Food as Fuel: Surprising Energy Boosters From the Garden

Food as Fuel: Surprising Energy Boosters From the Garden

gardeningAthletes are always searching for foods to boost their performance, since so much of our performance and energy is based on what we eat. If you’re wondering what the newest trend in food as fuel is, the answer may surprise you. Echinacea has long been used as a health boost and remedy and beetroot is a common kitchen ingredient, but both foods are also used for athletic performance fuel now, too.

Even if you aren’t an athlete, you can still benefit from the performance benefits of including these ingredients in your smoothies every morning. Many people who don’t actively engage in high-demand athletic programs still use a daily smoothie to get their nutrients and energy for the day. It’s easy enough to use these foods once you have juiced or powdered them. Here’s what you need to know about beetroot and echinacea.

Echinacea: increases oxygen transport in your bloodstream.

Are you searching for a way to boost your endurance? Echinacea, traditionally taken in extract or supplement form as a health booster, increases your levels of a certain hormone called EPO. EPO regulates the production of your red blood cells, which actually affect how much endurance you have because they affect your oxygen transport. If your body can transport more oxygen, you can endure for longer and keep your energy level up. You may even notice a difference after taking echinacea for just two weeks.

Beetroot: increases speed and stamina during exercise.

When research measured how long it took runners to run 5k with and without beetroot supplements, they found a 41-second improvement in those who ate beetroot. The vegetable helps to increase your oxygen transport level just like echinacea and also reduces how much oxygen your muscles need to function at their best. This means that if you’re short of breath at the end of a race, your muscles may not seize up as much. Cyclists who consumed organic beetroot juice could cycle for longer and the placebo effect was not observed.

Incorporating both into your diet is easy.

You may be intimidated by the name of these two foods, but if you’re patient, you can juice beetroot to incorporate this vegetable into your smoothies or drink the juice directly. If you’re undergoing a 5 day juice fast, this can help you survive the last few days of exhaustion and fatigue that could otherwise result from missing nutrients in your diet. Echinacea is easy to find in extract form and incorporate into your smoothies. Greens powder may also contain one or both, and this powder works well because you can easily add powdered vegetables to a smoothie without having to process beetroot or echinacea plants yourself.

Whether or not you are an athlete, you can benefit from the recent discoveries of the health benefits of echinacea and beetroot. Improved endurance and speed will help you even if you’re just walking to work! Incorporating one or both of these ingredients into your smoothies will help you add these benefits to your day without having to get used to a whole new taste or meal.

Jessica Watts is a self-confessed health nut and mom of three. When she has free time, she enjoys blogging online about gardening, organic living, health and nutrition. She recommends that if you’re undergoing a 5 day juice fast, echinacea and beetroot can help you to overcome the fatigue due to fast.

Fit Mission: Affirm Your Right to Be Healthy

Fit Mission: Affirm Your Right to Be Healthy

When you have “convenience” food bombarding you from every direction, it can be difficult to choose options that give your body the nourishment it needs.

However, if you have daily reminders and effective tools at your disposal, you just may find that eating the right foods and feeding your body the best fuels becomes a lot easier.

Of course, there will always be temptation, but when you equip yourself with anti-temptation tools, you will be able to quickly re-focus your mind on your greater goal of getting healthy!

Using Affirmations to Make the Healthy Food and Nutrition Choices

When everyone around you at the office is indulging in burgers, fries, and sugary drinks, it’s awfully tempting to join in, isn’t it?

But what if you could stop that temptation in its tracks and actually choose to make a healthy choice? You don’t need me to tell you that fatty and sugary choices are not the kinds of food that your body needs – you need to tell yourself!

It can be hard in moments of temptation to make the right choice, but with the help of positive affirmations, you can re-train your brain to replace the desire for junk food with healthy choices.

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe
Affirmations can help you stick to your diet, say no to temptation, and eat nourishing and satisfying foods. How? By replacing the negative spiral of thoughts in your mind with powerful, positive ones.

