Love Yourself Fitness Challenge: What is your favorite workout routine?

Love Yourself Fitness Challenge: What is your favorite workout routine?

Click photo to see how I lost 100 pounds. Not a sales tactic or pitch--just my story. I'm telling it to try to help people who are where I was 100 pounds ago!

This is me–in both pics. Click photo to see how I lost 100+ pounds (and counting!). Not a sales tactic or pitch–just my story. I’m telling it because I want to help others who are dealing with what I dealt with as the “before” version. <3

If you’re already involved in the Love Yourself Fitness Challenge, then you’re already doing

some kind of exercise, right? If not, consider this your friendly nudge to get moving!

All we ask is that you do 15 minutes of intentional exercise each day.

If you’ve already been doing your 15 minutes, consider adding a second session to your day–whether consecutive or not.

What’s intentional exercise?

For our purposes, intentional exercise is defined as workout time that is done for the sake of just moving your body.

It doesn’t count if you would have had to do it anyway. (For example, the 15-minute walk from your train to your office doesn’t count unless you used to just drive to the office.)

Ask yourself: What is your favorite workout routine?

It can be something informal, such as dancing or walking. It could be something fun, like playing Just Dance or Wii Tennis with your kids.

Or maybe, it’ll be something a little saucier–say, a spirited romp with your life partner or spouse?

Nearly any physical activity will do, but today, let’s talk about more formal or organized workout programs. Check out some of my favorite free workout videos right here.

Need some help? Here are a few of my favorite workout routines and programs.

While I love me some Leslie Sansone and just about anything that teaches me how to dance, I have recently developed some new favorites–mostly due to the fact that they are giving me extremely noticeable results in a shorter period of time.

Here’s my list, which, to be honest, also includes just about anything from!

Some of my personal favorites include:

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite workout routines? Share them with the Project Blissful community in the comments section, below!


Still looking for the best workout routine for you? Check out my favorites as well as those from the community!

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