Love Yourself Challenge: This Blowtorch Will Finally Melt Your Snowball

Love Yourself Challenge: This Blowtorch Will Finally Melt Your Snowball


What’s the Snowball Effect?

On one hand, when we can’t resolve or overcome the issues that hold us back from losing weight, our self-worth and ability to love ourselves grows weaker, which triggers us to engage in the unhealthy habits that ultimately led us to gain the weight in the first place.

Then, we look in the mirror, we get different reactions from those around us when we interact with them, we realize we aren’t happy with the way we look and feel, and the snowball keeps growing.

Our bodies become unhealthy and stop working right. We can’t sleep properly and our skin is not looking so good either—and let’s not even mention that our jeans just don’t fit right.

If we don’t do something drastic to break the cycle, your little snowball can become an avalanche before you know it.


What’s the Blowtorch? 

Consider this challenge sort of a blowtorch to your snowball. First things first—we need to stop beating ourselvesItWorks up and start loving ourselves instead. This seems much harder than it sounds when we really try it, but that’s part of what we’ll be working on in the Love Yourself challenge.

(Believe me—I know what I’m talking about. I’ve already lost 100 pounds so far! See my progress and watch me transform, right here.)

Together, we’ll learn how to do things better—from taking care of our bodies to taking care of our souls, and especially how to live our best possible lives.

The Project Blissful Love Yourself 60-Day Fitness Challenge Begins Feb. 14! Sign up right here!

February is Love Yourself Month, and what better day to start loving yourself than Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day? Sign up free today and start receiving inspiration early.

Stay tuned! More details coming soon. Don’t forget, you can also sign up for the full Project Blissful newsletter for free.


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