Bliss Mission: Get Inspired by the World

Bliss Mission: Get Inspired by the World

Today’s Affirmations

The PASSION OF THE PHOTOGRAPHER : Dublin, Irel...I am inspired by the world around me.

My life is full of fascinating people, places, and things. Each day, something new happens to me.

No moment in time is actually like any other, even if they sometimes seem that way. Because of this, I am inspired by the world around me.

If I ever feel bored, or like nothing changes, I remind myself to pay closer attention. Everything is always in flux, whether that’s grass growing, a different meal to prepare tonight than I had last night, or a change in the rhythm of my breathing in response to an emotion. When I notice these things, my life takes on color and dimension.

Also, I take particular note of the things that inspire me. I may take a snapshot, blog about them, or simply etch them into my memory. With these experiences, I fill my inner well of images. This way, I never run dry.

The world around me feeds my creativity and leaves me lush with ideas.

My desire to live vibrantly is rekindled each day as I look for novel ways to approach challenges. I revel in the abundance of ideas presented to me and try to incorporate them into my life whenever I feel they might benefit me, which is often!

Today, I make time to contemplate the inspiration that surrounds me. I am thankful for my many opportunities to learn and grow through experiencing the world. And I seek out new ideas and experiences frequently to help keep me inspired.

Today’s Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What regular occurrences in my life would be more enjoyable if I was more fully present for them?
2. Aside from pure enjoyment, in what ways would this benefit me?
3. What sources of inspiration do I have in my life today? Are there some new ones I would like to cultivate?


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