Magic Snacking: 12 Blissed-Out Ways to Eat More and Still Lose Weight

Magic Snacking: 12 Blissed-Out Ways to Eat More and Still Lose Weight

Who doesn’t love to snack? But if you’re not careful, doing so can cause big trouble for your diet. If you frequently eat between meals, those extra portions could have a big impact on your health – either positive or negative. They will definitely play an important role in helping you to manage your weight and take in all the nutrients your body needs.

So why do so many people find that when they snack throughout the day they’re actually heavier at the end of the week? Well, it’s quite simple, really – they’re eating more calories overall. Right?

Well…sorta. See, USDA studies show that many Americans who snack are taking in about one-third of our daily empty calories from those afternoon candy bars and late night refrigerator raids.

Do you know what that means?? 

That adds up to most of us are consuming two to four times the recommended limit in solid fats and added sugars. TWO to FOUR times!

It’s enough to turn your stomach (to flab!). So what are you gonna do about it?

The Mayo Clinic suggests keeping snacks below 100 calories. “Generous portions of fruits or vegetables can easily help fill you up while staying below that calorie count. All of the following servings have fewer than 100 calories:

  • Medium apple: 95 calories
  • Small banana: 90 calories
  • Two kiwis: 84 calories
  • 20 medium baby carrots: 70 calories
  • 20 grapes: 68 calories
  • Medium orange: 65 calories
  • 20 cherry tomatoes: 61 calories
  • Medium peach: 58 calories
  • Medium red pepper: 37 calories
  • 20 pea pods: 28 calories

For comparison, one reduced-fat cheese stick has about 60 calories to 100-calories, but it also has 4.5 grams of fat. While the protein and fat may help curb your appetite, a single cheese stick may not be as satisfying as, say, 20 baby carrots, which add up to nearly 10 times the weight of the cheese stick, and have 70 calories and less than 1 gram of fat.”

blissed out tip sheet 100 calorie snacks

Blissfully Healthy Ways to Eat More and Still Lose Weight:
The Magic of Snacking

I say we revolt! Let’s turn those numbers around! But how? Oh, don’t worry, as usual, I’ve got a plan for you. See, by learning how to choose smart snacks that are good for your health and well-being. Try these blissed-out tips to get started. 

Blissed Out Eating – How to Make Better Food Choices

  1. Focus on whole grains. Bake your own treats or look for packaged food that lists whole grains as the first ingredient. Whole wheat flour has more nutrients and fiber than white flour.
  1. Take the sweet and the salty down a notch. Reduce sugar and sodium. Many junk foods are loaded with sugar and sodium. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit instead.
  1. Balance it out. Plan a balanced menu. Think of your snacks as miniature meals that need to include all three food groups. Along with complex carbohydrates, add in lean proteins and healthy fats.
  1. Eat the WHOLE thing! Opt for whole foods. You may be tempted to simplify things by just grabbing an energy bar or buying cookies that are labeled low fat or low sugar. In fact, many convenience foods are less healthy than the label suggests. Buy natural foods like raw nuts and plain yogurt. (Then again, if it’s a matter of convenience, don’t beat yourself up if the energy bars work best for you. Do what you need to do, yo!)
  1. Drink up. If you’re pressed for time, you can snack on healthy beverages. Tea contains antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients. Water will keep you hydrated and feeling full. For heartier fare, whip up smoothies in minutes with vegetables, natural peanut butter, or other goodies.
  1. Eat more produce. On average, we’re eating 3 servings of fruits and vegetables compared to the recommendations for 7 to 13 servings. Snacks can help you fill in the gap.
  1. Find substitutions. You probably have certain snacks that you crave the most. If they’re high in sugar or saturated fat, consider how to adjust them. Oven-baked fries are much slimmer than the fast food version. A square of dark chocolate is lighter than a doughnut.

