Narcissists and the Myers-Briggs Test

Narcissists and the Myers-Briggs Test

How Narcissism Manifests in Each of the 16 MBTI Personality Types – Can an INTJ be a narcissist? What about an INFP or an ENFP, or any of the other personality types defined by the Myers Briggs Personality Inventory? That’s what we’re going to cover in this video.

First, we have to consider this: Since Narcissists really haven’t manifested any original, true identity (and since they tend to lie to even themselves), any Myers-Briggs Personality Test result would (or at the very least) could be false.

Narcissists won’t or can’t see any true insight into their false self. The truth is that their actual identity is comprised of “borrowed” personality traits, hobbies, choices and frustrations from other people in their lives. There’s not a lot of substance. Narcissists usually aren’t capable of self-reflection – and don’t forget: they lie – to themselves and everyone else.

With all of that being said, here is what you’d see if narcissism manifested in each of the 16 personality types.

16 Types of Narcissists Represented by MBTI Personality Types

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