One Surprising Way to Deal With Gaslighting (With Kim Saeed)

One Surprising Way to Deal With Gaslighting (With Kim Saeed)

Here is a simple and easy way to deal with gaslighting that you might not have thought of before.

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One surprisingly easy way to deal with gaslighting? Start a journal. Yes! Just put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and let it all out. If a problem is plaguing you, sometimes just getting it out of your head and on paper is enough to allow you to understand it and move forward. If the problem you have is with another person, you can even write that person a letter expressing yourself–even if you never mail it, the therapeutic benefits are tremendous. For me, journaling and letter writing have long been my go-to tool for getting inside my head and figuring out how to handle the world effectively. I call it free therapy.

How Toxic Families Affect the People We Become

How Toxic Families Affect the People We Become

How does narcissistic abuse in childhood affect you when you grow up?

How does a narcissistic parent affect their kids? What effects do adult children of narcissists suffer?

What are the effects of codependency in childhood and of narcissistic parents (with NPD or even just narcissistic tendencies)? Many children of narcissists spend their whole lives thinking “I wasn’t good enough,” and wondering if their mothers/fathers/other caregivers could and would always be better than they.

The faces of parental narcissism have a number of effects on the children – and as they become adult children of narcissists (ACON), their personalities are formed around this sort of misunderstanding of themselves as seen through the eyes of the narcissistic parent.

If you have (or know) a child who has a narcissistic parent or grandparent, you may be asking yourself how you can help them cope and what you can do to avoid the negative effects of being the child of a narcissist.

Whether you’re dealing with a covert narcissist mother or an “out there” narcissist father or grandparent, you are or were dealing with gaslighting and manipulation, to say the very least. In this video, I’ll explain the effects on the children in various stages and also how you can help them combat it.

Are you the adult child of a narcissistic mother?

Have you been affected by narcissistic abuse in your childhood and now you’re struggling? Are your narcissistic parents still messing with your life? Are you considering going no contact with your narcissistic mother or father? There is help and support available for you.

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Video Playlist on Narcissistic Mothers


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‘Krazy-Glue Lady’ – The True Story of Why She Did This

‘Krazy-Glue Lady’ – The True Story of Why She Did This


Survivor Redemption: The Real Story – Scorned Women Who Used Krazy Glue on a Cheater’s Manhood – Do you recall hearing about the women who super-glued a man’s member to his stomach back in 2009? The media destroyed the women, especially the one who actually used the glue. It turns out that this woman was a victim of narcissistic abuse, and this man was just one in a long line of abusers in her life. If you’re considering Infidelity, think again! The story made national news and international news. THIS is the true story – and you might be shocked to learn exactly what the true crime was in this situation. And who the true predator was. In this video, I’m sharing the REAL story behind this one:… And you’ll meet Therese herself – and finally, learn the truth.

7 Dirty Gaslighting Tricks Narcissists Pull to Control You

7 Dirty Gaslighting Tricks Narcissists Pull to Control You

If you’ve ever been involved with a narcissist, whether it was your husband or your mother or your co-worker, there’s one thing that they all have in common: the gaslighting attacks. Gaslighting, of course, is how toxic narcissists control and manipulate the people around them and make them do as they want and need – to behave like a good little narcissistic supply.

Narcissists need you to feel dependent and crazy – like you’re not capable of making even the simplest decisions. In this video, I’ll explain 7 specific, under-handed gaslighting techniques that narcissists use to control and manipulate you – whether it’s at work, at home or in other social situations.

What is Gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a pervasive and highly effective tactic that narcissists use to manipulate you into questioning their own sanity. There are many different forms of gaslighting.

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Narcissistic Abuse in Relationships: 10 Commonly Missed Signs of Gaslighting

Narcissistic Abuse in Relationships: 10 Commonly Missed Signs of Gaslighting

So, you’ve figured out that you’re involved in a toxic relationship with a narcissist. And you want to know exactly what you need to look for when it comes to being relentlessly mentally and emotionally tortured by the narcissist – you need to know the signs of gaslighting.

Why should you educate yourself on the signs of narcissistic manipulation?

You want to know because knowledge and understanding are the first step to changing your situation into something better. Once you know the signs of gaslighting, you can work toward putting an end to the behavior before it gets out of hand – or even toward going no contact (NC) with your narcissist if necessary.

You can read all about the top warning 10 signs of gaslighting, in detail right here, or you can right-click and download this free and easy-to-use chart of the top 10 warning signs.

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Top 10 Signs You Are Being Gaslighted

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