Hot Read – The Astronaut: : A Genie In Space by Alvin Slater

Hot Read – The Astronaut: : A Genie In Space by Alvin Slater

Before you start reading this one, let me just put it out there – you’re not going to want to pick it up unless you like a fun, sexy, fantasy, sci-fi erotica mashup kinda thing. 

Yes, I’m serious. And yes, Alvin Slater delivers. He really pushed himself outside the box on this one – not that you could ever accuse this guy of being INSIDE the box!

Don’t believe me? Wait until you read this one! (Oh! And it’s free for Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members, just FYI.)

The Astronaut by Alvin Slater

About the Book

Astronaut Tony Felson was on the Space Station and he just might have been going crazy. He thought his friend and mission partner was dead and the planners had failed to let him bring a woman up with him as he had suggested.

Everything he thought he knew about science and fantasy exploded and combined when Jeannie Starr appeared in front of him. She was the dream woman who was real.

Sensual surprises and sexual delights kept drawing their orbits closer and closer together and the master and the servant became a couple joined in time and place and space.

Their surprises and discoveries shook the space station and each other, and Earth was where they cast their eyes and their speeding surprises toward next.

In space no one could hear someone scream.

And they were just getting started. Mission control wasn’t just an idea, it was an adventure. Their wishes were someone else’s commands.

Look out world.

Jeannie Starr was coming. And Tony Felson was calling the shots in space. The real world and personal worlds were about to collide.

About the Author

Alvin Slater writes novels and sexual erotica with real plots that put drama, action, mystery and human foibles directly into his characters, who surprise even the author when they say and do what they do. 

He’s proud of his fast-thinking ladies, and they are highly sexual females who live to surprise They will seem to be alive to his readers, and his females surely know how to live it up. His creations are meant to provide drama and heart amid their human trials by fire, and if the readers care about the characters – laugh, cry and feel the tensions amid their stimulating events and tribulations – he will be pleased. 

And like many of his creations, he is hard to please, expects a lot and hopes he provides it to his readers. 

Read This: Think 50 Shades in Reverse!

Read This: Think 50 Shades in Reverse!

We’ve all heard of “50 Shades of Grey.”


51R-eBS0qfL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Quite a few of us have seen “Secretary” with James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Some might have gone so far as to read Marquis de Sade. Store bookshelves are overflowing with “50 Shades”-inspired romance novels. But where are all the stories of dominant women and submissive men?

Female top/male sub relationships are often overlooked in our patriarchal culture and they have yet to get their own Hollywood blockbuster – yet they exist.


There are FemDom clubs in every major city, dungeons hidden beneath the white picket fences, female-led BDSM support groups and rope classes for women wishing to learn how to tie their significant others, and much, much more.

This book is a first-ever glimpse into that world. It’s a collection of FetLife blogs written by Gabriel Spiegel (codename WebWanderer), a Russian immigrant who loves making worthy women happy through his submission and whose quest to find The One has taken him across the United States. Read about his triumphs and hilarious misadventures; thoughts on the nature of kink and being a single guy in the BDSM scene; his reflections and dreams; his kinky haiku and, yes, even an occasional sonnet.

“Submissive’s missives” is highly recommended to everyone curious about BDSM in general and dominant women/submissive men in particular.

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