LIMITED TIME BOGO Offer: All-Natural Bee-Pollen Weight Loss Supplements at MTM BODY

LIMITED TIME BOGO Offer: All-Natural Bee-Pollen Weight Loss Supplements at MTM BODY


VERY LIMITED TIME BOGO Sale: Buy One, Get One 1/2 Off Through Friday Only at

Big News: It’s a very special week at MTM Body, and we’re doing our first-ever BOGO sale! This is so exciting because until we launched our very own line of supplements, we weren’t even ALLOWED to offer such deep discounts. I realize I’ll be taking a little hit here, but it’s TOTALLY worth it to me.

Why? Because I really believe in my products and I know that you will fall in love with them when you try them–and you’ll do it fast, because not only do my specially formulated, all-natural weight loss supplements work effectively to help you get and stay slimmer, but they also help you feel more energized (but without the tell-tale jittery feeling many supplements cause) and cleanse your body at the same time.

That’s why, this week, I’m doing something completely unprecedented in the weight loss industry–I’m offering you a discount that will actually cost me money. When you buy one bottle at regular price, I’ll give you 50 percent off another one of your choice.

You can mix and match the bottles as you wish. Here are your coupon codes.

  • Use BOGO2 at checkout when you buy two bottles.
  • Use BOGOFOUR at checkout when you buy four bottles.
  • Use BOGO6 at checkout when you buy six bottles.
My BFF Body Shift Weight Loss Supplement: An Honest Review From a Real Person

My BFF Body Shift Weight Loss Supplement: An Honest Review From a Real Person

My My BFF Body Shift Review

how to lose with my bff Jamie Paretti, the owner of MTM Body, sent me some of the My BFF Body Shift to try–and after I heard about the success stories she’s seen, I couldn’t wait.

This stuff supposedly helps you lose weight fast–and who doesn’t want that? Although I’m down more than 100 pounds since launching my Project Blissful, I still need to lose around 30 to get to my final goal.

So, yeah–I was excited to give it a shot, and I felt like sharing my experiences would help my readers out–so here we are. I’d also like to express my gratitude to Jamie for introducing me to this stuff, because it has certainly already had some really positive effects.

Well, I’m ten days in. So here we go: an honest review from a real person of My BFF Body Shift from MTM Body.

The first day, I took two pills right before breakfast. After a couple of hours, I noticed I felt really hot and my stomach felt a little like it was “working” on something (ok-honesty–it was working on a big poop–HA!).

At first I wondered if I was getting sick, but it passed and I felt fine, only to have a similar hot feeling a few more times throughout the day.

Side Note–I later found out that is a pretty normal reaction to the pills–at least at first. See, part of how these My BFF Body Shift things work is through a process called thermogenesis–which is defined by’s Medical Dictionary as “the production of heat, especially within the animal body.”

Additionally, the following Medical Dictionary-provided definitions apply:

  • diet-induced thermogenesis–a portion of dietary calories in excess of those required for immediate energy requirements are converted to heat rather than stored as fat. Some types of obesity may be related to a defect in this mechanism.
  • nonshivering thermogenesis–increased heat production due to enhancement of normal calorigenic metabolic processes.

 My BFF Review: Can Bee Pollen Really Help You Lose Weight?

I think, based on my research, that a lot of the weight loss effects are related to the bee pollen in the My BFF Body Shift supplements–which I understand can stimulate the metabolic processes, speeding up calorie burn.

It also has lecithin in it, which I’ve read helps dissolve and flush fat from the body–so it can aid in detoxifying your body. (Probably why it makes you poop more!)

Bee pollen is also supposed to help your skin look better/younger, according to reports from Dr. Lars-Erik Essen, a dermatologist in Sweden, who treated many of his patients successfully for skin conditions, including acne and wrinkles with it.

The high concentration of B vitamins could also help you live longer, according to some researchers. Bee pollen reportedly causes side-effects like enhanced energy, stamina and endurance–and it has been touted as an aphrodisiac and fertility aid, among a long list of other physical benefits.

