during Halloween.

The neck of the tunic is a raised V collar tucked into a double stitched seam. On top of the gray tunic is a black piece that looks like it’s quilted but it’s just the way the design is made. This piece covers the center portion of the tunic so that the gray sides do still show around it.

At the top of this black piece is a jeweled design. This design has a row of silver squares with intricate frames around each of the single blue designed jewels. This piece is made to simulate a cloak chain that was worn by the nobles during the medieval period.

The belt on the tunic is made of fabric that’s stitched on both the top and bottom seams. It has a buckle and the center of the buckle contains the same intricate silver design and blue jewel in the center as the cloak chain.

There is a sheer black cape that comes along with this costume. This cape is long enough so that it hangs to the middle of the back of the lower legs. The top of the cape is trimmed in dark brown fake fur that goes across both shoulders.

A pair of boot tops is included with the purchase of the costume. These boot tops are the same silver-gray color as the tunic and also have the same armor design. There are black straps that cross the front of the boot covers. The same brown fur that’s at the top of the cloak is trimmed at the top and the bottom of the boot tops.

The sword does not come as part of this costume so you’ll have to purchase that as a separate piece. You can find one that fits the medieval time period with the Disguise Men’s Lion’s Sword.

Plus Size Men’s Halloween Costume Ideas

Clothes are made to fit people of all height and size in order to give customers the best look and most comfort. Halloween costumes are the same way. When you need to find a plus size men’s costume, there are many that you can choose from.

Men’s Plus Size Hercules Costume

There are costumes that feature serious characters such as pirates or ones that are funny like costumes based on cartoon characters such as Fred Flintstone. But this year, the costume that landed in the top spot for the most popular is the Men’s Plus Size Hercules Costume.

The costume is made of 100% polyester and has to be hand washed or spot washed. The main portion of the costume consists of the body armor piece. This part is made of brown vinyl.

The bottom of the costume has the individual strips of material that end in an arrow shaped point. This style for the armor was common during the time of the Roman Empire.

Each of the individual strips on the bottom of the tunic attach at the waist piece. This piece is a band of gold edging. The middle of the costume is a narrow piece of vinyl that’s edged in another strip of gold.

This middle piece prevents the individual armor strips from ripping all the way up. The top of the tunic has gold edging at the breast line as well as at the rounded neckline. The torso is divided by impressions to give the appearance that it’s a muscled piece.

A red cape comes with this costume. The length of the cape drapes just below the back of the knees. The front of the cape fits over the neck in a wide loop. Arm bands that fit right at the biceps area are included with the costume.

These bands are dark brown and have stud designs on them. Besides the upper arm bands, there are also wrist cuffs. These short cuffs are the same vinyl material as the tunic and are trimmed in gold edging on both the bottom and top.

The leg guards come with the costume. These pieces stretch from the front of the foot almost to the knee. The sides of the leg guards are made of individual straps that go on either side of the center piece.

The center piece is wide and decorated with the same stud design as the one found on the arm bands. A headband is included. This piece is made of the brown vinyl and trimmed in gold on the top and bottom.

The stud design is also included in this piece. There are no shoes included so you’ll want to invest in a pair of sandals. The costume can also be accessorized with a sword you can buy online.


Men’s Plus Size Mad Hatter Costume

It won’t be long now before Halloween arrives in all its frighteningly fun spookiness. Before it gets here, you’ll want to be sure that you have all the decorations including the costumes ready for that night.

If you’re a plus size man, there are plenty of choices you can make to have a great costume. Some of the different options you can check out include ones based on movies such as the Darth Vader and Stormtrooper costumes.

But the Robin Hood and Jack Skellington costumes are also some of the most often chosen costumes. However, the top most popular costume this Halloween is the Men’s Plus Size Mad Hatter Costume.

This costume is made of 100% polyester and has to be dry cleaned when you want to clean it. This is a seven piece costume. The first piece are the long, narrow, straight legged pants.

