6 Shocking Places Cameras Can Be Hidden: Protecting Yourself from a Spying Narcissist

6 Shocking Places Cameras Can Be Hidden: Protecting Yourself from a Spying Narcissist

Are you worried that your narcissist is gaslighting you through technology? If so, you need to know the inside track on spy cameras, also known simply as spy cams. Perform a standard search online and you will be surprised with the results. It is amazing where they can install a hidden camera.

For example, did you know a narcissist could place:

  • A hidden spy camera in an air purifier. Yes, an air purifier! This type of spy cam is ideal, as an air purifier does not look out of place in any home. These types of spy cameras come in functioning air purifiers.
  • A hidden spy camera in an air freshener. If it wasn’t enough that you can hide a camera in an air purifier, you can also do so in an air freshener. The latest types of air fresheners to come equipped with spy tools are those that automatically dispense air scents. The only thing is you need to cautious. These units are very small and most are white. Unless the pinhole camera is well-hidden, it can be easy to spot.
  • A hidden camera in a computer speaker. As with the above-mentioned air purifier, these speakers are fully functioning. If you want to spy on your spouse, whom you suspect may be using the internet to cheat on you, there is no better way to get to the bottom of things. Point the speakers towards the computer screen and you get all the proof you need! Since these speakers work, the computer user will be none the wiser. You can also use these speakers to point to any direction in a room.
  • A hidden camera in a clock. These clocks come in a number of different formats. Most are desktop, which allow you to maneuver to get the best view. To not raise suspicions, a digital alarm clock is best. These clocks are also fully functioning. The person you are spying on can use the clock, the alarm, listen to the radio, and so forth. Fully functioning means little suspicion is aroused.
  • A hidden camera in a pen. Not only can you buy pens with hidden video recorders inside, but digital cameras, audio recorders and more. In fact, you may be surprised what a small pen can do. Some allow for invisible writing, which can only be read with the pen’s light. Other pens have lights that allow for nighttime rummaging or writing in the dark. Some devices even come with small attachable scopes for long-distance viewing. Your options are unlimited when using a spy pen. Since pens are items we use every day, no one will think twice about seeing one.
  • A hidden camera in a necktie. Most aren’t surprised to hear that hidden cameras are installed in everyday household items. These items are usually large and easy to manipulate. On the other hand, some are shocked to learn that hidden cameras are found in clothes and accessories. A great example is a necktie. Most of these cameras have cords, but they are easy to hide under a shirt. Other accessories include baseball caps, sunglasses, backpacks, purses, and belts.

As you can see, hidden cameras are found in a wide range of items. These are just a few of the ways narcissists can spy on you. Please be careful and check everywhere if you feel like you are being watched. They even have night vision cameras available these days and don’t forget about nanny cams.

Men get more online stalkers than women, study finds

Men get more online stalkers than women, study finds

Based on what we hear, you’d think that more women are stalked online than men.

But a new study says otherwise. In fact, it claims that men are stalked and harrassed online far more often than women. 

Then again, the study was conducted by a British firm that mostly looked at British celebs, and which admits that “male public figures get considerably less Twitter abuse than their female counterparts.”

Bottom line, though, the study says that “2.5 percent of the tweets sent to the men but fewer than 1 percent of those sent to women were classified as abusive.”

And, not surprisingly, it noted that “male politicians fared especially badly, receiving more than six times as much abuse as female politicians.”

Thoughts? See the original story in the link below. 

Kacper Pempel/Reuters–The issue of Internet misogyny has received a great deal of attention in recent weeks, between the feminist website Jezebel battling rape GIFs repeatedly posted to their comments section and videogame critic Anita Sarkeesian having to leave her home after a series of Twitter threats that included her home address. There is a common assumption that the targets of such vile behavior are overwhelmingly women who are abused because they are womento the point where women arent welcome on the Internet, as Amanda Hess argued in a widely discussed article in Pacific Standard magazine this year. Reviewing womens online tribulations in the last month in The Daily Beast, Samantha Allen asks, Will the Internet ever be safe for women?

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