Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

The Butterfly Effect (EP)

Every one of us has gone through tough times in our lives. You may even be going through one now.

We comfort ourselves and our loved ones as best we can during these times, trying to remember that things will get be better soon, or that the pain will fade with time.

But then the inevitable question that we all find ourselves asking at one time or another hits us like a ton of bricks: Why do these things keep happening?

I have had similar thoughts, especially during times that my life has not been so simple. Like most, I’ve experienced some tough times. I could allow myself to dwell on these and spend my life in regret, but what good would that do? Can the past be changed? Of course not. So what is the answer?

We must move forward. We must LIVE. If we focus on the past and our regrets, we miss the present.

There is literally not one thing you can do to change what is already done. You can make changes and improvements in the present, and this might also improve your future–but dwelling on things one cannot control will only serve to make one insane.

There is no benefit. I’m not saying that one shouldn’t learn from one’s mistakes–just that if we don’t move on with our lives and put the past behind us, we can never achieve balance.

When I look at my children, who are the light and loves of my life (next to their daddy, of course), I know that it’s meant to be. All three of my amazing kids are SUPPOSED to be here, and if my life had taken a different course, if I’d made different choices, I’d never have had the opportunity to know these beautiful people.

I’ve learned to stop wishing my life away. I have gone through the trials and tribulations I have because it brought me to this point.

They made me strong, made me the person I am today. I believe that you can never have what you want until you want what you have, and that everything happens for a reason–even if we don’t fully understand the reason at the time.

Almost always, we can look back and find some good that came from the bad, even if it’s minute. It’s like that movie, The Butterfly Effect. Quite literally, every single choice we make every single day can affect the rest of our lives. But if we live in constant fear and regret, we will never fully live in the moment. And isn’t that what life is all about?

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