Define Yourself: Thoughts on the ‘New’ Astrology Fiasco

Define Yourself: Thoughts on the ‘New’ Astrology Fiasco

So, this whole horoscope fiasco got me thinking about perceptions. I spent my whole life thinking I was a Pisces, and then BOOM! One day, some astronomer writes an article and my whole horoscopic identity is shattered…

Suddenly I might be an Aquarius?


Not even a water sign? What did this mean? Was I supposed to be someone else??

Dun, dun, dun.

Ok, horoscopes aren’t that serious. But many people, myself included, have read those traits associated with their astrological signs and thought, “oh yeah, that’s me alright.” (Then again, how many of us can’t find something that we identify with on every sign’s personality traits?)

And, like a lot of people, when I read about the whole new astrology thing, I looked up my “new” sign to see who the stars really thought I should be.

Then, astrologers stepped out and said none of it was true, based on the idea that Western astrology doesn’t have to do with placement of the stars on a specific date…or something. Anyway, at that point, I decided to stop reading my horoscope altogether. It was never something I based my life choices on anyway, and who has time to read and decipher two horoscopes, am I right?

Shortly after my astrological identity crisis (ha), I realized that none of that crap mattered anyway–the fact is, we define ourselves. We can choose to define ourselves with someone else’s dictionary, or we can write our own. And, I don’t know about you, but I would rather make my own choices, thank you very much.

So what do you think? Do you define yourself, or do you let someone else define you? Tell me in the comments!



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