These pants are done in alternating black and white strips. The white strips are pin striped. A two toned vest is part of this costume ensemble. On one side of the vest, there are black and white stripes.

On the other side, there are black and white diamond designs. The buttons on the vest have a swirl design on the top. A jacket also comes with the costume. This jacket falls to waist length and is a straight cut.

The jacket is done in a black color and has wide, large lapels. These lapels are both trimmed in white and black designs. The end of each of the sleeves of the jacket traveling up the forearm are done in a black and white checkered pattern design.

Though it looks similar at first, this design is different from the one that’s on one side of the vest. Each of the sleeves has one of the swirl patterned buttons. There are pocket flaps on either side of the jacket and these are trimmed in a white and black pattern.

A top hat is included in the costume pieces. The hat is black and the ends curve upward on the sides. There is a hatband around the middle and this piece is done in a black and white checkered design.

A neck dickey with a large bow tie is included. This piece is white and has small black top hat designs on it. There are also spats that go over the tops of the shoes. These are done in black and trimmed in white.

A pair of fingerless gloves completes the pieces of the costume. One of the gloves is done in white and the other one is black. You can buy the Mad Hatter wig as a separate accessory and the spectacles can also be purchased.

Men’s Robin Hood Costume

The days are counting down until the arrival of Halloween. With how fast it’s approaching, you’ll want to find the perfect men’s costume before all the good ones are gone.

Some of the most popular men’s costumes this year are designed with history in mind. There are pirate costumes, knights in shining armor, and prince or king costumes for men.

All of these are very popular this year. However, the one that stands out as the top most popular pick is the Men’s Robin Hood Costume. This costume is based on the legend that everyone loved.

The costume is made of polyester as well as vinyl in portions. It’s thin, but comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. The shirt of the costume is long sleeved and has a wide open neck so it’s easy to slip on and off.

The neck also has a brown shoelace tie that can be used to draw the neck part into a smaller opening. The shirt also has a loose fitting hood just like the Robin Hood character was known for.

The hood completely covers the hair as well as the sides of the face. The design of this shirt gives it that old time in history look. The color of the shirt is forest green.

There is a vest that fits over the shirt. This vest is brown and is made to look like it’s leather. The bottom of the vest ends in notched tabs. The sleeves also end in the same notched design but these have a more jagged look.

Plus, they’re also covered in a strip of black material. The front of the vest has three strips of black vinyl. These strips are what keep the vest closed and they have buckles on one end.

A pair of gauntlet gloves that look like brown leather are included with this costume. These gloves leave the fingers free. The cuffs end in a wide, funnel width halfway up the forearm.

A wide, black belt comes as part of this costume. A medium sized pouch is included with the belt. There is a strip of black simulating leather that runs above the waist to the shoulder on the vest.

This piece has a silver buckle on it. Both the belt and the strap adhere to the costume with the use of velcro fastenings. A pair of black boot covers are included.

These covers are designed to look big and slouchy just like the character’s were. The covers have a wide cuff that turns down at the top of them. There are no pants included with the costume items.

Shoes or boots are also not included. To get a complete authentic Robin Hood look, you’ll want to buy the bow and arrows that are available separately.

Awesome Couples and Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Awesome Couples and Group Halloween Costume Ideas

So, you’re looking for a couples costume for Halloween costume? Or maybe a group costume? We’ve got you covered. 


Totally Twosome Matador and Bull Costume

There will be trick or treaters at your door before you know it. With time counting down, you’ll want to find the perfect couples costume to buy so that you and the person in your life can take part in all the fun on Halloween.

When it comes to couples costumes, you really do have a lot of options because there are so many companies that make these sets. The options that you can check out include ones that are funny, sexy or cheesy.

You can go as Maid Marian and Robin Hood or as Ken and Barbie. You can also choose costumes that will let you dress up as a nurse and doctor or as a king and queen.

