Fit Mission: Play the Food-Tracking Game

Fit Mission: Play the Food-Tracking Game

diet journalToday’s Fit Mission is inspired by one of my dear Fit & Fabulous Girls, Dawnie, who shared that she has been struggling on the weekends with staying on track. She generally just tries to eat healthy on weekends, but gives herself a break from tracking.

“During the week I rock it,” Dawnie said. “I pre-plan and pre-cook all my meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks I pack my little pink lunch bag EVERY day and I eat all my meals out of it.”

But she said that on the weekends, things are different. Even though her husband has always been very supportive of her weight loss efforts, the two of them struggle to avoid over-doing it on the weekends.

“(My husband) has watched me struggle on the weekends and while he will try to support me, let’s face it, he and I are both foodies and feed off each other,” she said. “So if I say ‘let’s order Greek food‘ he is like, “yeah!” she said.  “He suggested I (start tracking) on the weekend too.”

Your Fit Mission: Make a Game of It

Your fit mission today is to join my girl Dawnie in her re-commitment to tracking her food.

Let’s play the food-tracking game! It goes like this.

  • Track every morsel and calorie-laden drop you put into your mouth.
  • Be sure to drink enough water, but don’t get crazy about tracking water intake unless you’re not getting enough. (If tracking makes you happy, though, by all means, track away!)
  • Whether you track with Sparkpeople, Weight Watchers points or even just scratching it down in a pocket-sized notebook or on a notepad app your phone, keep a record of the food you eat.

And that’s it! Super easy, right? And it’s about to get even better.

For now, don’t stress about how much you’re eating or drinking. Just get into the habit of keeping a record of everything you eat. (My bet is that the simple act of writing it down will change your life–but if not, you can always choose a daily intake goal. We’ll get to that soon.)

Find out how playing the food-tracking game helped me lose 100 pounds.

It doesn’t have to (totally) suck. Make a game of it! You might be surprised to find out how much (or how little) you’re really eating.

What do you think about the food-tracking game? Are you a player? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section, below.

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