Side-by-Side Weight Loss Progress Pics: Hindrance or Help?

Side-by-Side Weight Loss Progress Pics: Hindrance or Help?

Weight Loss Progress Photos: Size 10 to Size 8

Here’s my latest progress pic. 🙂

When you’ve got a long way to go on the road to fitness, it can seem endlessly challenging, especially when you’re just getting started. Staying motivated can be as much of a challenge as the actual effort to stay on track with your diet and exercise program of choice.

I have found that taking pictures often (even if they’re pics I’ve taken of myself in a spotty mirror), and putting them side-by-side with older pics in similar poses can be a HUGE motivation.

(Check out the last 4 or 5 minutes of this video to see a whole bunch more side-by-sides.)

For me, this helps me stay motivated because:

1. I get a great visual on how far I’ve come.

2. The old pics remind me that I never want to go there again.

However, it’s important to note that not everyone finds this kind of visualization effective. Some say they actually get rid of their “fat” pictures because they feel that keeping any reminders of their “old selves” can cause them to backslide into old habits.

“On one hand, they’re excellent reminders of why you should stay on track and continue on your path to a slimmer, healthier you,” writes SheKnows blogger Rolla Bahsaus. “But on the other hand, they can be painful reminders of what you used to feel like when you were heavier, and any sadness or negative feelings you felt toward yourself might not melt away with the weight.”

So how about you? Do you feel that side-by-side weight loss progress pics are helpful as you move toward your goal, or do they cause you more harm than good? Share your thoughts in the comments section, below.

Side-by-Side Weight Loss Progress Pics: Hindrance or Help?

Motivational Gallery: How I Lost 47 Pounds

Description from the author

My weight loss took place over 18-24months – I cannot fully explain everything in this video but I will make videos on tips and tricks, the food I eat and the exercise I do.

I made this video as an introduction to see if people are interested in further weight loss videos. I will go into much further detail in time. If there are any specific videos you wish to see, please leave a comment x

Ree’s Blog:

Ree’s Youtube:



Side-by-Side Weight Loss Progress Pics: Hindrance or Help?

Motivational Gallery: Tall Woman Loses 195 Pounds

Video Description by the Author:

It took me only 2 short years to change my life around 100%.
I had no gastric bypass or any surgery done on me,
Took no diet pills,
I did this all on my own.
I want to show everyone out there that you CAN loose weight with proper diet and exercise! All you need is determination and willpower to do so! Here is a movie of me that I made for everyone to see. I hope it inspires and motivates anyone who’s thinking about loosing weight to “take the plunge!”
Watch me go from 335lbs to 140lbs. Feedback and any Questions are always welcome! ENJOY!

(Just as a side note: I’m 6 foot 4 inches tall)

Side-by-Side Weight Loss Progress Pics: Hindrance or Help?

Get Your 15 Minutes: Share Your Weight Loss Sucess at Project Blissful

Weight Loss Before and After PhotosHave you lost a significant amount of weight? Would you like to get a little recognition for all your hard work?

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Got something that could help inspire someone else to get healthy? Submit your success stories, photos and/or YouTube videos, right here.

Need help getting started on the weight loss trail? Check out some of these tips and ideas from Project Blissful.


Fit Mission: 100 Pushups in One Day

Fit Mission: 100 Pushups in One Day

push upsToday’s Fit Mission is inspired by and dedicated to my friend Melina and her co-worker Iisha.

Melina, who has herself lost more than 50 pounds, told me that she and Iisha are stopping for a moment every hour to do 10 pushups. By the end of their workday, they do 100 pushups or so.

Well, this inspired me. I thought–wow, if I do 10 pushups for every waking hour, I could skip a few and get my 100 in easily.

(And friends, I can even do pushups in my “big shoes”–AKA platform wedges–so no excuses!)

Ten pushups is nothing, but there’s no way I could do 100 at once. But the benefits are still there–so that’s why today’s mission asks you to do the same.

So that’s the mission today: Ten pushups every hour for ten hours.

Need to Modify?

If your doctor says you’re healthy enough to exercise but you can’t do pushups, that’s ok! Do ANY kind of exercise for about one to two minutes each hour for ten hours. Some alternatives include situps, pullups, marching in place, arm lifts or anything else that is safe and makes you feel good.

You might also consider doing less pushups each hour, or less hours in a row. Remember, this is all about you and you need to do what feels right for your body. And don’t forget–always check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise program.

Let’s do this! I’ll do it with you.

Will you do today’s Fit Mission? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section, below!


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