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Smart Tips for Blissed-Out Snack Habits 

  1. Keep an eye on your portion sizes. It’s easy to consume as many calories as a full meal if you’re scarfing down potato chips or cheesecake. Measure out a single serving instead of eating out of the container. And if you’re good at eyeballing, check yourself every now and then, especially if you see something crazy happening on weigh-in day. 
  1. Don’t eat mindlessly. Stay in control by giving your full attention to your food while you eat it. Enjoy the process of cracking nuts and eating them one by one instead of wolfing down a whole package while watching TV. Spoon out leftovers onto a plate and pull up a chair rather than eating with the refrigerator door open.
  1. Take it with ya. Pack a bag. Carry sensible treats around with you to avoid desperately searching for something wholesome in vending machines or gas stations. Pack a cooler with carrot sticks and yogurt drinks.
  1. Don’t get hungry, angry, lonely, tired. Manage stress and boredom. Distinguish between true hunger and appetite. Do you eat for entertainment or to comfort yourself when you feel blue? Pick up a hobby or invite a friend out for a walk instead.
  1. Keep a journal. If you need more help, a snacking journal can track how much you’re really eating. Spot the triggers that make you want to overindulge and develop strategies for dealing with them.

Choose healthy but yummy snacks that stabilize your blood sugar and give you the energy you need to cruise right on through your busy day. Good-for-you, whole foods and advance planning will help you to stay fit and healthy while you graze between meals. 

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The Queen Drinks: Acapulco Dream Cream Recipe

The Queen Drinks: Acapulco Dream Cream Recipe

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(per 4 oz serving)

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It’s All in Your Head: Why You Can’t Lose Weight (And How to Succeed)

It’s All in Your Head: Why You Can’t Lose Weight (And How to Succeed)

Size 24 to Size 8

Size 24 to Size 8

They say losing weight is really hard. And if you want to look at it that way, I guess “they” are right–after all, you have to change your habits, your lifestyle and your mind if you’re going to succeed. And exercise? It can suck. Plus, no one likes to be hungry, am I right?

But there’s another way you can look at it. You don’t have to fight to lose weight.

HOLD ON! Don’t click away just yet. I’m making a valid point, I promise!

This is a very basic concept.

Why you can’t lose weight: You are thinking about the fact that you “need to lose weight.”

According to the law of attraction, whatever you think about and focus on is what you’ll get more of in your life (to put it very simply).

So, if you are “fighting” to “get rid of the extra weight” or to “take off those last few pounds,” guess what? You’re attracting more of that to you.

More reasons to fight. More reasons to need to get rid of the extra weight. More taking off those last few pounds.

If you’re telling yourself that you suck and you’re beating the hell out of your psyche every time you work out–punishing yourself for letting yourself get out of shape in the first place–well, you’ll attract more reasons to suck, more reasons to be mean to yourself, more being out of shape.

So, I guess what this means is that the Universe takes you quite literally–and negatives aren’t a factor. SO, if you say something like, “I don’t want to be fat,” the Universe responds to “I want to be fat” instead.

See what I mean? Unfortunately, though, none of this actually equals to your being thinner or healthier though, which is exactly my point. You can’t lose weight and keep it off if all you’re thinking about is the fact that you are too heavy, flabby or whatever other negative qualities you’re currently focusing on (and attracting to yourself in the process).

How to succeed: Choose your own adventure

It’s as simple as “ask, believe, inspired action, receive.” You have to first decide what you want the end result to be in your process. And be as specific as possible.

(Join the Project Blissful Look Better Naked Fitness Challenge today! It’s free!)

Try this exercise.

Ask: Choose your new body first. Imagine yourself at your goal weight. How does your body look? What can you do now that you couldn’t do before? How does it feel when you interact with others? Do people treat you differently than before?

Believe: you have to first believe that you will meet your goal, and you have to already be there in your head. Imagine what it feels like to be in amazing shape when you meet your ultimate goal. What does it feel like when people notice you’ve lost weight and congratulate you? How do you feel? Why can’t you start feeling it now? Just do it. Walk, talk and behave as though you have already made it to your goal. You will be surprised how quickly you can feel it if you try.

Inspired action: this is the part that some people get stuck on and that some law of attraction gurus fail to point out. But the fact of the matter is that you’ll have to eat less and move more if you want to really get healthy, so when you’re “there” in your head, ask yourself what your new, thinner, healthier self does. Do you dance? Do you workout at a gym or do Insanity in your living room? Or are you a runner, walker or biker? Does your thinner self Whatever your new, thinner self does to stay healthy–start doing that now.

Receive: meet your weight loss and fitness goals. Like I said before, once you “get there” in your head, your body will follow. You have to truly believe that it’s working, and you can’t expect it to suck (or it totally will). Instead, stay as positive as possible, keep your head away from negative, “fat” thoughts and become the person you want to be.

It really works if you work it. Are you ready? Tell me what you think in the comments section, below.




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