Other ingredients of My BFF Body Shift include the following, according to the MTM Body website: Sickelsenna Seed, Cassia, Seville Orange Flower, Chinese Yam, Aloe, Green Tea, Lotus Leaf, Hawthorn, Honeysuckle, Polyphenols, Dietary Fiber

(By the way–this probably goes without saying, but if you’re allergic to bees or honey, you probably need to stay away from anything with bee pollen in it.)

Does My BFF Body Shift Really Work Like the Manufacturer Claims?

For me, so far, it’s working pretty much as I’m hearing it’s supposed to. On the tenth day in, I’ve lost a couple of pounds (despite it being the week of the month where I usually gain a couple of PMS-induced pounds) and I feel great. But the pounds lost are less important to me than the fact that I FEEL better.

My BFF Body Shift Review: The Pros

Appetite Under Control–Even in the Face of PMS Week

My appetite has been under control for a long time (you have to get control in order to lose 100 pounds, you know!), but during this PMS week, I usually allow myself two to three days of a few indulgences (not excessive!) and it is usually fine. But this week, I’ve been just fine. Sure, the cravings for protein and chocolate are there–and sure, I’m treating myself as always. But now, I’m just finding that a few bites are doing me just fine–whereas before, I’d eat the burger or low-fat concrete with a smile on my face. It’s a good thing!

Digestive System Running More Smoothly

I am one of these people who can literally start feeling the stomach bloat within the first few bites of anything containing onions, peppers, beans and a whole bunch of other various yummy foods, so this one is BIG for me. I typically take a fiber supplement to keep everything on the regular (usually the Walgreen’s version of the fiber/calcium combo supplements), but since I started taking the Body Shift, it hasn’t been necessary.

And the usual gas and bloating (because, let’s be honest, I’m not giving up awesome veggies/fruits, etc. just because of a little bloat) is significantly reduced too–thankfully, since I was seriously considering buying stock in Gas X for a minute.

So within the first probably 48 hours I was FEELING slimmer–and I attribute that in part to this whole digestive regularity aspect of the supplement.

Skin Feels Brighter, Tighter

Ok, I’m gonna be honest–this could TOTALLY be my imagination–and I’m not qualified in any way except that I look at my own face pretty often–but I feel like my skin looks better. Seems like it’s a little brighter and a little tighter on my face–and even other areas are tightening up pretty nicely.

Like I said–this could be just something I am seeing because I want to see it–but from my perspective, it could be related to the claims about skin improvement and anti-aging properties of bee pollen.

Size Six–First Time in 17 Years

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That’s right. I have been holding steady at a size eight for months. Maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe not–but the other day, I bought a size six jeans and they fit just fine. First time since before I got pregnant with my oldest child. I’ll take it. 🙂

My BFF Body Shift Review: The Cons

Cotton Mouth–You won’t forget to drink your water when you take Body Shift–your mouth gets really dry on this stuff. But, to be fair, when I do drink enough water, I don’t have this problem. So maybe this one ought to be on the pro list, sorta.

Punished by Poop–I notice when I eat things that are higher in fat, I poop more. I guess this is related to the claims that this stuff gets rid of extra calories for you. It’s not debilitating–just sort of makes you think before you eat–which I guess is also not that bad. But it can feel a little annoying!

Super Sweats–You will sweat when you take this stuff–in short bursts. I call them hot flashes, but as someone who hasn’t yet experienced menopause, my friend Lori (who is in the midst of it) tells me that I haven’t experienced anything. Now that I understand WHY they happen, I’m not so frustrated about it. But when you workout or exercise heavily, you might find yourself sweating a little harder than usual.

Tummy Trouble–For the first few days, I intermittently experienced a little bit of an upset stomach, but this has since resolved itself.

So that’s that. I’ve also been doing some research on how to take the My BFF Body Shift in order to get the best and most potent possible effects, so stay tuned for a post detailing my findings very soon. I’ll also return with more updates on my progress as I continue testing these things out.

If you’d like to try them in the meantime, you can get $10 off with the coupon below, or leave a comment if you’d like a sample pack and I’ll send your request on to Jamie at MTM Body. MTM BOdy coupon

Have you tried any of the My BFF weight loss products? What did you think? Would you recommend them to a friend? Share your thoughts in the comments section, below.



