Laundry Room Checklist

Laundry Room Checklist

Need help knowing what to do so you can stay on top of your laundry room clutter? Here is a daily, weekly, and monthly checklist to help you stay on track. The laundry room is an area that needs to stay clean and organized so you can keep the rest of your house running smoothly. Keeping the piles of clothes up off the floor while also running a household is almost impossible without a clean and orderly laundry area. Having your clothes washed, dried, folded, and put away helps you feel more in control and more relaxed.

Use this list in conjunction with the DIY Your Life Youtube videos for a more in-depth cleaning regiment.

Let’s get you a solid routine in place so you always have control over your laundry.

Get your checklist here: Laundry Room Checklist

Make sure to check out DIY Your Life on YouTube for daily organizational videos.  Want to watch all the laundry room organization videos?  You can do that right here: Laundry Room.  Subscribe to DIY Your Life and never miss an organizational video.

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