But the most popular couples costume this Halloween is the Totally Twosome Matador and Bull Costume. This is a costume set that goes together. However, they both don’t come in the same package so you’ll have to order them separately.

For the lady matador part of the costume, you’ll get several pieces that make up the set. The costume is made to fit women of various sizes, so you’ll have to choose your size using the chart provided.

The hat of the costume is black and the material is made of velvet. It’s a standard size matador hat, which means that both ends of it extend out past the ears. The hat is form fitting and covers the crown of the head so you won’t be able to wear your hair in a piled high style.

There is a collar that’s included with the costume pieces. This collar is white and has fold down wing tips on both sides. A narrow ribbon ties at the center of the collar. A red velvet jacket is also part of this costume set.

The jacket is trimmed in a gold brocade design that goes all the way around the opening edges of the jacket. Each of the shoulders of the jacket have gold outer pads on top of them.

The jacket is long sleeved and each of the sleeves end in wide gold bands at the wrist. This jacket is short and cropped the waist. There is a white shirt that comes as part of this costume package.

The shirt has a light dip collar. There is a wide, black cummerbund belt that attaches to the bottom of this shirt. Along with the shirt is a pair of black, form fitting pantaloons. The second part in this couples costume is the bull costume.

This costume also has several pieces to it. There’s a hood that has two white stand up bull horns. The hood is in the shape of a bull’s face. A nose piece is part of the costume. This has bands that go around the ears to hold it in place.

There’s a nose ring in the center of the bull nose. The shirt and pants are made of a soft velvet material and there are shoe cover hooves that are attached. The tail of the bull fastens to the back of the pants through a loop.

Funny Drinking Team Group Halloween Costume Set

With Halloween coming, you want to find the perfect costume set for yourself and your friends. Nothing can add to the fun of the night or round out a great party like having a costume that can speak volumes can do.

If you love group costumes that have a party slant to them, there are a lot of options that you can look at. For example, you could get a group together and you could all go as a beer pong set.

These costumes come with a wearable soft red cup costume and an inflatable ping-pong ball. If you and a group of your friends wore them together, you’d get a lot of laughs.

Costumes like this are always a great option. But if you’re looking for the funniest, most popular Halloween costume for a group this year, you’re going to want to check out the Funny Drinking Team Group Halloween Costume Set.

This is the costume set that tells it like it is. Or rather tells it like how your night might possible end. It’s a hilarious choice that wins the top prize in any costume competition. Each of these shirts is made of 100% comfortable cotton.

That means that you’ll be able to wear these for a laugh long after Halloween is over. The color of these shirts is bright red, so they’ll be plenty noticeable. Since they’re already pre-shrunk, you won’t have to worry about them shrinking up in the washing machine.

These are unisex shirts so they can be part of a costume set for men or women. This is an especially fun idea if everyone at work attends a work Halloween party. There is a print screen design on the front of each of the shirts.

This graphic is on a white background. The graphic is outlined in an imperfect circle of black color. In the center of the white background are the words that label which drunk the wearer is.

One shirt will say, “Drunk 2” on it while the next one will have “Drunk 3” on it. You can choose the numbers from number one and on up. You can order these shirts from size small up to triple X and you can get them in black instead of red.

If you’re looking to dress up a little more, you can go with a group of your friends as the Men in Black. All you need for this costume set to be a big hit is a black suit, a white shirt and black tie for all the members.

You’ll need black shoes for everyone. Then you’ll need to add the Disguise Inc – Men In Black 3 Adult Accessory Kit. This kit contains the neutralizer, a pair of sunglasses and the Men in Black identification badge.

Star Wars Group Costumes

When Halloween rolls around, you already want to have the perfect costume ready to go. It helps if you’re planning to go as a group to start early so that you’re able to get the exact costume you want.

