Why do narcissists follow identical relationship patterns?

Why do narcissists follow identical relationship patterns?

Why are narcissists so difficult to deal with? Why are they so mean to the people they claim to love and so nice to everyone else? What causes narcissists to be the way they are? Why are they like that?

We all know that narcissistic abusers follow certain relationship patterns: they first idealize you – put you up on a pedestal and seem like your soulmate (this is also called love bombing).

Next, they put you through the hell of the devalue and then the discard phase – and often these cycles are repeated for years. But how is it that these patterns are used by most narcissists in varying but identifiable iterations?

Is toxic narcissism caused by environmental factors, or is there a genetic component involved – or could there be more than one factor in play?

Narcissistic Relationship Cycle: Caused by Nurture or Nature?

Watch this video to learn more about why narcissists are like that

Why do narcissists follow identical relationship patterns?

YouTuber Mary Cutrone asked:

I’ve learned so much about the narcissist abuse tactics, but still have one question. How do they follow the same pattern? They don’t go to “narcissist school” … but follow the love bombing to the final discard like it’s a formula. What’s up?

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