Bliss Mission:  Be Resourceful and Resilient

Bliss Mission: Be Resourceful and Resilient

imagesToday’s Affirmations

Today, I am resourceful and resilient.

I am thankful for all of the experiences in my life. Whether I view them as positive or negative, each one offers opportunities for learning.

Whatever today brings, I am confident that my resourcefulness and resilience can see me through it.

In challenging situations, I am reminded of my own strengths. I bring so much to the table. Whatever is asked of me, I can find a way to accomplish. And if I discover that I have challenges achieving my goals, I stand back and get a clearer picture of who I am and what I can do. I am thankful for all of these opportunities to grow.

My focus on learning enables me to be enormously resilient. I know that I can make it through any situation that comes my way. After all, I am a survivor of every circumstance in my life so far and I learn from each of them. So today also, I trust that I am resilient.

Often, what I gain from challenging circumstances is a bigger picture of the resources available to me. I always have the support I need to accomplish whatever I desire. These resources can abound in the most unlikely-seeming places. But I can find them, no matter what.

Today, I trust that I have the means necessary to get through and grow from any situation. I am thankful for each learning opportunity that comes my way. And I intentionally cultivate my resourcefulness and resilience by consciously engaging with challenges in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What sorts of resources might I use in addressing the most challenging situation in my life today?
2. Can I name three major situations in the past year or two in which I demonstrated resilience?
3. Did these situations strengthen my resilience even more?

Bliss Mission:  Be Resourceful and Resilient

Bliss Mission: Be Unstoppable

Today’s Affirmations

Read the following affirmations to yourself. If you find any that especially resonate with you, write them down in your journal or any notebook. If they all feel right, go ahead and print out this post and save it!

I am unstoppable. Each hurdle I pass makes me stronger.

I take every challenge as a learning experience that can help me find my way through the next time it comes around.

I embrace each negative situation as an opportunity to sail right through if it ever raises its ugly head again.

I admit to feeling frustrated when the same difficulty keeps coming my way. I sometimes feel like throwing my hands up and calling it quits when it seems that certain obstacles are here to stay.

But before I give in to the urge to give up, I stop and consider the fact that I made it past the hurdle the last time. That success gives me the strength I need now. It gives me the experience and strategic thinking to know how to conquer it the second, third or fourth time around.

My resolve to conquer and move on is incomparable!

I know that each time I conquer makes the next time that much easier. I come out of every battle with the bruises of experience and the armor of confidence that guarantee I can come out a victor the next time around.

Today, I embrace the hurdles that come my way as I aim for my goals.

I recognize that achieving a goal by overcoming difficulties is more fulfilling than attaining one with a lack of challenges. I feel confident that I have the inner strength to persevere and hit my targets, regardless of the distractions in life.

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Ask Yourself:

  1. Have the hurdles in my life made me more appreciative of what I have accomplished?
  2. How do I empower my peers to persevere?
  3. Am I confident that I can overcome any negative occurrence?

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