You don’t want to have to settle. When you’re going as a group, the first thing you have to do is to choose a costume set that works for many people. Some of the options that you can choose to use for that are sets like characters from Orange is the New Black, characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, or the Star Trek series.

But the most popular group one this year are the Star Wars Group Costumes. With this set, you can choose from so many characters and it’s a perfect choice for a small group or for a large one.

You’ll want to get a set of costumes from the Clone Wars. You can start with the Rubie’s Costume Star Wars Darth Vader Deluxe Adult Costume. This costume is made of 100% polyester.

What you get with this costume is a black jumpsuit and on the front of the jumpsuit, you’ll have the colorful pieces like Darth Vader had in the movies. This design is a chest piece that covers the waist and chest area of the costume.

There is a black cape attached and it does come with boot covers and shin guards. The molded mask is included. You’ll need the Princess Leia costume as well. The Star Wars Secret Wishes Princess Leia Costume features a dress chosen from A New Hope.

The costume is a polyester dress with a thigh high slit in the front. The color is solid white and the only decoration on the dress is the belt that has the silver raised studs on it.

The signature wig is included with this purchase but you’ll need to buy the calf high white boots separately. Of course, the Star Wars set wouldn’t be right without a Storm Trooper or two.

You can grab a couple of these when you get the Rubie’s Costume Star Wars Stormtrooper Costume. This costume is officially licensed and comes with a white storm trooper jumpsuit that has the look of the separate body armor pieces. It also has the storm trooper mask.

The gloves and simulated weapon are not included. You’ll also want to get the Rubie’s Costume Co. Adult Yoda Costume. This costume is a tan colored robe with an attached hood.

This costume does come with the character mask. You can also get the Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Costume with Deluxe Yoda Hands to complete this costume. The Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker costumes are also available so you’ll have plenty of costumes to choose from – even if you have a large group.

USB Port and Stick Couples Costume

You can almost smell the scent of fall on the air. That means that it won’t be long before you’ll be celebrating Halloween with your family and friends. Get ready early by making sure you have the perfect Halloween costume for couples.

There are all kinds of ideas you can come up with to have the best possible costume. Some ideas that you might want to choose from are Robin and Poison Ivy, a tooth and the tooth fairy, salt and pepper shakers, or Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

Other couple choices include Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. But the most popular and funniest couples costume this year is the USB Port and Stick Couples Costume.

You’ll get lots of laughs when you’re part of this costume. This costume set consists of two pieces. The first part is the port which is a short, tunic dress. The dress is black in color.

On the front of it, there’s a white design featuring the universal symbol for a port. On the bottom of the dress is the port opening. This opening is rectangular in shape and is lined in silver.

At the back of the port opening there’s a neon blue color. Shoes aren’t part of this costume, but if you pair the tunic with a pair of black pantyhose and some black high heels, it’ll look fantastic.

The stick part of the costume set features a square stick piece. This piece fastens around the wearer’s waist. The background of this part of the costume is black. On the side of the stick piece is the design identifying the stick.

The front of the stick is in a rectangle shape and is outlined in the same silver material as the port piece on the tunic. The inside of the stick is also the same neon blue. Both of these costume pieces are made of 100% polyester and have to be hand washed.

Another costume that, while not related to computer technology, is still super funny is the Rasta Imposta Lightweight Plug and Socket Couples Costume. This is a two piece costume set.

The first piece is a mid thigh length sleeveless tunic that’s made in a black background. Over top of this, the front of the tunic has a top and bottom socket design. The tunic has a curved neckline.

There are no shoes included with this costume. To complete it, wear black leggings and a long sleeve black shirt. The second part of this costume features a square box that’s lightly padded.

This fits snugly around the waist. It has a long cord that extends from the back of it just like you’d find on a household appliance. The front of the plug is gold and crimped on the ends just like a real plug. You’ll need to wear pants and a shirt with this costume.

