No Longer Just for the Rich and Famous: All About Personal Training at Home

No Longer Just for the Rich and Famous: All About Personal Training at Home


beautifu9Ordinarily, if your alarm app tried to wake you up at 6 a.m. on a cold January morning to get you to go to the gym, you would probably think nothing of turning it off and going back to sleep. What if it was your personal trainer at the door ringing the bell, instead?

You would have no choice but to get up. A personal trainer visiting people at home could be the best way to stay with your fitness goals.

Even 10 years ago, believing that everyday people could afford a house call by a personal trainer would have been a stretch. The personal trainer business has changed now, though. To begin, there are more trainers looking for work now than there used to be. They have had to cut their prices to stay competitive. The troubled economy has something to do with it, too.

Personal trainers don’t have a bottomless supply of well-heeled clients anymore. They need to compromise and train ordinary people to get by.
Officially, house calls cost about $100 a session. Many clients, though, manage to easily work the price down to $75.

The economy is slow and it’s a buyer’s market. The smaller fees that house calling personal trainers charge isn’t as much of a sacrifice as it might appear, though. They do get to keep it all. If they offered their services at a gym, they would split their fees with the management.”

Like everything else, home personal training has both positives and negatives.

For clients receiving personal training at home, the experience can feel like telecommuting – you need to give up the lively environment of a fully equipped place for other benefits. When you call in a home personal trainer, you no longer get access to high-tech gym equipment, saunas or group exercise sessions.

People who love their home sessions, though, feel that it’s a fair trade-off. If a house-calling personal trainer can get them to stop making excuses, the arrangement can achieve more than the best high-tech gym.

For personal trainers in this business, visiting people at home is a step down. They need to carry heavy exercise equipment to people’s homes, make do with low-tech tools and help people work out in unglamorous environments – messy homes with pets and children running about.

People try all kinds of ways to make home personal training even more affordable.

Even $50 and $75 sessions can add up very quickly. Many people are able to afford home sessions because they don’t engage their trainers for long. People often consider in home personal training as a way to get fit for a wedding, an important party, an interview or the beach. They haggle, put a package deal together and pay for it in advance. You can get a weight loss plan together at $1200 for 25 sessions. Many people can afford this price level.

It’s possible to get this kind of training for half or quarter this sum, too. You just need to rope in a couple of friends with everyone chipping in to pay for the whole package.

One needs to consider the safety angle

Many home training businesses exist to help people find trainers. They have trouble, though, when male clients insist on being sent female trainers. Usually, such requests are turned down if the male client is home alone.


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Jessica Watts is a retired high school gymnastics instructor. She likes to spend her days painting the next masterpiece and blogging about her insights online. She recommends to get a weight loss plan instead to consider in home personal training as a way to get fit.


No Longer Just for the Rich and Famous: All About Personal Training at Home

5 Ways to Get in Shape This Summer

summertime-beach-fun-6063056I don’t know about you, but for me, the warm, long days of summer can feel like an invitation to get outdoors and make changes that can lead to a healthier me.

If you’re excited about pushing your body to a new level of physical fitness, summertime is the perfect time to get started; partially due, in my opinion, to the fact that you can actually have a lot of fun while you get fit. What could be better?

Here are five fun and exciting ways to get in shape this summer:

Join a gym. Allow the beautiful weather to motivate you to change, but consider a gym membership as a tool to support you in that change. The sunshine may beckon you outdoors, but the heat may stop your momentum dead in its tracks. An air-conditioned gym with state-of-the-art exercise equipment may be just what you need.

  • Whether you want to build muscle or simply tone up and shed a few pounds, a gym membership allows you to design a workout program that works best for you.
  • If you go with friends, you can all provide moral support and keep each other on track. With others involved, you’re more likely to avoid procrastination and keep working out.
  • You can have a successful exercise program without a gym membership. But the gym is one tool in your arsenal. When the weather is too hot or it’s raining outside, you’ll still be able to get a quality workout and feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with every step forward.

