5 Life Lessons -What my husband told me after he died

5 Life Lessons -What my husband told me after he died

I thought life was all about finding yourself. Making a future, getting a job, having a family, and finding someone to share it all with. Not specifically in that order of course, in any order actually, just doing those things is what life was about. I have since been taught different. My life is still dedicated to that don’t get me wrong but now I know those things are not the reason why I exist. I exist to learn, to love, and to help others do the same. After my husband died he told me what I needed to do.

Her what? Did what? Didn’t she just say after he DIED? Why yes, I did. 3 days after his death to be exact. I thought I was going crazy trust me. Unconscious thoughts were going through my head that I knew we’re not mine. I physically felt him around me. I would cry and feel him laying next to me in bed holding me. But what really made me take notice was this steady stream of “thoughts” going through my head that I knew we’re not mine. You know your subconscious thoughts how they don’t really come across as words but an image or strong instant emotion. Stuff like that was going on. I heard exact words as well though, words that we’re being repeated over and over to me. This started happening instantly after his death and within the first few days I felt I had to do something. I knew the things that we’re happening to me we’re so extraordinary that they either had to be validated or I was going to take myself to the hospital and get help because I was completely crazy. Still today months later I feel a little crazy embracing this all so completely.

So, what does any logical mother and wife do upon losing her husband and having strange things happen, she goes to the internet and sees what other people in my same situation are doing. I quickly decided to see a Medium even though up until that point I did not believe in those things. The things other mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, aunts, uncles, and loved ones are doing were pretty consistent for my situation so I was off to find a legimite Medium in my area. I lied to my friends and family about what I was doing because I was afraid of what they’d say and my mother and I went to see a woman who’s words have since changed my life.

I was hesitant. I was a nonbeliever up to that point. Until she opened her mouth and spoke. I had researched this woman. When I found her it was like my dead husband was directing me to her. I was excited and hopeful. She told me many things about my husband and my life with him. She talked about my kids and about myself.

One of the most important things she said was that my husband wanted me to know that I was here on earth to learn 5 life lessons and I hadn’t learned a single one. That if I didn’t focus on learning my lessons they would be harder to learn and take longer after I died.

Now, I have a mission in life and that is to figure out what my lessons are and to help others believe in life after death and that there is a purpose to this thing we call “life”. I’m just starting the journey to discover my 5 life lessons. Join me?


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