What is love addiction?

What is love addiction?

What is love addiction? Are you affected by it?

Could you be dealing with Love Addiction?

What is love addiction and could you be affected by it? While it’s never been referenced in the DSM, love addiction is a pathological passion-related behavior involving the feeling of being in love – and it has been proposed as an official DSM disorder. And, despite what you might think, love addiction can be seen in romantic or sexual relationships, but also to other kinds of relationships – those we have with our kids, friends and other family members – and in some cases, your religious leader or a guru, a movie star or favorite talk show host – even and maybe especially when you haven’t met them personally.

Many love addicts report feeling a constant ache if they’re not in a relationship – they say it feels like they desperately need to be in a relationship or they find themselves dealing with utter hopelessness.

They tend to feel sort of like they’re only living if they’re one half of a couple. They may even feel personally incomplete as a result of being single – like they’re not a whole person on their own. Like they aren’t legitimate without a partner. Since they’re afraid of feeling alone and being rejected, love addicts are always on the prowl for The One – that person who will make them feel whole.

Love addiction goes hand-in-hand with codependency, and often when they find themselves in toxic relationships, they find it equally hard to leave. You have to remember: we develop addictions to things in order to prevent ourselves from feeling pain. This figures pretty deeply into love addiction for a codependent.

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