LIMITED TIME BOGO Offer: All-Natural Bee-Pollen Weight Loss Supplements at MTM BODY

Confessions of a Fitness Guru: ‘I secretly eat chocolate chip cookies in the middle of the night’

jamie“The main thing in life is not to be afraid of being human.” ~Aaron Carter

We’re all human, and even those of us that society deems ‘untouchable’ are often publicly humiliated when they make a simple mistake or exhibit poor judgment. But the truth is that we should not attack celebrities or experts for screwing up–unless, that is, they prove to be something other than human.

That point was made crystal clear earlier today when my partner in the Project Blissful & MTM Body 8-Week Dare to Bare Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge, Jamie, had a discussion about a post she shared in our private challenge support group on Facebook.

See that lady? The very fit and attractive one there on the right? This is Jamie. She’s a fitness instructor and the founder of a small business dedicated to fitness and health. And Jamie has a confession to make.

Confessions of a Fitness Guru: I am a closet eater!

“I am a closet eater and I am a repeat offender,” Jamie says. “I wake up every night between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. and argue with myself, ‘Don’t get out of bed…it’s not worth it. You will regret it in the morning!”

Jamie adds that she has to physically walk down the stairs to her kitchen to get her late-night snack fix.

“I usually want cookies,” she says. “Chocolate chip cookies. Chips Ahoy! And I need two for in the kitchen…and then I quickly grab three or four more for the journey back to my room.”

She says that, for her, eating those cookies or whatever snack she finds is a form of trying to regain control with past and present issues.

“I stopped once for one year when I was 23 yers old,” Jamie says. “Then, at 24 a traumatic event triggered the behavior. So, I’m back at it for 16 years now! I’m going to stop this time!”

She tells me she will keep me posted on her progress, then adds that she finds that Bella Vi supplements can help keep the cravings at bay.

“My favorite is Insane Amp’d,  but B-Trim is amazing too,” she says. “It takes away cravings… both do actually. It’s a personal preference.”

But after that, she says, it’s pure will.

“I need to find another way to express my need for things I cannot control,” Jamie says. “This is probably why I love to exercise so much!”

WWAD: What Angie (that’s me) Would Do

Though I still have a bit to go, I’ve lost more than 100 pounds and have learned a thing or two about how to keep those cravings at bay. I first told Jamie that I’d get rid of the cookies. For me, keeping “tempting” foods in the house didn’t work when I struggled with motivation and staying on track–it was much easier to just not buy them.

And since  I don’t believe in deprivation, if I wanted to eat something that wasn’t on my regular plan,  I could totally do it! But I’d have to go out and purchase an individual serving (if possible) of the item before I could actually eat it. It made a big difference and probably saved me thousands of calories in those early days.

Five Tips to Avoid Midnight Munching

Drink it away: When you wake up starving, try drinking a full glass of water instead. Often we mistake thirst for hunger–especially when we’re tired. Or put a glass of water by the bed and skip the kitchen altogether. Any intentional change in behavior can change the outcome and ultimately the habit.

Wait 20 minutes: When I get those late night munchies, I make myself wait 20 minutes before I eat anything. Nine times out of 10, I’m over it at the end of 20 minutes. If not, I’ll have a snack and not feel guilty about it (this goes back to that no deprivation thing). But if I’m not hungry after that amount of time, I just saved myself from unnecessary calories. And that’s the case 99 percent of the time.

Distract yourself: Get up, go to the bathroom and wash your face and brush your teeth. Then get a drink of water and get your butt back in bed! Stay away from the kitchen.

If you must eat crap, eat healthier crap: If you’re going to snack in the middle of the night, make it something healthy. Carrot sticks, cucumber slices–even a little yogurt–anything healthy that won’t mess with your sleep or digestion too much.

Get support: Find a weight loss buddy or a friend who deals with similar issues and prepare her for your 2 a.m. call. Otherwise, start a blog. Or a Twitter or Tumblr account–and just blog it out. (That blogging it out thing? It totally works for staying on track!)

Do you deal with “midnight munchies” on a regular basis? How do you handle it? Do you feel that it’s related to an emotional issue, or do you just like to eat? Share your thoughts in the comments section, below.


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