Sarah Parent, Co-Publisher of Rethinking Everything Magazine

Sarah Parent, Co-Publisher of Rethinking Everything Magazine

Most of my readers know me well enough to know that I don’t normally do advertisements in my posts–but today’s guest poster, Sarah Parent, recently contacted me about a magazine that I believe is worth mentioning.

I’ll let Sarah and Rethinking Everything Magazine speak for themselves! Please enjoy Sarah’s guest post!


Introducing Rethinking Everything Magazine
By Sarah Parent

Rethinking Everything Magazine is a BOLD and REVOLUTIONARY publication bringing stories of intrinsically motivated personal transformation of lifestyle and mind state. Our writers have stepped outside of cultural boxes to find empowerment and enlightenment in new and powerful ways. Do you know CHANGE?

Our INAUGURAL ISSUE is coming- January, 2010! Here’s a tickler of what we’re rethinking in this issue: bright wisdom from edgy teens … playing mind games to achieve athletic prowess … kissing the joneses goodbye once and for all … resolving violence behind the strings of a guitar … taking charge of the birth process with intuition alone … escaping 40 years of self-imprisonment … opening oneself to the multifaceted wisdom of a video game … giving up a dream life to become a mother … chucking the fancy career to follow a life of passionate NOW … letting go and tuning into the magic of the mundane.

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