Men get more online stalkers than women, study finds

Men get more online stalkers than women, study finds

Based on what we hear, you’d think that more women are stalked online than men.

But a new study says otherwise. In fact, it claims that men are stalked and harrassed online far more often than women. 

Then again, the study was conducted by a British firm that mostly looked at British celebs, and which admits that “male public figures get considerably less Twitter abuse than their female counterparts.”

Bottom line, though, the study says that “2.5 percent of the tweets sent to the men but fewer than 1 percent of those sent to women were classified as abusive.”

And, not surprisingly, it noted that “male politicians fared especially badly, receiving more than six times as much abuse as female politicians.”

Thoughts? See the original story in the link below. 

Kacper Pempel/Reuters–The issue of Internet misogyny has received a great deal of attention in recent weeks, between the feminist website Jezebel battling rape GIFs repeatedly posted to their comments section and videogame critic Anita Sarkeesian having to leave her home after a series of Twitter threats that included her home address. There is a common assumption that the targets of such vile behavior are overwhelmingly women who are abused because they are womento the point where women arent welcome on the Internet, as Amanda Hess argued in a widely discussed article in Pacific Standard magazine this year. Reviewing womens online tribulations in the last month in The Daily Beast, Samantha Allen asks, Will the Internet ever be safe for women?

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