Change Your Life: ItWorks! CEO Mark Pentecost on ‘Re-Dreaming’

Change Your Life: ItWorks! CEO Mark Pentecost on ‘Re-Dreaming’

Watch as It Works! CEO Mark Pentecost ends FREEDOM 2014 with a BOOM and inspires you to make your resolution a reality in 2014!

Ready to change your life with It Works!? Get skinny the healthy way with the one-of-a-kind It Works! products, including the It Works! Wrap, the body wrap that gives you results in as little as 45 minutes!

Are you ready to re-dream again? Hear firsthand how the It Works! Opportunity is helping people just like you to reimagine their goals and re-dream their lives!

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Help Us Help You: Get Your It Works! From Project Blissful

Help Us Help You: Get Your It Works! From Project Blissful

ItWorks From ProjectBlissfulWhy I Love It Works Products

I’ve never been one to jump on a bandwagon, especially one that sounds scammy or too good to be true.

So when my friend and stylist, Lisa, first told me about It Works! products, I refused to try them. I mean, seriously…a wrap…that causes you to lose inches in minutes? She had to be kidding.

Still, Lisa talked to me about the products several times over the next few months, mostly just telling me how much she personally loved them.

But I was all, “Whatever!”

She told me that the It Works! body wraps would literally take off inches in 45 minutes. I told her that was too good to be true.

She told me that the Greens helped her feel energized and healthy. I told her I didn’t like to drink weird stuff that probably tasted terrible.

She told me her skin looked 5 years younger (at least) after her first facial wrap–and she even told me how I could get the products for almost half off.

I told her I wasn’t interested.

But one day, when I was at the salon for a particularly time-intensive series of services, she finally convinced me to try it.

“Just one wrap,” she said. “If you don’t love it, I promise, I’ll never ask you again.”

(Did I LOVE IT? Find out, right here…)

ItWorks Price List

Save Big When You Become a “Loyal Customer”

Take ItWorks to the Next Level: Become a Distributor!

Get a feel for the company and hear some testimonials from people who got wrapped at this party!

Help Us Help You: Get Your It Works! From Project Blissful

Gallery: Body Wrap Before and After Example Photos

As I may have mentioned a time or two, I am absolutely in love with ItWorks products. Not only did they help me lose 100 pounds (and counting) but they make me look and feel amazing in other ways.

Learn more or get your ItWorks body wraps and other supplies right here.

Still, I was a huge skeptic before I personally tried them. And since I didn’t get a chance to see body wrap before and after photos myself before I tried them, it seemed like a sensible idea to share some here.

Body Wrap Before and After Photos

Today, I’m showing you some examples of body wraps and how they work. Some are of me and some are of other ladies I know. Enjoy!

Have you tried ItWorks Body Wraps or other products before? Do you love them as much as I do? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section, below!

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