A Pre-Wedding Bootcamp for Hot Wives-to-Be

A Pre-Wedding Bootcamp for Hot Wives-to-Be

If you’re a pre-married hot wife who is planning a wedding, this post is for you. I just had to share the news about a New Jersey personal trainer I know who started a new program in which he goes to the homes of the brides-to-be and does a special personal training program that takes about 90 days to finish–but he guarantees that his clients will be in the best shape of their lives after this program. Since I am so aware of many of his success stories, I know he’s legit.

Here’s the announcement from his website:

Get in the Best Shape of Your Life for the Greatest Day of Your Life!

Announcing my new 3-month in-home pre-wedding fitness program

It’s almost springtime! That’s wedding season, and if you or someone you love is getting married, odds are that while you’re feverishly planning your big day, you probably have been considering how you’ll look as you walk down the aisle toward your destiny.

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, 80 percent of the 2.3 American brides who walk down that aisle each year say they take steps to lose weight for their wedding day, according to a survey Brides.com published a few years ago.

As a New Jersey personal fitness trainer, I understand how tough it can be to get the weight off on your own, especially when you’re dealing with all of the details of the wedding.

That’s why I’ve created my new In-Home Pre-Wedding Fitness Program, designed to get you in the best shape of your life for the greatest day of your life.

The program is a 3-month in-home fitness plan that is designed to give you the specific results you’re looking for on your big day.

And let me make it easy for you! Since I’ll come to your home, it couldn’t be more convenient.

Don’t want to go it alone? No problem!

Don’t worry–I won’t leave anyone out. I’m also happy to work with your groom and his groomsman, bridal party and the mother of the bride.

Want to know more? Just call me at 201-665-0591 or contact me here.  And don’t forget: You can also get a free copy of my ebook when you subscribe to my free newsletter–it just takes a moment!

Do you know of a program like Michael’s that is where you live? Let me know in the comments. I’m feeling a directory of sorts coming on here.

The Rock: Before and After Pictures

The Rock: Before and After Pictures

I was checking site stats and noticed that several people have been searching for The Rock: before and after pictures. Apparently there are concerns about whether or not The Rock was on steroids. Here, a personal trainer offers his take on The Rock and his before and after photos.

From the Publisher:

Let’s have a look at The Rock transformation during the year. I’ll discuss the question if the physique of THE ROCK is achievable naturally. The Rock started off with a nice but not impressive physique. The Rock showed a good physique in the Scorpion King movie. When The Rock finally transitioned to WWE. Therefore he had to work out evern harder. The Rock developed great traps, chest and arms during the years. The chest of The Rock is a little bit behind. In order to get in top shape for Fast & Furious Five, The Rock had to put on an additional 10 pounds of lean muscle. The Rock got bigger and more ripped at the same time. These are the pictures which cause those steroid accusations towards The Rock. The physique of The Rock IS POSSIBLE naturally. However we don’t know if The Rock followed the natural path. The Rock put on 30 pounds lean muscle. Compared to natural bodybuilders, The Rock looks impressive. The physique of The Rock is very hard work. But it should be possible somehow.

More footage of The Rock working out or The Rock vs. John Cena can be seen on my youtube channel. Also check out my facebook http://www.facebook.com/fitnessforlifetv

The Rock: Before and After Pictures

No Longer Just for the Rich and Famous: All About Personal Training at Home


beautifu9Ordinarily, if your alarm app tried to wake you up at 6 a.m. on a cold January morning to get you to go to the gym, you would probably think nothing of turning it off and going back to sleep. What if it was your personal trainer at the door ringing the bell, instead?

You would have no choice but to get up. A personal trainer visiting people at home could be the best way to stay with your fitness goals.

Even 10 years ago, believing that everyday people could afford a house call by a personal trainer would have been a stretch. The personal trainer business has changed now, though. To begin, there are more trainers looking for work now than there used to be. They have had to cut their prices to stay competitive. The troubled economy has something to do with it, too.

Personal trainers don’t have a bottomless supply of well-heeled clients anymore. They need to compromise and train ordinary people to get by.
Officially, house calls cost about $100 a session. Many clients, though, manage to easily work the price down to $75.

The economy is slow and it’s a buyer’s market. The smaller fees that house calling personal trainers charge isn’t as much of a sacrifice as it might appear, though. They do get to keep it all. If they offered their services at a gym, they would split their fees with the management.”

Like everything else, home personal training has both positives and negatives.

For clients receiving personal training at home, the experience can feel like telecommuting – you need to give up the lively environment of a fully equipped place for other benefits. When you call in a home personal trainer, you no longer get access to high-tech gym equipment, saunas or group exercise sessions.

People who love their home sessions, though, feel that it’s a fair trade-off. If a house-calling personal trainer can get them to stop making excuses, the arrangement can achieve more than the best high-tech gym.

For personal trainers in this business, visiting people at home is a step down. They need to carry heavy exercise equipment to people’s homes, make do with low-tech tools and help people work out in unglamorous environments – messy homes with pets and children running about.

People try all kinds of ways to make home personal training even more affordable.

Even $50 and $75 sessions can add up very quickly. Many people are able to afford home sessions because they don’t engage their trainers for long. People often consider in home personal training as a way to get fit for a wedding, an important party, an interview or the beach. They haggle, put a package deal together and pay for it in advance. You can get a weight loss plan together at $1200 for 25 sessions. Many people can afford this price level.

It’s possible to get this kind of training for half or quarter this sum, too. You just need to rope in a couple of friends with everyone chipping in to pay for the whole package.

One needs to consider the safety angle

Many home training businesses exist to help people find trainers. They have trouble, though, when male clients insist on being sent female trainers. Usually, such requests are turned down if the male client is home alone.


About the Author


Jessica Watts is a retired high school gymnastics instructor. She likes to spend her days painting the next masterpiece and blogging about her insights online. She recommends to get a weight loss plan instead to consider in home personal training as a way to get fit.


The Rock: Before and After Pictures

Get Rid of Flabby Arms: Exercises for Women (Video)

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