Wine and Cheese Couple’s Costume

It’s not long until it will be too late to get a great costume set. If you’re looking for a couple’s costume, get ahead of the crowd so that you can get the top pick from the great costumes that are available.

Some of the options that you can choose from if you’re looking for a costume to wear with your significant other are the red and yellow M&M set, the monkey and banana costume or the bacon and egg costume.

If you want to go as people, then you can choose from costumes like the mobster and the dame, Fred and Wilma Flintstone or Barney and Betty Rubble. If you’re looking for movie couples, there’s always Fiona and Shrek costumes.

But this year, the most popular set is the Wine and Cheese Couple’s Costume. Not only is it fun to wear, but it’s a crowd pleaser which will win you the top prize at any costume judging contest.

This set consists of a wedge shaped block of cheese that’s padded with foam. It retains its shape with wire inside. The costume is 100% polyester and if you need to wash it, you’ll have to do so by hand for it to retain its shape.

The color of the costume is yellow and it has a light brown circle design all over the material. This design is made to simulate holes in the cheese. The costume is held in place with the use of two brown shoulder straps.

An oversize lightweight knife is part of the costume. This piece has a wide brown handle with an indented circle. The blade is silver and the entire piece is made of cloth and foam.

The wine bottle part of this costume set is a black, sleeveless tunic. This piece is also made of foam. The length of it reaches about mid thigh, so it’s easy to walk around while wearing it.

In the middle of the tunic, there is a white wine label. The wine label is trimmed at the top and bottom with burgundy lines. The logo on the label is white, black and burgundy and has 4P in the center of it which stands for 4Play cabernet.

Beneath that is the phrase, “Have a little, get a little” followed by a black scrollwork design beneath the words. The shape of the costume does look like a wine bottle with the bottom being wide and narrowing at the top. At the top of the costume, there is a hood. This hood is an open piece and is made to leave the face of the wearer free of any material.

The headpiece is black on the sides and does cover both ears. On the top of the headpiece is a burgundy colored cork that has a narrow gold band around the bottom of it. You can stuff the cork piece of the costume with extra padding if you want more firmness.

Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man Couples Costume

The excitement is already starting to build because Halloween isn’t too far off. With the spooky and fun-filled festivities that are waiting for you, the best time to prepare what you’re going to wear is right now.

If you’re looking for a couple’s costume, you want to get your choices narrowed down right away so that you don’t miss out. There are plenty of great costumes that you can pick.

If you’re looking for video game couples characters, which is a big hit right now, you can pick characters from Mortal Combat such as Scorpion and Kitana or Raiden and Mileena.

If you’re looking for cute and whimsical video game characters, you could choose Mario and Princess Peach. But the most popular couples costume this year is an old classic. The Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man Couples Costume is one that will bring on the compliments.

The set is an officially licensed product which means that a lot of detail went into making this costume to make sure that it’s accurate. The costumes are both tunics and one is made for Mr. Pac-Man, the other for Ms. Pac-Man.

The tunic for Mr. Pac-Man is made of yellow material. The wide open mouth portion is black and is indented to look like a mouth. The eyes above the mouth are both in the shape of the easily recognizable Pac-Man shape.

The suit is made of slightly padded foam with a nice wide opening for the neck. Along with the tunic, you also get the large Pac-Man hands. These are big gloves with elastic around the wrist.

There are no individual fingers in the gloves so if you need to grasp something, you’ll either have to be very careful or take the gloves off. A pair of shoe covers that are mid calf in length also come with the costume set.

You’ll need to wear pants and a beneath the costume. Most people choose to wear black clothes since these complement the costumes. For the Ms. Pac-Man costume, you also get a tunic.

This one is yellow as well and has the wide open mouth. The mouth of this costume is outlined in pink lip color. The eyes on this tunic are also in the Pac-Man shape but have long side eyelash designs as well as pink above the eyelids.