But first you have to believe that it is possible to gain control over your thirsts, desires, and cravings. The first step in making a lasting change in your life is to make the commitment to success. Are you committed? Do you believe that you can overcome your cravings?

Once you’ve set your commitment in stone, you’re ready to learn the top 10 affirmations to get you through moments of weakness.

Top 10 Food and Nutrition Affirmations

Before reading the list below, you should know that affirmations are most successful when you internalize the saying and repeat it frequently. Whether you’re having a good or bad day, you need to be constantly repeating these positive statements in your mind. Temptation will strike when you least expect it, so it’s better to be prepared!

1. I can neutralize bad habits with good food, exercise, and healthy living.
2. I am proud to reach out to my support network instead of leaning on food for comfort.
3. I am losing weight for me because I love me.
4. I set aside time just for me.
5. My good health and productivity are the rewards for the nourishing foods I eat.
6. Weight gain happens over time, so my weight loss equally requires time, patience, and lifestyle changes.
7. I use self-care, not self-control.
8. The more I take care of myself, the better I feel.
9. I am firmly committed to staying active and healthy.
10. I deserve a healthy body and mind.

When you look at these food and nutrition affirmations, they may seem like ideals – behaviors and thoughts that you only wish you could have – but each time you reaffirm them by saying them aloud, you’re slowly changing your mindset. Over time, these ideals will become a reality through your thoughts and actions.

But remember, you must first believe you can change. Once you make the commitment to your success, you will change your attitudes about food and you’ll be thankful you did!

Free eBook: Your Guide to Healthy Eating

Free eBook: Your Guide to Healthy Eating

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Free eBook: Your Guide to Healthy Eating

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Food as Fuel: Surprising Energy Boosters From the Garden

The nutritional value of milkshakes

1143365_pills_1Eating food of high nutritional value is pretty important as it supplies the body with the fuel or energy needed to work effectively and efficiently. The nutrition nourishes the body while at the same time ensuring that you are not prone to attacks by some health disorders. For this reason, it is essential that you are conscious about the food you consume and ingest.

Always try as much as you can to stick only to food that will help you stay fit. And when it comes to a drink that you can trust your health onto, milkshake should rank at number one. Unfortunately, most people do not realize the nutritional value provided by milkshakes and these are some of the mostly overlooked types of foods.

In most cases, people simply see the milkshake just as food that will keep you feeling refreshed and will thus only think about it during hot summers. However, after drinking milkshakes, you will realize that your body becomes sated almost immediately even when you don’t eat them with anything else. The reason for this is that the milkshake is able to provide the body with its daily nutritional requirements for certain food groups such as proteins, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates.

Proteins in milkshakes

The main ingredient in the milkshake is obviously milk, which makes the drink very nutritious. If you are not sure about the nutritional value of milk, just ask yourself why a newborn baby is able to survive and develop healthily while drinking milk only. Additionally, regardless of how old or young you might be, expert nutritionists always recommend that you take a glass of milk on a daily basis as it aids in the development of the bones. Milk is also highly recommended for body builders as it contains proteins needed for block building. And lastly, the fat in the milkshake will help your body generate heat during cold weather.

Carbohydrate source

Besides milk, another key ingredient in the making of the milkshake is sugar that not only provides the body with energy but also promotes the good functioning of the brain. Milkshakes can also be prepared from fruits, which are a great source of dietary fiber, which aids in digestion, and vitamins. Most fruits such as mangoes and strawberries are known to be good sources of vitamin C that assists the body in combating diseases and boosts the immune system.

Source of fiber

The milkshake will also provide you with fiber, which is a vital nutrient that aids the digestive, cardiovascular and excretory systems. Most of the fibers found in milkshakes can also be obtained from most vegetables and fruits. Fiber is well known to help in digestion and helps in flushing out toxins from the body as well as unwanted fats which might clog the digestive tracts. With less fat, the body is assured of a smooth, healthier blood flow which makes the heart more stable and stronger.

For such reasons, you have a lot to get from a milkshake nutritionally, and it is more than just a simple refreshing drink.

Food as Fuel: Surprising Energy Boosters From the Garden

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