Are you healing? 7 Ways to Know for Sure (With Richard Grannon)

Are you healing? 7 Ways to Know for Sure (With Richard Grannon)

How do you know when you’re healed after narcissistic abuse? In this video, Richard Grannon and I discuss exactly how you can tell if you’re healed after a toxic relationship with a narcissist or someone with NPD/narcissistic personality disorder.

With Richard Grannon (AKA Spartan Life Coach) and certified life coach Angie Atkinson.

Avoid Getting Involved With Another Narcissist: Narc-Proof Your Love Life NOW!

Avoid Getting Involved With Another Narcissist: Narc-Proof Your Love Life NOW!

Are you ready to narc-proof your life? Are you tired of dealing with narcissists? If so, watch this video – I’ll teach you exactly how to avoid getting involved with narcissists in the future.

So, you found yourself involved with a narcissist, and you’re working on healing. Awesome news! When you finally break free of a narcissistic relationship, you probably feel amazing! But you want to avoid getting involved with another narcissist – and that is exactly what I am covering in this video – how do you avoid getting involved with another narcissist in a toxic relationship?

How to Embrace the Single Life After a Toxic Relationship

How to Embrace the Single Life After a Toxic Relationship

You were in a toxic relationship with a narcissist and maybe you thought it would last the rest of your life, but now you’re not. You might be sad, angry, or even relieved that it’s over. Now, you have the rest of your life to look forward to.

There are plenty of things you can do when you’re single that are harder, or even impossible, to do when you’re in a relationship.

Take advantage of your new, single status:

1. This is a great time to spend some time with yourself. You can’t know yourself until you spend a fair amount of time alone with yourself. Relationships require a lot time and take up a lot of mental space.

2. Appreciate the new-found freedom. Relationships restrict your freedom in many ways, and not just socially. You don’t always get to choose what you’re going to watch on TV or what you’re having for dinner. Weekend and holiday plans also have to include the wishes of your partner.

○ You can have everything your way for a change. Take advantage of your single status by making all of the decisions without having to consult with anyone else.

○ Make a list of everything you want to do now that you’re single. Create a list that will get you excited, then vow to start doing a few of them. See if you can do everything on your list.

3. Pick up a hobby you’ve always wanted to try. You have more free time now. Find an enjoyable way to spend it. Now is the perfect time to try something you’ve been thinking about for years. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to prune bonsai trees or to play the violin. Now is your time.

4. Reconnect with your friends. We often lose track of friends and family while we’re in a relationship. Pick up the phone and let everyone know you’re available to socialize. Take the initiative by inviting a friend out to lunch and catch up. They’ll be glad to hear from you, and you’ll enjoy the company.

5. Let go of the past. It takes time to get over a failed relationship, but there’s no reason to drag it out longer than necessary. Look forward to the future and leave the past in the past.

6. Take your time before dating again. There’s no rush. Enjoy the benefits of being single before jumping into another relationship. You’re the only one that will know when the time is right.

7. Spend time doing things your partner hated. This might mean going to the local high school football game or watching a foreign film at the little theater on the other side of town. You can do all of the things you avoided doing because your partner couldn’t stand them.

8. Volunteer. It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself after a breakup. One way to help yourself move on is to work with those less fortunate than you. Look around for a cause that stirs your heart and get involved.

Remember that you’re a complete person, even if you don’t have a partner at the moment. Being single doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There’s so much you can do now that you couldn’t before. You can spend more time with your friends and family without feeling guilty. You have more free time and more control over how you spend it.

Take advantage of being single. Have fun and find yourself again. Another relationship will come along when you’re ready.

Don’t Let the Narcissist Suck You Back In This Holiday Season!

Don’t Let the Narcissist Suck You Back In This Holiday Season!

Did you know that the holidays make narcissists more likely than ever to try to suck you back into the relationship? It’s true! In this video, I’ll explain exactly why Thanksgiving and other holidays incite a narcissist to try to hoover you back in, and I’ll fill you in on exactly what you can do to avoid it.

It’s always hard to deal with a narcissist, whether you’re still in the toxic relationship or you’ve recently left it. But due to the narc’s behaviors and patterns, there are times when we find ourselves feeling weak, almost powerless to resist their charms – even when we KNOW BETTER.

The “hoovering” technique was named after the famous vacuum cleaner company, and it’s one of many common manipulation tactics employed by abusive, toxic narcissists.

This is when a narcissist sort of “sucks” his victim back into the relationship, or some version of it. It often begins innocently enough, sort of subtly, but it always happens with one target – to regain control.

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