Project Blissful’s Love Yourself 60-Day Fitness Challenge Begins Feb. 14

Project Blissful’s Love Yourself 60-Day Fitness Challenge Begins Feb. 14

If you’re like me, you could always use a good excuse to workout—and one that keeps you motivated, too! That’s why I’ve decided to launch Project Blissful’s first-ever 60-day fitness challenge.

While it’s my ultimate mission to help others learn to create their ideal lives and to become the best possible versions of themselves, my motivation for this challenge is not solely altruistic.

Truth is, I could use the motivation too. And, like any fitness challenge, this one will mean that I can have a certain amount of accountability–public accountability.

Why The Love Yourself 60-Day Fitness Challenge is Different

  • Because it’s more than just your physical body we’re out to fix here. Project Blissful is all about a whole-life, whole-self approach—so during this challenge, we’ll also be focusing on a few other life fixes.
  • Because you’ll get real support and encouragement from me and others, and you’ll offer some in return. Good karma, you know.
  • Because you are very likely to make new (or strengthen existing) lifelong friend connections. (Remember my Fit & Fabulous girls?)
  • Because you can customize the challenge completely to fit your own personal needs, and Project Blissful will help you get it done.
  • Because you can participate completely free if you choose. While I will share information about the products and services I use from time-to-time, you will not ever be under any obligation to purchase or use the specific items I recommend. There’s no charge for participation, including free group membership, and free newsletters and other program literature.

Remember, being out-of-shape or overweight is a symptom of something else that’s happening in your life. Sometimes it’s physical, and in those cases, you’ll need to talk with your doctor about how to resolve the problem.

More often, the problem starts in our own heads. Besides the fact that we are often acclimated to unhealthy lifestyle choices from childhood, many of us have deeper issues that we are literally wearing on our bodies.

And, statistically, that means many of us have struggled (or continue to struggle) with our own self-worth.

February is Love Yourself Month, and what better day to start loving yourself than Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day?

Project Blissful’s Love Yourself 60-Day Fitness Challenge Begins Feb. 14

Bliss Mission: Smile, Evolve, Grow

Everyone smiles in the same language. ~Author ...

When I was in high school, and for a semester in college, I worked at McDonalds. I worked behind the counter mostly, and on the menu board above my head was a sign that read, “Smiles are free.”

My co-workers and I used to joke about it, but the management was very serious about being sure we smiled at our customers. If we didn’t, we risked being moved to the fry station, and NO ONE wants to work that station. So we smiled.

And, in return, most of our customers would smile back at us. In fact, research told our managers, a simple warm smile from the front counter girl could change the customer’s perception of the entire dining experience, and they were twice as likely to return if they felt they’d received good service. In some cases, it turned out, customers who received great service rated the food higher too.

So, in layman’s terms, a smile was powerful–it could be the difference between a lifelong customer and a one-timer.

And, I’ll tell you another little secret. This powerful tool is not only available to the folks at McDonald’s.

I could go into all of the science behind this, but that’s not the point of today’s blog. The point is that when you just smile, you can create a significant upswing in your day and even in your life. Your mood will be more positive, and you’ll suddenly notice people around you being kinder to you, and most likely friendlier than usual.

Consider this. If you’re walking down the aisle at the grocery store and someone looks you in the eyes and smiles, saying hi, what would you do? Of course, you’d respond in kind.

Try This

Now, close your eyes and smile to yourself for ten seconds. Do it now, no matter how silly it feels. Don’t worry…I’ll wait.


Did you do it? How do you feel? I’ll bet that something in you feels just a little better, even if you do feel silly.

Bliss Mission: Smile More

So I have an experiment for you to try. For the next 24 hours, practice smiling more. Smile at your kids, your spouse, the mail man. Smile at your coworkers, your boss, your trash guy…just everyone you meet today. Even smile while you’re on the phone.

I suggest that you’ll find that people in general are nicer to you, just for starters. The added bonus? You’ll notice that your own mood is bumped up a few notches too.

And, of course, you’ll be making the world a much more beautiful place. So, smile today! It’s free, it feels great, and it can effect serious results in your life.

Try this little experiment, and let me know how it works for you. What do you say? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section, below.

Feel good! You deserve it!


