New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t Enough: Commit to Yourself in 2013

New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t Enough: Commit to Yourself in 2013

Bliss, Please

If you’ve been looking for some change in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Beginning January 1, 2103, Project Blissful will help you create the change you desire–plus, you’ll find yourself in good company as you tackle your Bliss Missions, which will be delivered to your inbox daily, should you choose to subscribe. You may also follow along with your missions right here on our website.

Sign up to participate in Project Blissful, right here.

What can you expect from Project Blissful if you choose to participate?

In addition to a plethora of useful, informative and inspirational material available to you on the Project Blissful site, you’ll get regular Bliss Missions delivered to your inbox. You’ll also get occasional freebies, mission materials including ebooks and worksheets, and more.

Plus, you’ll become part of an international project to bring more bliss into the world–and you can connect with your fellow bliss seekers to discuss your personal Bliss Missions and theirs.

And it gets better. But you’ll have to wait for all those details. In the meantime, get more information right here.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see more material added to the site, and on January 1, the project will officially launch. Stay tuned!

Need more bliss in your life? Head over and throw your name in the hat–join and participate in Project Blissful free. The project begins January 1, 2013. Reserve your spot now!


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