Pick up an old sport. Did you play basketball or baseball in high school? Summer recreational leagues offer opportunities for you to get in shape while rekindling that competitive fire you had in your youth. Even if you didn’t play sports, you can begin this summer. You may find that you’re better at it than you thought you would be. Sports are a great way to get excited about getting in shape, and summer leagues may be the ticket to getting you off of the couch and into the game.

Go for a bike ride. A bicycle ride through the scenic parts of your town is a fun way to get in shape. Enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings, the warm sunshine, and a terrific cardiovascular workout. Riding a bike can be as strenuous or as leisurely as you like. Some days, you may want to push yourself with a fast pace. Other days, you may feel tired and in need of rejuvenation. With a bike ride, you can still get a good workout and recharge your batteries at the same time.

Develop a morning or evening routine. If you’re just getting started with a personal fitness plan this summer, keep it simple. Try a set of push-ups and a set of sit-ups every morning.

  • Begin with small steps that are easy to fit into your busy morning or evening. That way, you’re more likely to stick with the program until you see the results you deserve.
  • If the warm weather and beautiful sunshine are calling your name, start small and plan ahead. A short, slow jog first thing in the morning will begin your day with a sense of accomplishment.
  • As you become more comfortable and the workout becomes a habit, you can challenge yourself by adding repetitions, time, or distance to the simple plan you’ve created.

Maintain a healthy diet. A healthy eating plan is essential to your success. The heat of summer and the additional stress on your body from your commitment to exercise requires the proper fuel. Most importantly, drink plenty of water. If you begin to think of the food you’re putting into your mouth as fuel for the fit body you deserve, you’ll start making better choices that support your new lifestyle.

Keep these tips in mind this summer and you’ll be well on your way to becoming more fit. You’ll create momentum and establish a lifestyle of active fitness that you need if you plan to create the body you want. What do you think?

No Longer Just for the Rich and Famous: All About Personal Training at Home

Look Better Naked 30 Day Fitness Challenge: Getting Started

blissful30daysWelcome to day one of the Look Good Naked 30 Day Fitness Challenge. As I mentioned in Friday’s post, this challenge is shorter and more intense than our Love Yourself Challenge, so we’re going to jump right in here.

Look Better Naked 30 Day Fitness Challenge: First Things First

1.  If you haven’t already, sign up for the challenge right here. (It’s free.) Then, you’ll be added to the private Facebook group where challenge members can communicate amongst themselves, plus get/give support. Signing up also means you’ll have an opportunity to win prizes at the end of the challenge and you’ll receive the special freebies that only challenge members receive. Once you’re added to the challenge group, add a comment to introduce yourself and share your goals (suggestions outlined below).

2. Start by setting a goal for yourself to accomplish during the next 30 days, whether it’s a weight goal, a measurement goal or a visual goal. (I’ll be working on looking better in my bikini this summer, personally!)

3.  Take your “before” picture, and if you’re comfortable with it, post it to the group. (Note: This group is a “secret” group, meaning that unless you’re a member, you can’t see the group or its members/content–so you can expect a certain level of privacy.) Still, keep the photos clean–wear clothing or a swimsuit in your photo, no nudity, please.  Post comments, answer questions and add progress photos as often as you like to the group page. Be sure to support your fellow challengers–we’re all in this together!

4. Choose your workout plan. I suggest at least 30 minutes per day, six days per week to include cardio and strength training. I won’t define your workout plan since everyone’s fitness levels may be different, but I will share my own workout plans as well as offering suggestions for those who might struggle or need ideas.

5. Keep an eye on your in-box for daily tips, ideas, suggestions and occasional freebies that will be sent to Look Good Naked 30 Day Fitness Challengers only. (Here’s that signup link again!) You’ll also receive regular Fit Missions and Bliss Missions (optional, but helpful!).

Ready? Let’s go! Are you ready to look better naked? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and be sure to hit those “share” buttons to invite your friends or family to join the challenge with you. Workout buddies are always helpful too.

