5 Unconventionally Beautiful Women We Love

5 Unconventionally Beautiful Women We Love

“I am an unconventional beauty. I grew up in a high school where if you didn’t have a nose job and money and if you weren’t thin, you weren’t cool, popular, beautiful. I was always told that I wasn’t pretty enough to be on television.” ~Glee actress Lea Michele

We’re continuing to celebrate Beautiful Women Week here at Project Blissful (in collaboration with MTM Body), and today, I thought you might like to see a few unconventionally beautiful women. Yesterday, I shared my list of 20 of my favorite women who are the embodiment of both brains and beauty (not to mention success)!

And now, without further ado, I present to you 10 unconventionally beautiful women whose names you might recognize.

5 Unconventionally Beautiful Women We Love


English: Adele


You probably know her as an amazing singer who also happens to be a talented songwriter. You’ve probably read about her struggles with weight and with her throat problems that threatened her career. You know she’s been through it all–and you love her anyway. Adele may not look like the standard society-approved beauty, but there’s no question that she’s absolutely gorgeous.

Mia Tyler



Maybe you know her as Steven Tyler‘s daughter, or even Liv Tyler‘s long-lost sister. You might even be aware that she’s a pretty successful plus-sized model. However you want to look at it–Mia Tyler is pretty damn hot, don’t you think?

Jennifer Coolidge


English: American actress Jennifer Coolidge.

She’s Stifler’s Mom from American Pie. She’s Sophie, the sexy, wealthy, generously selfish neighbor you can’t help but love on CBS’s Two Broke Girls. And she, my friends might just be the queen of unconventionally beautiful women. Jennifer Coolidge definitely doesn’t fit the Hollywood mold, but she’s clearly beautiful and successful.

America Ferrera

English: America Ferrera at the Dallas Interna...

She’s been called Ugly Betty. She’s been a sister of the traveling pants and a Lifetime moviestar. She’s a great actress–and despite claims to the contrary, America Ferrera is super-hot and holds her ground in this unconventional beauty roundup.


Mindy Kaling


English: Actress Mindy Kaling at the premiere ...


She was Kelly Kapoor on NBC’s The Office. She’s now staring as sassy, sexy (and uhm, UNCONVENTIONAL) Dr. Mindy Lahiri in The Mindy Project, and honestly, I can’t get enough of her. Not only is Mindy Kaling an unc0nventional beauty, but she’s also super-smart and talented. And her ability to be vulnerable makes her totally lovable.

So those are my picks for today–who are some of your favorite unconventionally beautiful ladies? Share your thoughts in the comments section, below!

5 Unconventionally Beautiful Women We Love

Join Me in the It Works Biggest Loser Competition and Win $300

dancing_men_and_women_vector_fashion_154385By Angela Atkinson

I’m joining in a weight loss challenge and thought I’d extend the invite to my Project Blissful readers as well.

Although I’ve already lost a significant amount of weight, I’ve still got several pounds to lose before I hit my ultimate goal weight–so I thought this might be a fun and motivating way to get moving.

Want to know more?

Here’s the information on the challenge, if you’d like to join me! If you do choose to join in, please leave me a comment below so we can connect and help support one another!

From event organizer Amanda Jezusko:

Hey Everyone! Join in on this competition! You have a chance to win $300! Please RSVP to this event!

Rules to be eligible:

1- You must use at least 1 It Works product for the duration of the Biggest Loser Competition (12 weeks). My recommendation would be the Fat Fighters with Carb Inhibitors combined with Thermofit! If you are not currently a Loyal Customer or Distributor you can sign up by contacting the Distributor who invited you or you may choose to buy directly from them (but this will cost more). If you are already a Loyal Customer I will need you to forward me your order confirmations to verify you are using the product (distributors do not need to do this since they have to place orders every month!). NO other supplements will be allowed (ie. HCG, ephedrine, etc). This competition is to encourage healthy weight loss 🙂

Get your products here.

2 – You must open an account with myfitnesspal.com. Please let me know your id so I can add you as a friend. This website will be used for you to log your food for the day. You will have an accountability partner who will be checking into your site to make sure you are filling out your food log (and to help you to think before you eat that unhealthy food item!!).

3 – You must check in with me to weigh in, at your doctor’s office, or at a gym. In addition to weighing in you will also need to have your waist measured (waist is considered at the belly button), hips (at the hip bones, to be most accurate), and abductors (right below the buttocks – both legs together). These measurements need to be sent to me by 1/15/2013 to be entered in the competition. If I am not doing the weigh in and measurements I will need that person’s name, phone number, and place of business to verify accuracy.

Find ItWorks weight loss products, right here.

I am asking you to contribute a $20 entry fee to join. This will help cover the cost of the prize! If my list of Distributors grows past 15 the winnings will increase towards what I contribute. You are welcome to recruite your own Loyal Customers in this contest! For them to be eligible for the prize they need to forward me their order confirmation they receive to my email address: [email protected] (keeping them honest!)

Note: Distributors can participate also!

The winner is considered the person with the most percentage of weight loss. If there is a tie, it will be broken by the percentage of total inches lost. The final weigh in will take place between 4/15/2013 and 4/20/2013. Weigh ins must take place the same way you entered (see above).

Sign up for the challenge for free right here.

Prize will be $300 cash.

I’ll be weighing in before Jan. 14 at Trendz Salon, which is close to where I live. You don’t have to live in the St. Louis area to compete, though–see rules above and contact the event organizer for additional information.

I’ll document my experiences here at Project Blissful, and I’ll invite you to come back and share your experiences as well.

So, let’s do this! Who’s in? Tell me in the comments section, below!

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