Brains and Beauty: 20 Smart Women With Sex Appeal

Brains and Beauty: 20 Smart Women With Sex Appeal

“Girls with the beauty-and-brains thing going on are the most intimidating girls in the world.” ― Susane Colasanti, When It Happens

It’s Beautiful Women Week at Project Blissful and MTM Body! As we continue celebrating beautiful women this week, we’re focusing on women who have both brains and beauty. Here’s our list of twenty of the smartest, most beautiful women in the headlines these days.

Smart is Sexy: 20 Women With Brains and Beauty

English: Natalie Portman at the premiere of Bl...

Actress and Harvard grad Natalie Portman is the embodiment of brains and beauty. Fluent in six languages, including English, Hebrew, French, Arabic, Japanese and German, the award-winning actress also did her grad studies at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Image representing Deborah Berebichez as depic...

Physicist and risk analyst Debbie Berebichez, the first Mexican woman to complete a Ph.D in physics at Stanford, is best-known for developing Dr. Berebichez says she started her “Everyday Life” project because she wanted “to ignite the passion in many women to identify and pursue careers in science, technology and other topics in which women are not well represented.”

Claire Daines at MuchMusic, for the program Mu...

Former My So-Called Life star Claire Danes became a Hollywood actress who starred in such blockbusters as Romeo and Juliet, Temple Grandin and Stardust. She also attended Dalton School in New York and Lycee Francais des Los Angeles, later studying psychology at Yale.
Former Houston Texans cheerleader and current Miss Texas United States Summer Williams is also a rocket scientist. The aerospace engineer works for NASA’s main scientific support contractor, the Jacobs Engineering Group, and she’s an assistant project manager on the group that designs the international space station.

Lisa Kudrow at the 2009 Streamy awards

Friends alum and movie actress Lisa Kudrow is also a Vassar graduate who holds a degree in biology. During the early part of her career, she worked for her physician dad for eight years, earning a research credit on his study on the comparative likelihood of left-handed people being more likely to develop cluster headaches.

Geena Davis speaking at Bates College after re...

Mensa member and actress Geena Davis has a reported IQ of 140. She also speaks Swedish, plays several instruments and almost made the U.S. Olympic archery team twice, in 1996 and 2000.

Jennifer Tilly at the 2005 World Series of Pok...

Jennifer Tilly, an actress well-known for playing a ditz, showed everyone exactly how smart she was when she started playing professional poker like a boss. She won the ladies-only No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em event in the World Series of Poker in 2005, beating out 600 other women to do it. - CBS Comedies Premiere Pa...

Roseanne alum and occasional Big Bang Theory guest-star Sara Gilbert is also a brainy beauty in real life—she attended Yale. These days, she’s co-hosting The Talk on CBS.

Français : Portrait de Sharon Stone

Legendary Hollywood actress Sharon Stone, a Mensa member, reportedly has an IQ of 154.

English: Victoria Zdrok at the Big Apple Conve...

Former Playboy Playmate of the Month and former Penthouse Pet of the Month Dr. Victoria Zdrok didn’t even bother with high school—she just went straight to college. After graduating summa cum laude with her bachelor’s degree at age 18, she obtained a JD law degree and a Ph.D in psychology from Villanova Law School and Drexel University—and recently, she finished her post-doctorate work in sex therapy at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Crawford on the cover of the premiere issue of...

Supermodel and entrepreneur Cindy Crawford graduated high school as her class valedictorial and studied chemical engineering on a full academic scholarship at Northwestern University. Though she dropped out to pursue modeling full-time, she had the chops to finish, according to a source.

English: American actress Angela Bassett Portu...

Yale grad and Hollywood actress Angela Bassett holds a BA degree in African-American studies as well as a fine arts degree.

Oxford University alum and actress Kate Beckinsdale is an award-winning writer and fluent in four languages, including English, German, Russian and French. She won the W.H. Smith Young Writers’ Competition with both short stories and poems.

English: Alicia Keys at the Walmart Shareholde...

Songstress Alicia Keys attended the Professional Performing Arts School; in addition to graduating early at just 16, the award-winner was also the valedictorian. She was also offered a scholarship to attend Columbia University, but she went with her passion and followed music.

Promotional photograph of the cast of Cycle 12...

Supermodel, actress, talk show host and entrepreneur Tyra Banks recently graduated from Harvard Business School.

Actress Nicole Kidman at the 2011 Santa Barbar...

Aussie actress Nicole Kidman reportedly has an IQ of 132. A daughter of a biochemist, Kidman attended the Victorian College of the Arts.

Madonna at her 'Confessions' Tour at Wembley A...

Madonna is well-known for her musical talent and artistic abilities, but did you also know she has an IQ of 140? It’s true.

English: Shakira Български: Шакира

The same goes for musical artist Shakira—she’s in the 140 IQ club; and she speaks five languages confidently, including Italian, Spanish, English, Arabic and Portuguese.

Jessica Simpson

This one might be hard to believe, but Jessica Simpson has reportedly said that she has an IQ of 151, according to a test she took. Her mother, however, told Vanity Fair that Simpson’s IQ is actually 160. She’s also been associated with Mensa.


And my very favorite—Reese Witherspoon, who will always be Elle Woods to me, is also a Stanford alum who studied English Literature. (No wonder she rocked those movies so hard!)

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Who are your favorite ladies who embody both brains and beauty? Share your thoughts in the comments section, below!




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