New Perspectives Found By War Vets Trying New Ways to Heal

New Perspectives Found By War Vets Trying New Ways to Heal

“When the peace treaty is signed, the war isn’t over for the veterans, or the family. It’s just starting.” ~Karl Marlantes

I am so grateful to every man and woman who stands or has stood in front of me as an American to protect my freedom and my rights. Members of the military, both current ones and veterans are, in my opinion, among those who deserve the highest honor and respect (as are their families that hold down the home front while they wait for their loved ones to come home). 

Here’s a story that might just warm your heart – it worked for me, anyway.

As a writer and a life coach, I always appreciate when people are able to find new ways to create better lives for themselves, so when I read this story about war veterans who are healing both physical and mental trauma, such as war injuries and PTSD, through techniques like yoga, hiking, scubadiving and even horseback riding. Additionally, they’re acting, dancing, training dogs and much more. 

Check this out and find out more about what kinds of alternative therapy they’re using and how it’s working for them. 

Veterans are experimenting with new ways to heal wounds left by their war experiences-and many are demanding the U.S. government do the same.

Some are trying hikes on the Appalachian Trail, scuba diving and horseback riding. Their pursuit of alternative treatments has spawned a cottage industry of dance, drama, companion dogs, tai chi, fish-oil supplements and high-pressure oxygen treatments to treat brain injuries or post-traumatic…

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