Bliss Mission: Be Unstoppable

Bliss Mission: Be Unstoppable

Today’s Affirmations

Read the following affirmations to yourself. If you find any that especially resonate with you, write them down in your journal or any notebook. If they all feel right, go ahead and print out this post and save it!

I am unstoppable. Each hurdle I pass makes me stronger.

I take every challenge as a learning experience that can help me find my way through the next time it comes around.

I embrace each negative situation as an opportunity to sail right through if it ever raises its ugly head again.

I admit to feeling frustrated when the same difficulty keeps coming my way. I sometimes feel like throwing my hands up and calling it quits when it seems that certain obstacles are here to stay.

But before I give in to the urge to give up, I stop and consider the fact that I made it past the hurdle the last time. That success gives me the strength I need now. It gives me the experience and strategic thinking to know how to conquer it the second, third or fourth time around.

My resolve to conquer and move on is incomparable!

I know that each time I conquer makes the next time that much easier. I come out of every battle with the bruises of experience and the armor of confidence that guarantee I can come out a victor the next time around.

Today, I embrace the hurdles that come my way as I aim for my goals.

I recognize that achieving a goal by overcoming difficulties is more fulfilling than attaining one with a lack of challenges. I feel confident that I have the inner strength to persevere and hit my targets, regardless of the distractions in life.

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Ask Yourself:

  1. Have the hurdles in my life made me more appreciative of what I have accomplished?
  2. How do I empower my peers to persevere?
  3. Am I confident that I can overcome any negative occurrence?
Affirmations & Reflections: The Quest for Excellence

Affirmations & Reflections: The Quest for Excellence

My quest for excellence allows me to give my best.

I am the first to acknowledge the importance of aiming for excellence in everything I do.

I am naturally inclined to give my best in every situation, so excellence is always my goal.

When I am at work, exhaustion and frustration can set in easily. At these times, it would be understandable if I did less than optimum work. But instead, I choose to push through with my best efforts. That is when I achieve excellence.

I know that I can always give one more effort. Each time I push myself, I find myself reaching further ahead than before.

I am amazed by what I can do and how far I can go in my quest for excellence. I believe I have every ounce of drive and zeal within me required to reach my goal.

Today, I commit to living up to my potential by giving my best in any situation. I believe in whole-hearted efforts.

With excellence, the parameters of any goal can be met. So regardless of what needs to be accomplished, to me, excellence is the real goal and that is what I know I can achieve.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What rewards have I received from putting put forth my best efforts?
2. Have I ever chosen not to give my best effort? Why? What was the result?
3. How can a quest for excellence help me reach any goal?

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