This costume has a pink shoulder bow. The gloves with this part of the costume set are pink and have elastic at the wrist. The shoe covers are pink and mid calf length. You’ll need to wear a shirt and pants with this one.

These costumes are made to be worn with the head of the wearer showing, or you can wear these costumes on the shoulders so that your head doesn’t show. Either way, these are comfortable costumes that are sure to be prize winners.

Key to My Heart Lock and Key Costume

When you’re part of a couple, it’s fun to do things together and that includes finding the right Halloween costume. Couples costumes are one of the top selling categories each Halloween and there are many different themes that you can choose from.

You can choose to go as a superhero couple such as Batman and Batgirl or something funny such as Shaggy and Scooby Doo. Of course, classy costumes that clearly show your heart belongs to each other are also a great idea.

This year, the number one most popular costume for couples is the Key to My Heart Lock and Key Costume. This costume set is made of 100% polyester and is hand wash only.

Thought the costume is very affordable, it looks classy. One piece of the costume is a pullover key tunic. This tunic is an old fashioned key made of gold. The material is shiny so it really stands out in a crowd.

And the key is simplistic enough so that guys will think the costume is cool. The end of the key has two notches while the top of is a rounded circle. It’s the rounded circle that fits around the neck of the wearer.

To complete this costume, be sure that you wear a pair of black pants and a long sleeved black shirt. Add a pair of black men’s dress shoes and you’ll be ready to head to the party.

The other piece of this set is a simple black dress. The dress is sleeveless and has medium width, comfortable shoulder straps. The length of the dress comes above mid thigh.

In the center of the dress is a gold heart. In the center of the heart is a keyhole shaped opening. All this dress needs is a pair of black heels and you’ll be all set to go.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and funny costume for couples, you might want to check out the Rasta Imposta Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume. This costume set is made of two separate tunics, one for each person.

The tunics have no decoration on the backs of them. However, on the front, these costumes are made of foam and have some great detail. On the tunic that’s made to look like the bacon, the material is red and white.

One piece of the end of the bacon hangs off the side of the tunic. The tunic is mid thigh in length and has a V neck opening. The other tunic is made to look like a fried egg. The outer part of the design is white while the center is a yellow circle to simulate the yolk.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Group Costume

While Halloween is touted as the scariest holiday that people celebrate, it’s also the perfect day to have a lot of fun and laughs. Some of the fun group costumes that you can buy include ones like different M&M candies.

This one can work with a large group like if you have a lot of coworkers or friends who want to go together. Another option you can consider is going as different crayon colors. Or you can go as dominoes, Lego characters, Pokemon characters, rock groups or the Peanuts gang.

You can also go as the characters from Scooby Doo such as Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby Doo. If you have more people than the main characters who want in on the fun, you can add favorite villains from Scooby Doo.

While all those are great ideas, the most popular group costume this year is the Rock, Paper, Scissors Group Costume. This is a costume set that’s one size fits all smocks. They fit because they’re worn with shoulder straps and a velcro fastener on the back of the costume keeps them secure.

The rock is long enough to stretch from the chest to the upper thigh area. The width of it does extend out from the body on the sides. The rock is gray and has dark gray shadows to show contouring.

It has gray lines and gray rock spots on it to add to the design. You’ll want to wear a long sleeve black shirt and a pair of black pants to complement the rock. Showing an eye for detail, the paper part of this group costume set is white.

It has blue lines running horizontally across it just like a real sheet of paper. It even has the faint red vertical line to the side and three holes as well. The length of this costume is from the shoulders to just about knee length.

What some wearers did with this costume was to write funny comments or drawings on the sheet of paper. Like the rock costume, you’ll also want to wear plain black clothes with this one.

The scissors are made to look like a pair of real ones. These have blue finger hole handles. Either side of the handles can be worn around the neck. Whichever side that you choose will determine the way the edge of the scissors slant.

The body of the scissors is silver and has the fastener indention on it. This costume is made of soft material and is comfortable. Like the other costumes, this one should be worn with a black shirt and pants as well.