No Longer Just for the Rich and Famous: All About Personal Training at Home

Announcing the Look Better Naked 30 Day Fitness Challenge

nakedOk, people, listen up! Big announcement coming.

It’s that time again! Summer is around the corner and I am ready. Well, almost. While I have lost more than 100 pounds in the past couple of years (30 or so since last summer), I am not 100 percent bikini-ready, and I could use a little support in getting there–I’m darn close! That’s why I’m hoping you’ll join me in my next big Fitness Challenge.

This time, I’m dubbing it the Look Better Naked 30 Day Fitness Challenge. Originally, I planned to call it the Bikini Body Challenge, but then I realized that not everyone’s interested in wearing a bikini. But I think we are all interested in looking better naked, am I right?

Ready? Sign up right here! Freebies and more details to come.

What You Need to Know About the 30 Day Fitness Challenge

As opposed to the Love Yourself 60-Day Fitness Challenge, this one’s a little different in several ways.

How to Stuff a Wild Bikini

1. Rather than committing to two months, you’ll only have to commit to one.

2. While we’ll always consider your whole self in this challenge, it’ll be a little more workout-focused. So, rather than asking you to move your body for 15 minutes per day, I’ll be asking you (and myself) to do 30 to 60 minutes of intentional exercise each day. We are, after all, trying to look better naked. Or at least in a bikini. 😉

3. Those who choose to join the Look Better Naked 30-Day Challenge will get free access to a support group made up of myself and other participants. This forum will provide additional support and information to help the participants get and stay motivated, allowing a higher chance for success.

4. Participants who feel comfortable doing so can submit before and after photos (tasteful with no nudity, please!). Those who do will have a chance to win prizes of unspeakable value at the close of the challenge. No faces required, if you’re worried about the exposure, but if you love support, praise and encouragement, you might as well send ’em in whole!

5. Members who signed up for the Love Yourself 60-Day Fitness Challenge will be automatically added to the Look Better Naked 30-Day Fitness Challenge. They may also opt out, if they choose to do so.

So this is it. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Beginning Monday, May 20, the challenge is on. Are you in? Sign up right here–it’s free. More details to come!

No Longer Just for the Rich and Famous: All About Personal Training at Home

Love Yourself Fitness Challenge: What is your favorite workout routine?

Click photo to see how I lost 100 pounds. Not a sales tactic or pitch--just my story. I'm telling it to try to help people who are where I was 100 pounds ago!

This is me–in both pics. Click photo to see how I lost 100+ pounds (and counting!). Not a sales tactic or pitch–just my story. I’m telling it because I want to help others who are dealing with what I dealt with as the “before” version. <3

If you’re already involved in the Love Yourself Fitness Challenge, then you’re already doing

some kind of exercise, right? If not, consider this your friendly nudge to get moving!

All we ask is that you do 15 minutes of intentional exercise each day.

If you’ve already been doing your 15 minutes, consider adding a second session to your day–whether consecutive or not.

What’s intentional exercise?

For our purposes, intentional exercise is defined as workout time that is done for the sake of just moving your body.

It doesn’t count if you would have had to do it anyway. (For example, the 15-minute walk from your train to your office doesn’t count unless you used to just drive to the office.)

Ask yourself: What is your favorite workout routine?

It can be something informal, such as dancing or walking. It could be something fun, like playing Just Dance or Wii Tennis with your kids.

Or maybe, it’ll be something a little saucier–say, a spirited romp with your life partner or spouse?

Nearly any physical activity will do, but today, let’s talk about more formal or organized workout programs. Check out some of my favorite free workout videos right here.

Need some help? Here are a few of my favorite workout routines and programs.

While I love me some Leslie Sansone and just about anything that teaches me how to dance, I have recently developed some new favorites–mostly due to the fact that they are giving me extremely noticeable results in a shorter period of time.

Here’s my list, which, to be honest, also includes just about anything from!

Some of my personal favorites include:

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite workout routines? Share them with the Project Blissful community in the comments section, below!


Still looking for the best workout routine for you? Check out my favorites as well as those from the community!

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