101 Easy Ways to Brighten Anyone’s Day

101 Easy Ways to Brighten Anyone’s Day

“Thoughts are sending out that magnetic signal that is drawing the parallel back to you.” – Dr. Joe Vitale

You know how I’m always talking about how you get back “what you put out there,” right? Like Joe Vitale says, it starts with the thoughts, but then it flows through your actions too. 

One simple way to get good back in your life is to put a little good out there. So why not start by brightening someone’s day?

From the checkout lady at the grocery store to your one true love (and everyone in between), there’s something you can do to brighten nearly anyone’s day. It’s simple, easy and can actually make YOUR life better too. What do you have to lose? 

Here are 101 different ways you can do that off the top of my head.

  1. Smile and look them in the eye.
  2. Say hello when you pass by.
  3. Strike up a conversation if it feels right.
  4. Compliment their outfit.
  5. Ask about their day.
  6. Send a handwritten thank you note.
  7. Like their Facebook pic and make a nice comment.
  8. Retweet them.
  9. Read their blog and share their link with a comment.
  10. Bring them flowers.
  11. Do their dishes.
  12. Encourage their dreams.
  13. Tell them they’re amazing.
  14. Offer to babysit their kid so they can have a few hours to themselves.
  15. Text them a funny meme during a boring or stressful meeting.
  16. Be interested in whatever they’re talking about.
  17. Brag about them and their accomplishments. Make sure they see or hear it.
  18. Pay for their coffee.
  19. Bring them breakfast in bed.
  20. Take their dog for a walk.
  21. Clean their cat’s litter box.
  22. Carry their groceries.
  23. Pay for their groceries.
  24. Tell them what you like/love about them.
  25. Notice their new haircut.
  26. Acknowledge their efforts.
  27. Celebrate their accomplishments.
  28. Be there to pick them up when they fall.
  29. Mow their lawn.
  30. Help them move.
  31. Pass along a good tip that makes their days easier.
  32. If you find something you know they’ll love, pick one up for them.
  33. Hold their hand.
  34. Give them a massage.
  35. Watch their favorite movie with them.
  36. Listen to whatever they have to say and offer solid feedback.
  37. Take them out for a night on the town.
  38. Teach them to dance.
  39. Cook them dinner.
  40. Take them out to dinner.
  41. Compliment their cooking skills.
  42. Ask for their help with something they love.
  43. Introduce them to a new friend.
  44. Be really happy for them when something good happens in their lives.
  45. Help them get ready for their next party.
  46. Have a party in their honor.
  47. Say I love you.
  48. Say I like you.
  49. Offer specific reasons for why you like or love them.
  50. Recognize when they do something nice and say thank you.
  51. Make them feel important.
  52. Share your dessert with them.
  53. Take them to lunch on you.
  54. Surprise them with ice cream when they least expect it.
  55. Be their workout partner. And really follow through.
  56. Devote an entire hour to their happiness – and make it all about them.
  57. Take them out for a mani/pedi on you.
  58. Take them to the movies.
  59. Show up with Chinese food, a couple DVDs and a bottle of their favorite wine.
  60. Support them when they feel sad.
  61. Offer brilliant insight into their lives that helps them become better people.
  62. Instead of criticism, offer unconditional acceptance. Watch them blossom.
  63. Play hooky with them one day.
  64. Take care of them with they’re sick.
  65. Baby them when they need it.
  66. Let them have their space when they want it.
  67. Give in if it’s not that serious.
  68. Explain why you won’t give in if it is serious.
  69. Ask their advice.
  70. Let them play with your toys. (This one’s my 6-year-old’s idea, but it’s a good one.)
  71. Buy them a kitten or puppy.
  72. Give them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.
  73. Buy them a day at the spa.
  74. Go with them to the spa.
  75. Love their friends.
  76. Love their family members.
  77. Have their baby.
  78. Buy them a house.
  79. Buy them a car.
  80. Tell the world you love them.
  81. Marry them.
  82. Steal then away for a surprise vacation.
  83. Buy them a month’s supply of weight loss supplements (if they have a preferred brand).
  84. Tell them they are perfect as they are and that you wouldn’t change a thing.
  85. Let it slide sometimes.
  86. Give them the benefit of the doubt.
  87. Trust their judgment.
  88. Let them order your dinner.
  89. Take an interest in their passions.
  90. Throw a birthday party for them.
  91. Play a game with them.
  92. Take a great pic of them and post it on Facebook. Tell everyone how beautiful they are.
  93. Clean their glasses.
  94. Leave generous tips.
  95. Tell them they’re doing a great job.
  96. Tell their bosses they’re doing a great job.
  97. Offer a great review of their products or services.
  98. Go to their housewarming party and bring the perfect gift.
  99. Show up for them.
  100. Cheer them on.
  101. Take them rollerblading and don’t laugh when they fall.
 What other ways can you think of to brighten someone’s day? Share them with the QB community in the comments section, below. 
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