Set of 5 Pac-Man Group Girl Costumes

It’s time to choose the perfect costume for your group get together. Halloween is almost here, so you don’t want to miss out on all the great options that are available to you. What a lot of groups are choosing to do is to go as sets of superheroes that are all connected to the same movie – such as everyone going as someone from the Avengers.

But what’s really fun to do is when you have a large group of friends or family who want to dress up in a group costume is to go as video game characters. You want to go as someone easily recognizable and the classic Pac-Man characters certainly fit that bill.

The Set of 5 Pac-Man Group Girl Costumes can be used for a coworker Halloween party or if a family wanted to go as a group costume. This costume set consists of five different Pac-Man characters.

These are all tank dresses, which means that the length of these is right about thigh-high. So not only are these cute and funny costumes, but they can be sexy as well. These are all vibrant colored dresses that when worn together as a group will turn plenty of heads.

One of the tank dresses is in the set is the orange Pac-Man costume. The top of the dress has a rounded neckline. In the center of the dress are the white eyes of the Pac-Man character.

These are looking off to the right. The hem line of the dress has the same curved bottom as the Pac-Man characters in the video game. Add a pair of high heels and you’re ready to party.

The second tank dress is the standard Pac-Man one. This one is a yellow color. It has the black wide open mouth as well as the black Pac-Man eyes. It also has a rounded neckline and curved hem.

The third tank dress is blue. It’s done in the same styles as the other dresses and also has the eye design that look off toward the right. The fourth tank dress is red. It’s also done in the same style but the eye design on this dress are facing the left instead of the right.

The final tank dress is a soft pink. The design is the same as the other four and the eye design faces the left. You’ll get all five of these Pac-Man designs known as Blinky, Clyde, Pinky, Inky and Pac-Man.

There are no gloves or shoe covers included in this costume set like you get with the single purchase Pac-Man costume. So you will need to pick out some cute heels that match the color of your Pac Man character, and buy some gloves, too.

Home Hacks: 9 cheap and free DIY ways to get your kitchen in order

Home Hacks: 9 cheap and free DIY ways to get your kitchen in order

Y’all know I’m lazy. But I also love to live the beautiful life! That’s what the Lazy Girl’s Guide column is all about. Let’s start here. 

So, if you’re connected to me in any major social media network, you probably already know this–but for those who don’t already know me, I moved into (what I consider) my dream home back in May of last year, and I’ve been all about decorating and organizing and all of the fun that goes along with (finally!) having enough space for your stuff.

Since moving is also a costly endeavor, as is decorating and furnishing a new home, and since I’m a huge cheapskate anyway–I started looking for ways to make my life easier and more organized. 

And since I’m the type who loves to share information, I’ve rounded up some of the best cheap and free DIY ways to get your kitchen in order, right here. 