Project Blissful’s Love Yourself 60-Day Fitness Challenge Begins Feb. 14

Bliss Mission: Passion and Professional Success

Today’s Affirmations

Professional DreamerMy passion for professional success is renewed each day.

I am born to succeed in a professional environment. And because I know it, I am passionate about it. I know I have the elements it takes to succeed in my career.

Each morning, I naturally regain the energy to take on all of work’s challenges. I feel equipped for everything that comes my way as I move through the day’s tasks. I love the thrill of work and the feeling of accomplishment in the workplace.

I see nothing as unattainable. I utilize my strengths of organization and emotional control to make it through even the roughest tasks.

I know how easy it is to get flustered when it seems there are more responsibilities than hours in the day. I can relate to feeling overwhelmed by all that I am tasked to do. But my approach is to organize in order of priority, and then take one step at a time. I recognize that I accomplish so much more when I pace myself.

At the end of each day, I have more successes because I create a professional and organized environment to work in.

Today, I can maintain the passion needed in my profession because I am driven to succeed. I love the feeling I get when I knock my tasks off one at a time and feel reinvigorated to take on even more tomorrow.

Ask Yourself These Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Are there skills I need to sharpen in my professional life?
2. Can I teach co-workers how to be passionate about their jobs?
3. Am I driven by financial reward?

Project Blissful’s Love Yourself 60-Day Fitness Challenge Begins Feb. 14

Bliss Mission: See the Love In Your Life

Today’s Affirmations

Icon from Nuvola icon theme for KDE 3.x.Health and love shower down on me daily.

Each day, I happily receive all that I need. I am healthy in mind, body, and spirit and I know that I am loved. The people in my life are conduits for all the goodness of the universe. Health and love shower down on me daily from all sources.

Sometimes, blessings come my way from unexpected directions. I am always open to receive these, however they may arrive.

I may be hoping to hear a message of love from someone in particular, but instead it comes from another person. Regardless, I receive all forms of love with deep gratitude.

I feel stronger inside each day. I know that my own health and happiness are assured. Daily, I see them manifest in my life. I take this as evidence of a positive force working in my life, whether I attribute that to a higher power or just to my own will.

However, sometimes in the hurry of life, forgetting to pay attention to my blessings can seem all too easy. Therefore, I cultivate my awareness. This is how I know that health and love shower down on me daily.

Today, I make time to contemplate all the blessings in my life. I am thankful for all of the ways that health and love manifest for me. And I commit to paying close attention all the days of my life so that I can continue to live with a grateful heart.

Read & Reflect Questions

Answer in the comments section below, in your Bliss Book, on your blog or in any notebook.

1. What are some of the ways that love has been shown to me today?
2. Are there ways in which I can contribute love or good health to someone’s life today?
3. When could I most benefit by remembering to stop, breathe, and experience gratitude?

Project Blissful’s Love Yourself 60-Day Fitness Challenge Begins Feb. 14

Bliss Mission: Be Unstoppable

Today’s Affirmations

Read the following affirmations to yourself. If you find any that especially resonate with you, write them down in your journal or any notebook. If they all feel right, go ahead and print out this post and save it!

I am unstoppable. Each hurdle I pass makes me stronger.

I take every challenge as a learning experience that can help me find my way through the next time it comes around.

I embrace each negative situation as an opportunity to sail right through if it ever raises its ugly head again.

I admit to feeling frustrated when the same difficulty keeps coming my way. I sometimes feel like throwing my hands up and calling it quits when it seems that certain obstacles are here to stay.

But before I give in to the urge to give up, I stop and consider the fact that I made it past the hurdle the last time. That success gives me the strength I need now. It gives me the experience and strategic thinking to know how to conquer it the second, third or fourth time around.

My resolve to conquer and move on is incomparable!

I know that each time I conquer makes the next time that much easier. I come out of every battle with the bruises of experience and the armor of confidence that guarantee I can come out a victor the next time around.

Today, I embrace the hurdles that come my way as I aim for my goals.

I recognize that achieving a goal by overcoming difficulties is more fulfilling than attaining one with a lack of challenges. I feel confident that I have the inner strength to persevere and hit my targets, regardless of the distractions in life.

See more Bliss Missions right here.

Ask Yourself:

  1. Have the hurdles in my life made me more appreciative of what I have accomplished?
  2. How do I empower my peers to persevere?
  3. Am I confident that I can overcome any negative occurrence?

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