The nutritional value of milkshakes

The nutritional value of milkshakes

1143365_pills_1Eating food of high nutritional value is pretty important as it supplies the body with the fuel or energy needed to work effectively and efficiently. The nutrition nourishes the body while at the same time ensuring that you are not prone to attacks by some health disorders. For this reason, it is essential that you are conscious about the food you consume and ingest.

Always try as much as you can to stick only to food that will help you stay fit. And when it comes to a drink that you can trust your health onto, milkshake should rank at number one. Unfortunately, most people do not realize the nutritional value provided by milkshakes and these are some of the mostly overlooked types of foods.

In most cases, people simply see the milkshake just as food that will keep you feeling refreshed and will thus only think about it during hot summers. However, after drinking milkshakes, you will realize that your body becomes sated almost immediately even when you don’t eat them with anything else. The reason for this is that the milkshake is able to provide the body with its daily nutritional requirements for certain food groups such as proteins, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates.

Proteins in milkshakes

The main ingredient in the milkshake is obviously milk, which makes the drink very nutritious. If you are not sure about the nutritional value of milk, just ask yourself why a newborn baby is able to survive and develop healthily while drinking milk only. Additionally, regardless of how old or young you might be, expert nutritionists always recommend that you take a glass of milk on a daily basis as it aids in the development of the bones. Milk is also highly recommended for body builders as it contains proteins needed for block building. And lastly, the fat in the milkshake will help your body generate heat during cold weather.

Carbohydrate source

Besides milk, another key ingredient in the making of the milkshake is sugar that not only provides the body with energy but also promotes the good functioning of the brain. Milkshakes can also be prepared from fruits, which are a great source of dietary fiber, which aids in digestion, and vitamins. Most fruits such as mangoes and strawberries are known to be good sources of vitamin C that assists the body in combating diseases and boosts the immune system.

Source of fiber

The milkshake will also provide you with fiber, which is a vital nutrient that aids the digestive, cardiovascular and excretory systems. Most of the fibers found in milkshakes can also be obtained from most vegetables and fruits. Fiber is well known to help in digestion and helps in flushing out toxins from the body as well as unwanted fats which might clog the digestive tracts. With less fat, the body is assured of a smooth, healthier blood flow which makes the heart more stable and stronger.

For such reasons, you have a lot to get from a milkshake nutritionally, and it is more than just a simple refreshing drink.

The nutritional value of milkshakes

Are you truly nourishing yourself?

 By Amy Lippman, Certified Holistic Health Counselor

Are you nourishing yourself?When you think about feeding yourself, you likely think about breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Of course these meals are important, but I actually believe that what is equally important is how you feed or nourish yourself with things other than food.

In our society, we look to food to fill many needs such as entertainment, companionship, relaxation, and celebration. Do you find that you grab a bag of chips to entertain you at night? Do you use chocolate to help you relax? How about ordering a pizza and a pint of ice cream for some companionship?

Trust me, you’re not alone. This is a major area in which my clients come to me for support. Working on this often involves changing habits we’ve had for most of our life, so it’s not always an easy thing to do.

I also struggle with this at times. A few weeks ago I was looking for a way to celebrate my accomplishments. I kept thinking about going out to dinner or getting a treat like ice cream.

Then I realized I would be sabotaging my health if I always used food to celebrate my success. I turned my mind to some non-food things such as buying fresh flowers, taking a bath, or getting a massage.

The benefits of choosing these things is that they truly nourish me, they are guilt-free, and the positive effects last longer than an ice cream cone.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe there’s always a time and place for pizza and chocolate. That being said, I have found that food becomes less important when we nourish ourselves with things other than food. Not only that, but we become happier and more fulfilled with life.

What can you do to start nourishing yourself with things other than food? I recommend making a list of things that are fun and relaxing for you. Include things that only take 15 minutes as well as things that take a couple of hours.

Include activities that you do alone or with others. They can be free or cost money. I find it helps to have variety in your list.

Once you have your list, add in one fun and relaxing activity each day. I find it helps to schedule things on my calendar in advance, so I don’t forget. Try committing to this for one week and see how it feels. Your first step towards reaching your goals is to get support.

Amy Lippmann, H.H.C., AADP
Certified Holistic Health Counselor
Coaching for Whole Body Wellness
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Amy Lippmann, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, is founder of the Whole Body Wellness System™, the proven step-by-step program achieve your health goals and feel more confident in your body. To receive your freebie audio and sign up for her bi-weekly recipes and articles, visit


Amy Lippmann is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor with a private health and lifestyle coaching practice. She works with women who are tired of continuously feeling bad about their health and struggle with feeling good in their body, energy level, cravings, and would like to figure out how to be healthy and take good care of themselves. What makes her services unique is that she not only provides guidance, but also a level of support her clients have never had before. And because of this, Amy’s clients make lasting lifestyle changes, get peace and freedom around food so they can stop beating themselves up, and they enjoy life more.


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