11 DIY Kitchen Designing & Organizing Ideas Anyone Can Use

11 DIY Kitchen Designing & Organizing Ideas Anyone Can Use

DIY diva Jenna LaFevor has served up 11 amazing ideas for kitchen organizing – and y’all know how much I love easy, cheap and beautiful in one package.

Check it out – here’s my favorite tip this week – and of course, it’s related to my mistress, my dark lover – my coffee!

After the jump, you’ll find the link to Jenna’s full post, and I highly recommend that you click on through and read it – I got some really great tips myself.

I’m not a naturally organized person. So I do what I need to do to hack my life. 🙂

Here’s the coffee tip! Enjoy!

How to Create a Coffee Station

“Create a coffee station.My coffee station has only been around for the past few months, and let me tell you it has made my morning coffee ritual so much smoother.

You see, I tend to want my morning coffee faster than the Keurig can make it. I know that’s like the purest definition of impatience. I corralled my K-Cups, sugar and spoons all on a cheap little IKEA tray to get my coffee in my mug as soon as possible.

The only thing that isn’t there is the creamer in the fridge. Obviously, it’s not realistic to leave the creamer sitting out overnight uncovered, so I use that pitcher for my spoons. The little Cafe Du Monde sign is a nice reminder of my favorite city in the world.”

So, I don’t use K-cups (I’m a purist who insists on fresh ground coffee from a burr mill grinder brewed in a good old fashioned Bunn, but we’ve all got our thang, right?) Anyhoo, I think a coffee station is just about necessary for all of us.

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See the rest of Jenna LaFevor’s tips website: click here

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