Career Bliss: The Art of Engaging With an Audience

Career Bliss: The Art of Engaging With an Audience

By Guest Blogger Jessica Josh

Aretha Franklin

The most intriguing aspect of a singer’s voice is the unique and natural tonal qualities complimenting the emotional depth of each song’s expression. While learning how to explore your vocal range in a precise and controlled manner is a great quality, it’s the passion and expression that really captivates your audience.

Learning not only how to broaden your vocal range but to also improve the art of performing in an intimate and interactive way is significant in the delivery of a song to an audience. It is clear to see the distinction between an artist who has achieved the art of breaking the bond between performer and audience and those who haven’t.

Engaging With an Audience

In Gotye’s song “Somebody that I used to know”, his music video has hit over 380 million views – T4wvIGY, it is evident to see that he has successfully composed a music video that captivates the viewer by creating an artistic and individual performance.

The relationship between the two voices and their unique tones complimenting one another mesmerizes the audience. The intensity of Gotye’s gaze at the camera places the viewer in an intimate position feeling connected to the lyrics of the song. The two artists are wearing no clothes which exposes their vulnerability similar to the underlying message behind the song.

To achieve confidence and popularity as an artist may not always depend on the beauty of a voice or the complexity of a piece of music.

Look at the current top five viewed music videos on Youtube:

– Harlem Shake
Gangnam Style
– ‘Trouble’ by Taylor Swift
– – Scream and Shout
– Rhiannon- Diamonds

There is nothing captivating or complex in any one of these songs yet each one has a quality that consistently catches the attention of any viewer.

Whether you are born with a voice like Aretha Franklin or a dying cockatoo, there is nothing stopping you from writing beautiful music. Neil Young, one of the most influential singer/songwriters of his time is a perfect example. While each one of his songs contains heartfelt and expressive lyrics, his voice is far from deep and beautiful, a voice straining to match the excellence of his lyrics. Yet he has the ability to engage and interact with an audience whether through radio or on stage.

The best way to achieve stage presence and eliminate your nerves is to perform. If you hop on stage and treat the whole thing as a performance, you will achieve the illumination of confidence. Eventually this confidence will arrive naturally.

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Jessica Josh is a freelancer and blogger from Sydney Australia. For the past 5 years she has made a living writing about wedding bands, music lessons, and articles for companies such as

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