  1. Tissue boxes for plastic bags–add pretty duct tape to sturdy up the box and tack or stick inside of cabinet.
  2. Soda boxes for canned goods–again, duct tape to sturdy it up and cans are dispensed like soda cans. Would work best with multiple ones that contain the same kind of canned goods in each. Best for larger families.
  3. Wire racks inside cabinets to add storage–these can be small ones to sit over a stack of plates (to hold saucers, or bowls maybe), or they can be larger and used for holding cookie sheets, pots, pans or lids.
  4. Magazine racks to hold cookie sheets and foil or plastic wrap boxes–old mail racks or metal file holders from the office work just as well.
  5. Magnetic strips all over the place–I can’t believe I don’t have these already, honestly. But magnetic strips inside of your cabinets or even on the wall can hold all sorts of things. A few examples: knives, cooking utensils, spice jars and tins–anything metallic, really. If you don’t have a ton of cabinet or wall space, you could even stick these right on your fridge or dishwasher.
  6. Lazy susans–you can put them on the countertop to hold coffee or tea supplies (cream, sugar, etc.) or inside the cabinets to hold spices. The possibilities are endless. I’ve even seen people use lazy susans to hold canned goods.
  7. Stick on hooks–again, these are so cheap and so useful. I have them on the wall next to my stove to hold pot holders. There’s also one next to my sink which holds a passionately written list of “dishwasher rules,” penned on construction paper after a particularly frustrating attempt to put away the “clean” dishes one evening. If you’re low on cupboard space, you can use these to hold teacups or coffee mugs too. These are my favorites–here’s a coupon I found that can save you a bit of cash.
  8. Baskets on the wall–I found this awesome blog post about how to mount baskets on your wall for added storage space–and I’m all over it. I am thinking of doing this in my bathroom, really, but it could also work really well in the kitchen. I already have a ton of baskets and bins that’d work–so this could be a cheap (or maybe even free) way to go.
  9. Cereal box drawer dividers–Another online find, this is a tutorial on how to DIY drawer organizers from simple cereal boxes. I can’t resist a money-saver that also makes your life prettier.

How about you? What are the best cheap or free ways you know of to get your kitchen organized? Share your thoughts in the comments section, below, or join in the discussion on our Facebook page

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My Inner Geek on Why Walmart’s ‘Fat Girl Costumes’ Were (Probably) Google’s Fault

My Inner Geek on Why Walmart’s ‘Fat Girl Costumes’ Were (Probably) Google’s Fault

“I found there was only one way to look thin: hang out with fat people.” ~Rodney Dangerfield

You’ve probably heard about the whole “Walmart fat girl costumes” debacle by now, right?

If not, let me give you the skinny (pun totally intended). Basically, for a short time on Monday, there was a section in the Halloween department on Walmart.com that was labeled “fat girl costumes.” It looked a lot like this.



Of course, everyone and their brother totally wigged out, calling for the head of the one who dared to type such a thing into Walmart’s categories section.

“It’s not clear where the original description was penned by the budding Shakespeares behind Walmart’s website copy or someone else,” wrote Jezabel’s Anna Merlan. “Walmart’s costume section, in other words, is truly the hottest of messes. Let’s start taking bets on how long it’ll be until the Fat Girl section disappears and we’re subjected to a totally sincere apology from a retail giant who really really cares (about taking your money, in return for a shitty costume).”

“Halloween, brought to you by Walmart — the best time of year to make fun of any woman over a size 6,” quipped HuffPo’s Nina Badahur. “If you want some actually clever costume ideas, check out our list here.

While I definitely can’t tell you the name of a person who allowed that label to go public, I can tell you one thing: it is most likely  NOT because someone hates all women, fat women–or any women. I’d like to think that it has nothing to do with any kind of ISM–sexism, fatism, you know–isms– but rather, I’d like to believe that the cause is much more simple: plain old SEO–search engine optimization. 

How SEO Could Make Walmart Call You a “Fat Girl”

See, as an internet professional (aka geek), I know a thing or two about how search engines work. And when companies try to code in automatically generated search terms, they use algorithms that often pull from Google searches (and other search engines). And though it was obviously a mistake that it became an official category, isn’t it possible that the term “fat girl costumes” were searched so often when people ultimately ended up purchasing a plus-sized costume that it became a recognizable term for the search engines? 

And, I don’t know, it’s possible that Walmart’s site is so sophisticated that it could use the top-searched matched term as a label for its categories. Or is it? 

In any case, I’d like to believe that the Walmart web folks don’t hate our plus-sized sisters–rather, maybe they’re just SEO experts and/or crazy hackers who got carried away with their awesome technnology. 

To be fair, WalMart later released a statement that  reiterated that “this never should have been on our site. It is unacceptable, and we apologize. We are working to remove it as soon as possible and ensure this never happens again.”

What do you think? Should we be taking this whole “fat girl costumes” deal very seriously? 

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